THREE NEW SUPERCELL GAMES | First Look! | Clash Heroes, Clash Mini, Clash Quest

Lex - Brawl Stars

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    Today we take a look at the three brand new games from Supercell that will be launching this year. First is Clash Quest, a turn based tactical strategy game. Next is Clash Heroes, built on the Unreal engine and with it's top down 3D perspective it looks amazing and the third is Clash Mini. An auto battler with a clash twist!
    Be sure to go check out the original video here:
    And keep an eye on for the up to date news on the games.
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    1. Lex - Brawl Stars

      Answer to a couple questions: 1: Yes my camera decide my microphone was more important than me. Sorry.. oof 2: No I'm not going to stop covering Brawl! 3: Yes my wife watched the video. She gave me a dirty look.... On the bright side my couch is comfy.

      1. Nightmare Gamer

        "Couch is comfy" LMFAO

      2. Cheng Lok Ho

        ... sad

      3. Dark gaming


      4. VaderTheTater

        @Legendary Minecrafter yes

      5. Flavius Gaming 个

        Where is ruffs voice reveal?

    2. Josiah Martinez

      Right when mini comes out I'm installing it

    3. Kaustubh Shekhar

      Brawl stars + Minecraft:Dungeon + Clash of Clans = Clash Heroes

    4. Jihoon Jung

      I think clash mini will be the best im really exited!!!

    5. christo chahoud

      I hope I can play them on keyboard

    6. BiensOG

      when are the games released

    7. Fresh

      If clash heroes had a pvp it would be so cool

    8. أحمد هاني الشطيري

      I feel that the game clash heroes will not work the best on weak mobiles or mobiles that can't handle those many details for the game (I was describing my tablet) 😔

    9. Aa Aa

      Clash heroes wining

    10. AM - 05GP 988217 Robert J Lee PS

      clash mini

    11. Alex Gonzalez

      Clash Mini looks like the best to me

    12. DrSheriff

      Supercell AUTO CHESS?

    13. Navneet - Brawl Stars

      Yess i am hyped for clash heros

    14. Miro

      CLASH HEROES FOR LIFE I can see it going global already hehe

    15. Miro

      7:06 Absolutely staying tuned for any clash heroes info or the 2 other ones

    16. Meraklı

      Supercell team: We are making three new games Me: *Fix The Clash Royale Cancel Button*

    17. Butter Spike

      1: clash hero 2: clash mini 3: clash quest

    18. SalveyB Mobile

      Clash Heroes and Clash Mini have my 👀 glued.

    19. nemesis

      Clash Quest 0:21 Clash Heros 3:00 Clash Mini 7:15

    20. Brawl And chill

      Will it come global soon?

    21. Konrad Augustyn

      jebac kapusi

    22. צור אקהאוז

      6:12 so sweet


      Clash heros looks awesome. If u can use creator codes im using code Lex. Im so hyped!

    24. pardeep kumar

      Clash heroes is best

    25. noah mohammed

      Lex's wife will never cook for him again. 😂

    26. Omar BS


    27. Orange Li

      Clash mini

    28. Cheng Lok Ho

      Where is Clash Heros? I can't even find these games in my Google Play Store app

      1. PineappleTheWorst YT

        Did you even watch the video? They were only announced🤦🏻‍♂️ he even said in the video “we don’t know when they will be launched”

    29. Pyrocreep

      When I get all the 3 clash games ima play clash heroes first

    30. George 1323

      When will they be released

    31. Zygmunt Jaslowski

      I think clash heroes pretty nice

    32. Zygmunt Jaslowski

      I think I really want clash mini

    33. Mohy

      I'm most excited for clash heroes 😍

    34. Jesse Higgins

      I would definitely play Clash Quests and Clash Heroes

    35. Mox GT


    36. Sand Twogo

      I am most excited for heroes, although I do not know how well it will work with my phone with those beautiful graphics.

    37. JJ


    38. Vedika Verma

      Maybe Rayan will become the comunitist for one of these games

    39. Ismacrac MARTIN MARTIN

      Well done


      Clash heroes is like playing clash royal and clash of clans troops in brawl stars

    41. Munu Mishra

      Clash heroes is exactly like minecraft dungeon

    42. Sandhya Agrawal

      woah man amazing graphics of clash heroes I like sandbox games like oceanhorn supercell's future is going to change with this game I hope they add good storyline animations and quests in the game

    43. Özgür

      Lex Thank you, I've made a mysterious one after the other, 🙏🏻

    44. Someone Btw

      Is it just me who catched Oscar spining in 4.23?🤣

    45. معتز كاضم علي

      Clash heroes very nice

    46. Dilraj

      Clash hero is really cool

    47. Francis Chen

      When is the next brawl talk ,season six coming

    48. Une personne random

      When are they going to be realesed ?

    49. Lucas Rodrigues

      It always focus your mic

    50. Jix

      People say that they're excited for clash heroes, but I'm the most excited about Clash mini

    51. Börekçi İboツ

      im gonna play clash heroes just because of you can control the character

    52. O5-1

      hi lex! is it okay if i bought a star skin and im supporting u ?

    53. BeerLicious

      Clash Heroes's Looking too good . That's the first open world game from supercell after that mini internet game I think. It's looking Promising & the fact they're going to customisations on how we want to play is actually I've never heard or seen. I'll just buy the biggest offer in the game on the very first day just to show my support for the game. Clash Mini's lookin good too.

    54. yuu

      I liked the Clash mini so much I hope it comes out

    55. Gomu Gomu No Mi

      Clash Heroes better go Global.

    56. Trey Chatterton

      My ratings on the 3 games 1. Clash hero 2. Clash Mini 3. The other one lmao

    57. Blending With Jackson


    58. Ninja gaming

      Clash heros like brals tars but beter

    59. Balasubramanian S

      Brawl talk dude😂😂😘

    60. MST Hasna banu

      Hey Lex, I think the next brawler in going to be a bountyhunter. I saw the latest brawlstars in twitter poster and then I got the idea.


      6:05 - Poor Lex was kicked out of his house after this 😖

    62. Luis Cerda

      i like clash heroes more

    63. HD_Framed

      ppl will say clash heroes is the best because of the graphic but I think clash mini will be the most interesting.

    64. PirateDusty Gaming

      i am *HYPE* in Clash Heroes!

    65. Fanjanhong *

      Who cares they're gonna flop

    66. g_patrick

      Clash Heroes Use My Name G****

    67. Marvellous Gamer

      Clash mini and heros are only good in my opinion

    68. Barry B. Benson Jr

      Clash Heroes is the one for me. Already uninterested of another turn based game. def install it ASAP lol

    69. Zane BS

      Im so excited for clash heroes its open world that is what i like about it and its like brawl stars and i love brawl stars so clash heroes is great what do you guys think?

    70. Renzo Wijaya

      Clash, clash, and clash again

    71. z2d

      here before one of the games blows up

    72. Yum ツ

      Yooo i love your vids

    73. VaderTheTater


    74. Derek van der Veen

      imo 1: Heroes 2: Mini 3: Quest they all look cool tho

    75. Beastable Crush

      Clash universe might come back with all these games

    76. wiredspider

      Clash of No one cares

    77. Immanuel Moses

      Code lex everyday

    78. Karson Lam

      Go Clash Heroes!

    79. Jacob Martinez

      I’m downloading each one

    80. Ilusion Salazar

      Lex: my wife sucks at cooking His wife: #$%@?!!!

    81. Kyle Lee

      8:20 lol rickrolled

    82. Victor Akpan

      Who else doesn't care about these 3 games?

    83. Alexander Kurzeja

      Clash mini is gonna be awesome!

    84. MR_Shark 5536

      Is that guy in last game Yasuo or male Shelly?

    85. TAC0_LORD

      3 GAMES?!?!?

    86. Legendary Banana Gaming and FUN

      Stop the cap Fr??????

    87. Soberski

      All of games looks sick

    88. yitzchok braunfeld

      So these are just mini knock offs of: 1) bejeweled/ candy crush? 2) wild rift? 3) auto chess/ tft?

    89. YamanGaming YT

      Bro wheres clash royale

    90. Westinpeace W

      Clash heroes looks the best by far

    91. StarArrow

      The second game is the best

    92. StarArrow

      Omg i love minecraft dungeons and i didn’t know you play it too

    93. Galaxy wolf


    94. randytherhino

      Excited for something fresh and new from Supercell!

    95. Artem Sorochyns'kyi

      2 game and 3 game 😏

    96. Mr Cool



      Clash hiroz al a week


      Imagine playing 3 of them the same time

    99. adoda

      6:05 😂😂 So use code lex

    100. Laert

      if Class-Mini is a Auto-chess game will that also help you increase your IQ like regular and classic Chess?