This Is Power League...

Lex - Brawl Stars

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    Today I play Power League with my daughter Tilly and the end result was pain, suffering, and gems lost... But we had fun!
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    1. KSI’S fat forehead 69

      Worst thing ever added to the game

    2. Lionel VandeVonder

      14:36 ok enough evidence tilly is the voice of colette

    3. Aston Lund

      How old is tilly?

    4. Benjamin Wingestad


    5. Sai DeePak


    6. Nishi Kanth

      Wow your kid is cute

    7. Xser Is here

      Corner of shame

    8. Sammy- Art And Gaming

      lex- teaches his daughter kairos- teaches his wife oj- all i can do is cheese

    9. MMD brock


    10. Dude

      Looks like canyadigit taught your daughter how to play brawl stars. Spin to win

    11. Boss of the man face

      Tilly’s first word code lex

    12. Cool Legend

      buff crow

    13. The Shadow

      Why are you keeping play with her in videos? PLS play with her off camera bc she is noob (sorry Lex but thats true) you are carrying

    14. Hamza Aldabbagh


    15. NoHacks BS

      5:33 : Lex having no content :P

    16. Extra account 1A

      She pranked that train hard

    17. Saja Saja


    18. ItzMeHana _Ig

      Your daughter is really beatiful 😊

    19. Luke Barnhardt

      Watch out lex she’s as good as you😂

    20. Emile Yvvone

      Tilly reminds me about my little sister.

    21. Marcus Wong

      Ah I see why randoms are so bad


      Lex patience is so high.

    23. Soldier-2047

      Tilly got that bibi moves(btw i love the videos with you daughters or son

    24. Rezowana Hader

      Led I fell really bad for you but tily is so cute but you should not give tilt gems anymore but she could play brawl stars

    25. gamer

      It's so funny that tilly got the fire crow pin in a easy way but lex took forever and he didn't get lucky at all but tilly did get lucky

    26. mattise broos

      How she get that trophies

    27. Khuu Marcus

      Tilly always finds people but doesn’t shoot them when in the bushes lol Does she also not kill people but rages when people kill her?

    28. Khuu Marcus

      Tully: I Was Inside The Safe!! Me: and your point is??🧐

    29. Scudushy

      These videos are my favourite. Tilly is so funny!

    30. Dimasi673

      Greetings from the country of Russia

    31. andres andres

      I like l lex videos

    32. POHENX BS

      ohhhh noooo

    33. Daniel Fletcher

      I really like your videos

    34. Daniel Fletcher

      So on lose hat is Mr. P

    35. Daniel Fletcher

      What’s up Lex

      1. Daniel Fletcher

        So on Lou Mr. P is on lose hat

    36. Unknown gamer


    37. Diyan Sake

      tilly isn't ataking

    38. Rezowana Hader

      Lex does code lex saves your money

    39. m1stッ

      8 dollars for a sticker?! seriously lex

    40. EDriel

      We need MORE of this kind of Content!

    41. Manuel Campos-Curillo

      Tilly:MEGA STONKS Lex thinking that the transaction declined: OP STOKS Tilly spending 200$ and know lex's card number: ULTRA OP MEGA STONKS

    42. MRT020


    43. Mohamed Abdulle


    44. Mohamed Abdulle

      Recpect dad

    45. Arman Rashid

      Imagine being a mobile gamer lmao 😂 especially this neeky game 😂

    46. LavaHawk _17


    47. EsmaSultanYT

      Dddıııı yess dıııdiiiiaaaaaaa🤣

    48. Hashim jamil

      Tilly is a noob

    49. xxfoxloverxx Uwu


    50. xxfoxloverxx Uwu

      @Himashi isuri I agree

    51. PokeThe Nic


    52. Kozune Kenma

      I see the pain in ur eyes

    53. GrainedLamb81

      Why is your name buff cow? - Tilly

    54. Brilliant Brothers

      Lex : If you win the next one, you get gems Tilly : *Playing so bad and will lose just so that at the end she will get gems as a 'reward'.*

    55. Micah Myers

      She is not so good

    56. Amirali Javadi

      so cute!

    57. EvidentRL

      She is probably better than me

    58. Tejas Jain BrawlStars

      Amazing 🤩👍


      Why is tilly not attacking

    60. Ryan Cheah

      And i thought lady kairos was bad at bs

    61. Shaun Diz

      i feel so bad for the random third. to be fair though she's probably as useful as my random teammates that pick like level 7 mortis for heist

    62. J Dog

      Tilly is not trying

    63. Fizz Gaming


    64. wwnn221

      Can you donate me gems

    65. Peter Saikaly

      I love dads that respect games

    66. Hatice Velieva

      please one F for lex

      1. Hatice Velieva


    67. Rriso

      Your kids are so cute🥰

    68. Player Rida

      Yes power leagye is suck 👀

    69. Lexiphea

      you know its bad when someone you can pickup with one hand is better than most of your randoms.

    70. Quinten Tang

      what Lex thinks in he's head aaaaaaah 😡😡😡 hahaha

    71. Leon

      When I see Tilly I say Tilly cutely

    72. Random Gamers YT

      hmm im 11 so can u help me play like a pro/ ?

    73. CBP GAMING

      She is Better then my DUMB teammates

    74. Poh Qi En

      Exact definition of randoms XD

    75. Evan Howes

      Ngl I just clicked on the vid because I saw TILLY🤩 she’s so funny!!!

    76. You can't stop me I'm Beyonce

      Tilly and Lex: Losing about 6 rounds of power league Me: Looses more than 100 games. Also me: *Rages*

    77. Alex Pîrvu

      I can try help Tilly win games but you give me the brawl pass free im almons 13000 trophies.

    78. Freddy Autistic-bear

      This videos are cute and all but I can't stop thinking that you're spoiling her. A spoiled child is not fun to raise and look after so try not to spoil her

    79. FroYo

      HAHA NO WAY!!!! that's me and some friends at 3:29 lol. crazy that we got matched up together

      1. MRT020


    80. PavloGamesYT7


    81. William Todd

      This makes me think of what happened earlier when I was watching my friend play 😂 He was playing sandy and his team got destroyed every time they tried to take back the hot zone, but he just kept saying ‘I’m hiding them’. Now it’s a joke that whenever there’s a sandy, it doesn’t matter if he loses, just as long as they hide the team 🤣


      Tilly fans

    83. Shane Pry

      Tilly’s reactions are so funny.

    84. Yuvraj Singh



      I think it’s hilarious how Tilly literally just grabbed Lex’s face as hard as possible.

    86. Jason Thomas

      Nice one lex, making tilly carry 🤦‍♀️

    87. Ong Da Wei

      Tilt keep on dont shoot so boring

    88. Ais

      Its a my teamates

    89. Ender Ducke

      Imagine if Tilly put code oj or anoy other creater's than lex's

    90. FlacealToXic

      Tilly: *Plays Bea in almost all bush map* Logic:

    91. MeuMeu


    92. Aadith Arayan

      How old is she

    93. anthea low

      That’s the Super noob account

    94. •Tord•

      Power League is so cool!✨♥️🤘 The next update is coming in April!😀💗 If you fulling the power league,you got a cool skin!♥️🤑👊(Not Smugler Penny!) Siege and Hot Zone Comes In Next week!😝🔥⭐

    95. rraushan1000

      3:40 Tilly be like: I'm gonna pretend that I'm understanding everything that dad is saying..

    96. blondedlens Brawl Stars

      How she got bea a second time

    97. Rohan Y

      11:48 are you kidding me my randumbs cant even dodge like her omg she is god

    98. Funnykid Luna

      Hello I just got sandy when I used you’re code thx lex😁

    99. Ian&Isabella


    100. Smalls Football

      Omg I watched lex's video when he first go crow and he ak lost cried that's why I subbed to him