Welcome to the channel! Here our main focus is the newest game from Supercell, Brawl Stars. I have been playing Brawl Stars since day one of the soft launch back in June 2017. Here I will bring you all sorts of content ranging from Entertaining gameplay, update information, strategy and more! If you love Brawl Stars then you've found the right channel!

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  1. YouTube gamer

    Dyna funny

  2. Bhavna Son

    I am average I was having two mythic brawler and 0 legendary and 2 chromatic brawler but unlucky a bit

  3. Nita

    At the end Lex became CanYaDigIt just randomly

  4. Samuel Obah

    What about stu new gadget has it coke out

  5. Madelene Marten

    Is crow a good brawler???

  6. marmar plays

    Aaawwwww tilly is so cuuute

  7. kippo rippo🌝

    Tilly: *dances* Lex: stop dancing were gonna loose! Tilly: *continues dancing* 😂🤣🤣🤣


    FIRST STEP: FIND A 100IQ PLAYER yeah i dont think that will happen

  9. FighterBears BS

    tilly: thinks the back hat gives more luck lex: hahaha got fooled use code lex

  10. FighterBears BS

    tilly: so cute lex: rip money

  11. ツ SourCream

    Lex: I got a chromatic! Tilly: you are gonna regret you said that

  12. FexcleYT

    Gems are better than boxes - Tilly 1 second later: Gets Griff from boxes Me: 😃

  13. Sisi Wang

    I got griff!

  14. Vijaypal Singh Bhangu

    Hello sir lex I uses your code from last 1 year and finally I got a chace to play with you in solo you was buzz and I was ruffs we made team and I just by chance fired on you and you defeated me and you made victory. I am very big fan of your . I am having screen shot also of that game 🤩🤩

  15. NooodX_X EVIL

    Floppy الناس عنا دور عربي👹👺

  16. SmOoSh

    Tilly is that one nine year old who’s toxicity is adorable

  17. Mathangi Duraimanickam

    Every single BGclipr is asking to me to use a code

  18. Aman S

    Leon was in 2nd in last time

  19. Mathangi Duraimanickam

    Sawyer wo

  20. Cynthia Fernandes

    only code lex

  21. Rekha tyagi

    Love from India 🇮🇳🇮🇳 💞💞

  22. KJ龍

    #1 dad

  23. MaximBear BS

    I’ve gotten really lucky pulling Griff. I pulled him on my first box right after he just came out for everyone to pull.👍

  24. I’m on a Sugar Crash

    Lex is a veryyyyyy good father 😃😂

  25. Muhammad Idris Rasul

    Tilly after inventing lex: >:)

  26. Minati Murmu

    I like ur big studio

  27. Minati Murmu

    3:49 Lex Hair Reveal


    I love Griff and I got him

  29. Shirley Lozano

    Now do trio

  30. Yash 25

    I have crow with rank 25 and also I am Max the crow power level 10

  31. Lightning Volgin

    4:17 She's smart, when he said "your luck's goin down" she realised that he tricked her with the "backward" nita-hat so she turned it *forward* 😏

  32. Elias

    TILLY IS BACK!!!!!!! lol how old is she

  33. TheGamingXin

    Tilly is Soo cute! She better lose! She's way tooo good

  34. Searching - Brawlstars

    *Tilly : AUTOAIM IS BEST AIM*. OJ : yes Tilly

  35. NerminFX

    Kajsi be pickar

  36. blu

    I like how in character EMZ's va was Update: what for dear god was nita's

  37. Yuto SAITO

    collete finds out edgar cheating on bibi XD

  38. Ellah Gabrielle Yanson

    It wasn't buzz it was Gene hahahaha lex

  39. Spencer X.

    6:40 do you mean poco

  40. Daci Oana

    this is so wholesome i love it

  41. Derp

    This is wholesome, your a legend lex 😊

  42. puja seth

    I have stu and not a single legendary or mythic

  43. Alonso 7800

    ah sos re troll

  44. zepequenofujin

    lex eu sou do brasil não entendo nada que tu fala *É NEM VC VAIA ENTENDER EU SOU BURRO DEMAIS*

  45. Nicholas Papadatos

    am i trippin or the voice actor for snady looks like robert downey jr

  46. Gamer Noob

    Tilley: I’m a dirty dirty DIRTY gemmed! Lex could be true Me: sees lexs gemming brawlers

  47. i make poop jokes

    You can tell that Spike's voice actor put a lot of effort into it. Amazing, and good job to them.

  48. Foogooboo1

    Her cute little laugh tho, its so adorable

  49. Player slayer

    Omg the EhEHheheh is back

  50. Laura Pintos


  51. Synthesia Geek

    I enjoy this editing, pretty chill, not trying too hard to be funny or stupid and helps with the informative-ish video. Great effort from both of you guys

  52. Juana Maritnez


  53. Renisha Cardine

    0:13 Yassssssssss Queen

  54. Rainbow Penguin

    Me watching Tilly trying to eat Lex

  55. Nita

    "That stupid charfter" just legendary

  56. Itachi Brawl stars


  57. Random guy

    I've started to notice that more and more brawl stars youtubers are using Undertale music


    Who is Lillian tillys account I'm a big humongous fan lex your the best

  59. Rares Sebastian Sirbu

    Finally a hear reveal

  60. David Avendano

    4:39 your reaction made me laugh haha 😂

  61. CapitainSushi❄️

    Primo is OP❤️

  62. gamer1

    Tilly is SOO CuTe she is cuter then a baby bunny

  63. Georgia

    For me Trophy road: 8 Bit Rare: El Primo Super rare: Darryl Epic: Edgar Mythic: Max Legendary: Crow Chromatic: Surge

  64. Lukixa-Brawl Stars

    My favourite brawler is crow

  65. Austin Zhang

    Tilly: *exist Lex’s bank account: *why are still here just to suffer?*

  66. Fire Demon


  67. Stax

    Im crying bc this was soooo old and lex was 1 of my most inspirative youtubers back than and to rewatch this video like 4 years later rly just warms my heart. I know i can type this on any other video but this 1 is just to special...

  68. Katarzyna Skubiszewska

    The music on your sponsor ads... UNDERTALE REFFERENCE!1!!!

  69. Vaibhav Verma

    delhi safari cartoon movie in Hindi

  70. Vaibhav Verma

    bbgbvvdelhi safari cartoon movie in Hindi

  71. Vaibhav Verma


  72. Atlas

    Lexs opponnet is mean 😡the opponent keeps putting a thumbs down to him 😡😡😡

  73. 23 6C

    Lex is such a good man I wish I can meet him


    Tilley is the biggest dirty gemmer I ever seen in my life

  75. Italian Twix

    7:37 you don’t need to make a trick shot

  76. Best friends f

    :lex when he hast to play beA in random maps NONONONONONONONONONOONONONONONONONO: The people who make cramped mAPS YES YES YES

  77. Mystic JB

    If theres not a wall to bounce his balls on -*Lex 2K21*