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    Today we take a look at some very early clues about what could be coming in the summer update of brawl stars. From the Morse code, to the summer skins and possible the new brawler.
    Concept art done by: Schneiderpox
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    1. Aaryan Gupta

      Sooo exciting stopped doing my homework

      1. (George) George Perkin

        @Nisͥhaͣnͫt Śoman eeee

      2. (George) George Perkin

        Same man

      3. Spectik_Playz

        Aarayan- Brawl Stars Same

      4. Jacopo Leombruni

        @Lex - Brawl Stars you're a good father!😂

      5. Brawler Samet

        Oh noo

    2. andres andres

      I think it is true because one of squeaks pins is a drop off water

    3. ᎮⲅO ᏦᎥⱢⱢⱔⱤ

      Well !

    4. Wee Goh

      I think the next brawler would have their name start with a U. Think about it. S- Stu, a possible rebelling stunt robot P- Piper/Poco, giving out inaudible messages in game D- Dynamike, the rambler in the wkbrl stream maybe. E- Edgar, a gift shop owner who does not want to become those freak brawlers U- Unknown... All are brawlers, who may have existed, and may have a reason to overthrow Starr Park.

      1. BludBlud Brother


    5. Diablo Loco

      The Jesse and Brock skins go along with the upcoming Nita skin

    6. Dallas Hirovanaa

      Maybe he’ll be the next part of coney ruffs trio maybe his sienctenst who created sqeak

    7. Izabela Wozniak

      I was like if it's a fish then I'm done

    8. Amigo Last

      Video=p..... Pool pool Pappppppppppp

    9. Ağakərim Məmmədli

      Hi lex🙃😃

    10. CJR PlAYS YT YT

      I love it

    11. Happy Happy

      Love ur vids

    12. nuno perpétuo

      The next Summer update will be called "Summer of Demons"!!

    13. Draquo Gaming

      Not right 😂😂

    14. XmetehanX YT


    15. Ptero - Gaming

      Who is here after brawl stars announced make your own brawler

    16. silverstars

      another roadblock: squeak

    17. พรนิภา ลีละธนาฤกษ์

      Egg Nita with 4000 votes

    18. Lxk-brawl stars

      Hey just saying im not sure but is there some morse code in the robots eyes like nani. Maybe u could like piece them all together

      1. Lxk-brawl stars

        like maybe u could put it such as like one robot represents one word

    19. Elijah Corbin

      Actually Gil was just a scraped Gene skin but who know, maybe he will be a brawler?

    20. Jasper Chung


    21. Not Scared

      1:59 Not atoms but molecules, atoms are basic building blocks of material as of hydrogen and oxygen are elements and can not be atoms :)

    22. PROJE EREN

      H20 is xxxtentacion music (rest in peace :()

    23. Shourya Tanna

      what about next brawl pass

    24. Νικόλας Ζαχούρης

      oh no the summer of pirates

    25. Idle 32

      I love your theories


      Lex was correct at Stu maybe he is correct on this update

    27. A G

      Lex right but something doesnt add up,look at Squeak,he has a badge for Ruffs,for himself and a cat badge,thats Kit but,Cats dont like water...

    28. TS-Verse

      "Now, what about a new brawler? Well, we need to look to the past." Kairos: *physic go brrrrrrrr*

    29. Surenthiran Kandaiyah

      I think that update come in this summer

    30. Sebastian Green

      for kid playtime balls not for swimming pools

    31. Sebastian Green

      rico is a pool bot

    32. Skyler Domoyong

      Wow your soooooo lucky so many gemsss

    33. Anthony Lemus Santa Cruz

      I can’t wait for the new trio your so right maybe the water park trio

    34. ToxicDanger - Gaming

      i think ricochet was for the game pool cuz he shoots balls that look like pool balls

    35. Md. Huzaifa

      And h2o was the clue for next brawler named SQUEAK

    36. Emdad Rahman

      Best water brawler name is hydra

    37. KOO ZHI HUA Moe

      hey lex nice videos and i hope your prediction is corect!


      1:55 lex our new chemistry Teacher 😂😂😂


      I believe in lex

    40. Salauddin Rehman

      2:00 lex teaching us chemistry 😂😂

    41. Max Nik

      P.S. Belle is Colts mother.

    42. Yashu Bhagwagar


    43. Yashu Bhagwagar

      Please give any brawl i am so noob

    44. Yashu Bhagwagar

      Please lex

    45. Yashu Bhagwagar

      Please give any brawl

    46. Yashu Bhagwagar

      My trophies will always getting low only

    47. Yashu Bhagwagar

      From since i did not get brawl only

    48. Yashu Bhagwagar

      Please give brawl

    49. Yashu Bhagwagar

      I am so noob

    50. Yashu Bhagwagar

      Lex please give any brawl

    51. Am Pro

      Lex I dare you to do a new intro Not just “hey guys lex back here FOR another brawl stars video And To Day”

    52. Thomas Arsa

      Channel with serious stuff,very smart about finding hidden clues of the next update 765k subscribers "We're going to *CHESSE* channel 2 Million Subscribers

    53. BHASWAT -Op

      Imagine lex invited you to play with him

    54. BHASWAT -Op

      Use code -Kaiojlex

    55. Maxi

      Opposite of winter - Summer Opposite of pirates - People who give stuff? idk.

    56. Matthew B

      I feel like lex is a secret brawl stars Dev...

    57. zuko the gamer

      That's the best ges

    58. Chase Foster

      If you pause at 4:33 it looks like the robot is riding on Poco’s hat 🎩

    59. Ro Brawl

      Wouldn't H20 refer to the new brawler squeak or whatever? cuase he is made out of dog drool, so that should still somehwat count.

    60. Beyaz Kedi

      What will your new Brawler's Name be?

    61. Keqing*waifu*

      Bring sawyer back on ur vids plss

    62. Keqing*waifu*

      Bring sawyer back on ur vids plss

    63. Georgi

      I used your code and got amber out of a free box

      1. Elite_8-Bit࿓


    64. Thivya prakash

      Hey lex I've purchased 30 gems for 179rs but I didn't receive them .wat should I do?

    65. OGISA


    66. Sarı Sabır

      The real edgar?

    67. Song Of Life

      When colonel ruffs came out - oh I knew this kinda brawler would come bcuz lex predicted it. When stu came out - oh I again knew this kinda brawler would come bcuz lex again predicted it. Lex has predicted so accurately always... may this prediction also be once added to bs

    68. Aaryan Computers & Marketing ACM

      Detective Lex! ;)

    69. Goldey 3

      1:54 yea las get that nerd thoughts on gamers

    70. Archana Humane

      A Desert update, the unexpected

    71. Егор игры

      20.5 31.3 Lex

    72. Wxshxs

      My theory - Lex is a worker at starr park and he’s making this to throw us off. Also pirates make sense if it’s an aquatic update.


      Turkey Yi things you love?

    74. Balogh Hajnalka

      Stay hydrate 💧

    75. Yuval Jaware

      Me:It's time to unlock Belle. Sandy:Yeaaa, woo hoo!

    76. Jobeth Jhaycon Rign Enriquez

      i used code lex in the brawl pass and got 4 gadgets in 1 mega box

    77. Unknown Freddy

      Hello Lex, if u watch the starting of star park investor video there is a giant dinosaur skull which might connect to the dino skull found in latest brawl stars map of season 6

    78. Jacques

      "this is what brawl stars wants us to believe (the brawler in summer)" but what if, the fact that we know that this is what they want us to believe IS WHAT THEY WANT US TO BELIEVE and the brawler will be released in summer 🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯

    79. Chef Leon

      summer splash

    80. Chef Leon

      nita summer splash nita skin coming

    81. Cyan Cyan

      That Fish Is Suspicious.

      1. Cyan Cyan

        Or Doctor Fin

      2. Cyan Cyan

        That Fish Should Be Named Doctor Fish

    82. Krishiv modi

      good guess

    83. Etelka Curalli

      In the new brawl pass I got my first legendary and ive got 12k trophies🙂

    84. TRH_GAMING

      Lex can you give me gems just 690

      1. TRH_GAMING


    85. Bilel Mouchih

      Hey lex we love you brooooo

    86. Moayyed


    87. malyadri A

      next kit brawler on sallon 8 bit side you can see kit

    88. [PR] GOKU

      lex plz can you help me i am having an issue with my super cell id whenever i click on my supercell id my game shuts down and mobile goes to home screen plz tell me a solution

    89. Boomer Dwight

      Lex pls confirm that the season six animation for BS in it's opening intro freeze at the posters there is a bone poster on the left and above it it looks like a new brawler!?!!!!!!!!! Upper left corner it looks more like a animal. Its not ruff or belle but could be the second member of the golden arm gang.

    90. Boomer Dwight

      I do not believe belle is colts mother. Since her voice lines shows she doesn't own or care about her partner in crime. Belle in the real world had a daughter named Pearl Starr and Son named Eddie.

    91. Boomer Dwight

      The new 8bit skin has a kit logo on it side or shelly cat it is a black cat wondering if it's kit? Also why does training cave wall patterns change is it attention to fetail

    92. Ana Petrovska

      star park honts mi dreams

    93. Preston

      plot twist: brawl stars wants you to OVER THINK it and maybe just MAYBE they will add this aquatic brawler

    94. The Ghost

      Thank you for adding the Arabic language

    95. NeedyJay

      brawl stars sneak peaks get almost half the views of the fortnite sneak peaks.LETS GO

    96. hopewreck

      Hey I keep seeing you use El primo in my game my name is silly chilly lmk if you rember me

    97. NadPlayz个

      Franks actually said that Gil was a scratched Gene skin...

    98. ELENI DI

      man the new season have not even started and says to us that he has new season lol

    99. Brandon HereYT

      Everyone so exited: them going SICCKO MODE THAT Travis Scott can’t even handle

    100. Ash Greninja YT

      the gold mecha crow walking is super flex,i like that lex btw crow is my fav brawler too