UPDATE CLUES! New Environments, Brawlers, and More!

Lex - Brawl Stars

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    Today we take a look at some clues leading into the new update of Brawl Stars.
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    1. Lex - Brawl Stars

      What do YOU think of the clues Brawl Stars has put out there? Got any theories? Let me know! Me and my family would appreciate forever if you use Code Lex ► bit.ly/CodeLex

      1. Ryan Groot


      2. Daan Salomons

        B Belle

      3. Mr Amazing

        Lex if see bella right arm there is a swimming tube what means is that you are right

      4. f

        @RiffRaff 4031 STOP

      5. Abdeali Bhiwandi wala

        Lex there was someone at your door when you were playing

    2. Ryffen Gaming

      this is april fools

    3. Akash

      7 kids?????

    4. Catlover 2193

      7:10 hold up guys my kidnapper is here.

    5. Cool Legend

      revisiting videos, and the video is still as entertaining as the first time i watched it

    6. good boy 2

      I have an idea to put in stews trio somebody named roco roco is also known as rocket he shoots lazers and his super allows him to dash forward and once he hits a wall or a person explodes into the air and jumps down I have a new brawler idea for the next season the idea is of a little plant called shroomy shroomy is a mushroom that has spikes on his head His attack shoots three piercing spikes that can pierce the walls and any kind of thing his attack damage is 400 his super spawns all around him spikes in the ground that only could be destroyed by explosions and if somebody walks over his bikes they get attacked for 40 damage and the new skin I believe for him would be scary shroomy scary for me has a pumpkin on his head and is black his custom attack is tiny pumpkin seeds and I want this new character for only to be only on Halloween this would be a cool character and for the skin to put at the beginning of premium should be pumpkin Nita do you think it's a cool idea

    7. Naitik Hirji

      Vampire brawler

    8. Roek De Winkel

      Stu needs to be in the same trio as mac and surge

      1. Vv8 lego brick

        He’s not he’s in the Starr park trio He’s not in edgars and colletes trio because they’re the gift shop But Stu doesn’t work in the gift shop he is job doesn’t suit him there

    9. Siham Obeid

      It's belle

    10. Ianou Walter

      B. is for Belle

    11. lol lolover

      Lex theres someone at your door

    12. WENNARD TV


    13. WENNARD TV


    14. Markus gaming

      I realised today the "gadget" are belle's glasses! from the edgar picture.

    15. max_gg

      7:11 bro wth someone is at your door ya better check that out

    16. ThatPinoyBoy

      3104 upside down in that writing font on the post it note looks like it smells out "holy" don't know if that means something

    17. zachner carmello

      6:30 that thing is the one who makes the locker open

    18. RDDchicken

      Dang he was kinda right about belle

      1. RDDchicken

        @Aran Bestboi ye but I didn’t know I would get one

      2. Aran Bestboi

        you got a heart!

    19. xiufeng chen

      purple thing was a mirror

    20. Arsh Awadhiya

      hey i can sell my id with Mortis -/2000rs

    21. BlahPlays YT

      That shape and the B were from BELLE! Oh now I get it. Nice, hidden clues that most people overlook.

    22. Redex

      For me the thing next to the rosses looks like taras eye

    23. Rocky Abin

      take crow and rush in brawl ball

    24. Potato Haha


    25. Hello Goodbye

      7:06 ring ring someone is at your front door

    26. Geo Romer

      Not bert

    27. Geo Romer

      Its belle

    28. Damogus


    29. Gavin Shawn Bryce Malonzo

      I will use it now


      Honestly looks like sunglasses than a gadget or the face

    31. Alex

      B= Belle

    32. Noahjoker

      3/04 belle

    33. True Yinsin

      i think it april fools im at start of vid

    34. David Shang

      Belle=B.? Squeak=Spike relative (Same shape,both throw super, and both no actual “voice”)

    35. Xinthoss

      How he Get right 😂

    36. Mamawii Chhakchhuak

      Who thaught it was hus plays but its brawl star gameplay

    37. 5A04 錢柏希Koil

      Lol belle does steal money wow

    38. Tom Martin

      B for belle

    39. Xanthius Arqin Garcia

      me whathing : ok let talking about b. ring : SOMEONE IS AT YOUR FRONT DOOR me : "non stop laugh"

    40. Ashoka Kumar

      Stupid goblin

    41. XxØKxX BG

      {} < shreck

    42. Ziya Varnalı


    43. Rishabh Jangpangi

      Heya pls tell me the time you uploaded this video pls I beg you pls

    44. Nicha - Hello world

      You wrong but it ok

      1. Nicha - Hello world

        Nah that OK😉😉

      2. Lex - Brawl Stars

        Well I did say a mischevious thief... (belle) And A nonsensical odd brawler (Squeak) But I also said I wasn't sure about this one.. but yeah.

    45. Simo 2000

      7:48 well Billy is so close it was Belle

    46. mariam hashim

      why arent people talking about the solo showdown mapmaker they should add a duo showdown mapmaker , i really want a brawler in the free tier not only in brawl pass it seems that aat the end they might thought that a ton of big boxes are ena ough at the end since you want a new brawler they should add a mega box after the big box (i ment when you finished your tier) so what i ment is that when you unlock the big box the mega box should unlock togther , its ok if you dont agree with me because it will be fair when updates comes in new seasons! edit: what i think is coming in the next seasons its going to be a bit like money or something like im not sure so dont trust me and i think they should add a new game i really dont have clues its all i have to say anyways have a good day!

    47. Boomer Dwight

      Turns out my final guess was right she was an outlaw like shelly BANDITA. And she despises spike the sheriff or deputy.

    48. Clownfishman

      One of the things that makes spike cool is that he doesn’t have a voice

    49. TTLZE

      You corona

    50. Craig Shrago

      And the tie on Edgar

    51. Craig Shrago

      Boss I think

    52. LKA BERKAY

      Farattan çalmış

    53. DanTheMan 64

      Damn bro lex you had a guy at the front door did you get robbed

    54. Olesiya Mindolina

      I was dying when I saw the "RING, someones at your front door"

    55. Hyunjin Lee


    56. Jovana Rachici

      Waiting for it still. Getting my popcorn ready. Starting in an hour.

    57. Blaze & Digit - Brawl Stars

      The new brawl pass season is mostly called " The Starr Bank" because the Starr Bank is there in the thumbnail of today's premiere

    58. Ace Cinco

      April fools..?

    59. KindaSimpingRightNow

      The brawler in the thumbnail looks like it'll be a rare lol.

    60. Emirhan Baytemur

      New map power play

    61. insollotte gamer

      But we had darryls ship maps before, they were realeased when bea and max just got released

    62. Tadas Dragūnas

      Stu is tin gift shop trio, because he says "Keep your tire marks as Sou-venir" and gift shop trio collects autographs, all sort of Brawler based souvenirs these kind of things...

    63. Jasper Chung

      There's still spude characters within trios like Gale Could it be Bull Blanco, the signed number? No could not be Bull. DONT NERF STU MY STU CAN ONLY CHARGE SUPER WOTH 2 AMMO

    64. theking ofanimae

      what did it saye somone is at your front door door like respect

    65. KURU ĞIYAR

      A m no speak english I m ??

    66. Sprout Win_CZ

      Cucumbers are just packed water.

    67. gaurav gamer

      Hello lex I am from India and I am your big fan I want to say that plz talk to supercell for inviting India in World brawl stars championship Thanks Love from India, Delhi

    68. NamelessR

      you know what maybe i will use code lex

    69. omar Bellaihou

      What if the new brawler's name is Blood

    70. Lohit Pasala

      I have a question for a long time Will there be a brawler which can transform to something, like to an other brawler

    71. Mitchell Bonello

      The odd picture in edgars locker, is the face on darryls hat

    72. Florim Maxhuni

      No not a brawler but .................. 2 brawlers

    73. 2021 P5B 03 CHAN SI KING

      Lex:friendly power play matches Power league:am I a joke to u


      Bob is a good name

    75. Ignis DracoHeat

      Ok ao my theory on the new season brawler is that he is a thief, Who is wanted, has a some prt of plasma gun or a sniper, with a new mechanic.. Like you can charge your ahot how powerful the shot should be.. like that.. it is a wildwest theme fo sure..

      1. Ignis DracoHeat

        Well kairos and rey predicted the thief part..

    76. This degenerated fool

      8:48 your gale is an idiot lol


      There is a video from Kairos Time about Brawl Stars

    78. Ziv Javen Berjuela

      Its a Bank!

    79. R V Jaya Rengan XI B

      6:29 Can't that be rudo primo?.. BTW I use code lex

    80. Paresh Gaikwad

      I think clown sticker refer to brawler inspired form bozo the clown or killer clown for outer space with are in old tv serials

    81. Roots English

      lol 3/4 is the 4th of April?

    82. jettyplays bs

      We trust lex

    83. Alex el crack700

      😠 dont show is a suprise

    84. Crimson— Brawl Stars

      I think that, the snowman theory is turning out to make sense! i also think that that the spike theory also made sense. (pretty smart, Lex!) i mean, we might be getting a nw snowman or cactus-spike type brawler, but again, that's a theory. and if that spike desc from the beta (or alpha) unlock screen was a loooooooong time ago, it might not have something to do with that, either. the winter brawl pass came out only about 4 months ago, so there might be a snowman brawler. But, since we are going into spring, there might be a spring-type brawler, as well!

      1. Leo Shazinシ

        Mad hatter

    85. Fernando Perez

      I think Stu is in the super city trio

    86. Hananto BBS

      I am sick for two days

    87. Harith N G

      Lex your channel logo at that amber gene colt World finals video at the corner of the gene player in that video

    88. Harith N G

      Lex bro you are correct the brawler must be thief because few days ago they said brawl stars championship trophie is lost your prediction is so good

    89. EEKE GAMER

      I use code lex and I am from India big fan🙂👍

    90. Naruto and rock lee

      I took a big break from brawl stars 3 season and wow a lot has changed

    91. Geometry Void

      7:05 get the door lex

    92. Angelo Carranza

      What about the tie maybe a clue❔

    93. ToxicCrow

      crow gang flex

    94. Sam Da Man

      Some one is at your door.

    95. Ekko Gaming

      you really didnt mention how tick's new gadget is way broken and needs some nerf? Its like the upgraded version of lou's gadget

    96. AllanJ 787

      I wonder how lex guessed a stealing brawler Karios 2.0 haha

    97. Derek van der Veen

      2:13 that bea must've had a heart attack

    98. Corey Sturgeon

      I’m sorry but I’m so hyped for the three new clash games

    99. Soldier-2047

      Like lex,i do

    100. Adam Haddad

      Lex you are so smart