POWER LEAGUE GAMEPLAY AND REWARDS! | Smuggler Penny Skin Is... | #PowerLeague

Lex - Brawl Stars

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    Today we take a look at the brande new game mode Power League in Brawl Stars. In this Final Update Sneak Peek I walk you through everything you need to know about Power League and play some matches against the tribe guys and Dani.
    #PowerLeague #BrawlStars
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    1. Lex - Brawl Stars

      So while the rewards are massive they are a bit less if you're the very best of the best. That being said I think average players will get much more than they are now.

      1. Random Tutorials

        There is the new stu update

      2. RL Sanityy

        How do you rank up

      3. TSUI WAI SON [P6D徐瑋舜]

        Hi Lex

      4. brawl and clashing

        @N3rdYG4aming you can push 500 easy

      5. N3rdYG4aming

        lol i have 9500 🏆 but i need 10000 for stu 😥

    2. Bentley James

      Make penny cheaper 250,000

    3. PaleBee_

      Hey, does anyone know if you can buy the penny skin after the season ends? I am a skin collector and I dont have enough star points to buy her :(

    4. Andreia Filipa

      Is lex getting younger?

    5. Ganesh Nikhil

      I though it is free😂😂

    6. METRO SK

      Why the fawk isn't that skin free?

    7. latifun chaudhary

      How to unlock smuggler penny

    8. Rana G

      How many acc. Do you have lex?give a giveway plz of pass


      future lex,please make more appearence in video .😁👍

    10. EpiX _

      Does anybody know if smuggler penny will always be available in the shop as long as you play 50 games this season, or if she will be gone from the shop after the season even if you did play 50 games

    11. ابراهيم العزاوي

      Well, if the season ends and you win 50 times and the skin of penny come out and you don't buy it, will it go and not come back? or not?

    12. Itachis Mangekyou

      i wanted solo not randoms :(

    13. Last_Viking

      Is smuggler penny is limited for this power league season?

    14. Theopro

      smuggler penny isn't free :( grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

    15. Noboy 214

      Can you make a new video with Tilly?

    16. Nikolaos Klontzas

      Kane you help me to the trophie league lex please my name in brawl stars is Manos and my club is41 Dimotiko

    17. Divya banduni18

      I am getting disconnected again n again then getting the notification that if i do it again i will get banned

    18. BellaPlayz11 - Brawl Stars

      Please reply. Do you need Star Powers for Power League?

    19. BellaPlayz11 - Brawl Stars

      Hello Lex! I am a big fan! You and the Tribe have inspired me to make my own BS channel! THX!

    20. Gabriel Trejo

      Hes trash so at braw stars that he cut the loses

    21. Justin Yizhi Zheng

      3/4 to a million, congrats and keep grinding lex ❤️

    22. a random tank

      Nice vid, I'll be using code lex to buy the next brawl pass, keep going!

    23. Jibril Tok

      Hi lex your the beat

    24. Tony Alonso

      Can I have a account you may or may not have for brawl stars plz

    25. Uriel Gnome17

      Can you tell super cell that power league is broken ? In the sense of just keep getting me off the game pls report it

    26. My china Is a virus

      I hate power play it's not well for low brawls also very very hard to reach only max out can reach

    27. ?

      The thumbnail is too good

    28. TheFireDragon


    29. The Brick Design

      Lex, in power league it keeps disconnecting me/crashing the game for me. I don’t have Reddit and was wondering if this is a problem for anyone else.

      1. Snow Bomb

        Yes same I keep getting disconnected

      2. Ishaan Pandey

        My teammates keep disconnecting as well

    30. Namzilla

      They should punish players who cancel the matchmaking with a time penalty or even a downrank. It‘s so annoying trying to get into a match.

    31. Farhan

      Power league sucks I one of us went out brawl stars the game ends and some of us just lagged and be kicked out of the game and we get a notification that we might get banned but we just got kicked by the game! Highly not suggest playing power league.

    32. EminemFanPage 4

      God, power league is so fun!

    33. Ptero - Gaming

      Hello lex I am facing an issue with our newest update power league. The issue is that after 2 or 3 matches I automatically get logged out from the match this happened to me several times so I was informing you hope you fix this and this is not happening with the other events only this power league

    34. RL Sanityy

      How do you rank up

    35. leon lindström


    36. Тайный Агент007

      It is 1 hour

      1. Тайный Агент007

        Oh it was 1 hour

    37. TheFour Idiots

      For some reason when i open brawl stars it makes the window small

    38. TSUI WAI SON [P6D徐瑋舜]

      Hi lex

    39. 楊卓譽

      Almost got 10k trophies need like 50 more

    40. Taufik_playz

      I'm starting at silver 3

    41. Frank Fan

      Code lex in the shop you will win every power leg

    42. Cats, Gaming And More

      I counted in the trailer and you have to be in a silver rank to get 10,000 power points

    43. Ibrahim S Farooq


    44. Ibrahim S Farooq

      i am exited tomorow there will be POWER PLAY EVERYONE!

    45. dalibor kraljić

      Nadam se da razumiješ što pišem jedna kaže da radi za vas i da je bravl stars povezan sa start parkom a za kit mi nije htjela ništa reći

    46. Milica Stanković

      Hope it wont be hard! Anyways like this people will have enough to buy their dream skins and boxes which is awesome!

    47. Toxic King

      This is too much for my stupid brain

    48. Yenn [RUST]

      Hey Lex, remember how you've reacted to your first ever Legendary, it was wholesome, also, do YOU remember your first legendary?

    49. Cavidan Mehdiyev

      Use code:rozetmen

      1. Cavidan Mehdiyev

        Kişi adamsan

    50. YSN Ethan

      When does it come out

    51. Mr.K. Simayiya

      Do you remember me

    52. Mr.K. Simayiya

      Iam $Ashen$$

    53. Mr.K. Simayiya


    54. Mr.K. Simayiya


    55. Joshua Lucres Anthony Roxas

      Best progress in terms of match making in the game so far


      2:23 your cap changed from green to blue lol

    57. Domantas Rickevičius

      use code oj plz on bra

    58. Jessica Mayorga

      Teach me how to edit I even liked this video

    59. sudhir Sharma

      I'm seeing you after 3months(my exams are over now) and you haven't changed Still knew that you are gonna start with Hey everyone whats happening lex back today for another brawl stars video ABD TODAY!!!

    60. RNG_Viper

      I can’t wait to unlock the penny skin, and then have to buy it😂

    61. Tasmine Wong

      MY USER IS ElijahPro

    62. Tasmine Wong


    63. Tasmine Wong


    64. SAIKIRAN B

      hi guys =)

    65. RadioEnigma

      Basically brawl stars ranked mode

    66. Student Lucas Burt Tejedor

      Mine white tho

    67. نُوك فُوكْس قِيمَر /‌F

      The new phase is very cool 💜and you, Lex, what do you think? 🙂

    68. MIVOICE

      Updated which day coming

      1. MIVOICE

        @Drake Beasley let's play together

      2. Drake Beasley

        Wdym what day? have you played bs rn? it has updated already

    69. Abeda Khanom

      The update has launched let's gooo

    70. Sand-Man

      But what if your youtube is in dark mode and your like button is white...

    71. X TWIX

      ابو الشعرات شغل اللعبه

    72. Marisela Contreras

      Lex!!!,i know this is late,but, brawl stars is in maintenance now!update coming!!!,just telling you these incredible news

    73. Rita Laroiya

      Lex ngl u suck in the game bro wana 1v1 my user name is killer

      1. Drake Beasley

        Bruh, it doesn't mean he "sucks" doesn't mean you can 1v1 him bruh

      2. mikey203

        🤣stfu kid

    74. SparkyKid

      Lex beats game ancor Dani: am I joke to you

    75. the_mysc

      Hope it's real

    76. manar abdullah

      Please play with your son 🙏🏻🙏🏻

    77. Lisa Rosen

      lex busted i could see you using an iphone cause the animation for scrolling the volume down was the animation on a iphone

    78. saanvi gupta

      uhm Lex - Brawl Stars will we get to select any brawler or just the ones we have?

    79. mummuz mummuz

      I didn't get any updation of brawl stars actually

      1. Drake Beasley

        Because the "updation" is still not out yet bruh

    80. Brawl Stars

      I hate penny ...but after this skin I love penny

    81. oms_the _bittle

      i can finally grind for golden mecha crow

      1. mikey203



      Dani should make a youtube channel

      1. YOUR MOM IS GAY

        @mikey203 yeah from brawl talk

      2. mikey203

        Who is dani? Isn't he the guy from the brawl talk?

    83. ɪzᴀnᴀmɪ

      Ill be starting at silver I 😅

    84. Random with Titan

      12mb for 1 ugly skin...

    85. Cool GuyPlayz Gaming  ツ

      This game mode looks fun to play... (IN SOLO) I'm pretty good when I'm in a showdown.

    86. ysternas is the best

      how did you get it?

      1. Drake Beasley

        dev build

    87. Ege KBayram

      I know this isn't relevant to your video but in that box battle with the other creators and you got daryl, frank crow, I got pretty similar luck by getting daryl, bea and crow but I have no proof so there isn't a point of you responding to this

    88. Legend BrawlStars

      Everyone whats happening, Legend back today for another video of lex and today we r gonna watch about power league ...

    89. RealStrikeFox

      How can u get the update early tho?

      1. mikey203

        I swear this people are dumb 💀

      2. Drake Beasley

        dev build

    90. Scream Ian

      You suck at brawl stars, trash

      1. mikey203

        Shut up little kid 💀

    91. Megaboi89 Boi

      When is this planned to come out?

    92. Trevorche

      Pls can anyone tell me when is the update coming out🙏🙏🙏

    93. Rishikesh P Raj

      Today is the update right

    94. Hiram Mancilla

      3:19 Un momento... me estas diciendo que GoDeik ya es tan popular como Kairos y Lex?

      1. mikey203

        Siempre a sido más popular que ellos. Pero recuerda cómo es hispano deseguro no lo conocían.

    95. HappyMainCarl

      The fact you only get rewards for the highest league reached on both (solo or team) makes pointless play both. Am I the only one that thinks that way?

    96. Cameron

      Does anyone know the release date for this yet?

    97. Mr Brickbattle


      1. Mr Brickbattle

        @Drake Beasley oh k

      2. Drake Beasley

        @Mr Brickbattle Bruh he can't give it you, it ain't even a private server, Lex's is like a supercell partner or something, that's why he gets to play in the dev build

      3. Mr Brickbattle

        priv server because i think its private server

      4. Drake Beasley

        Link to what?

    98. Crimson— Brawl Stars

      is the update out yet?!

    99. ASᴜᴘᴇʀSᴛʀᴀɴɢᴇGᴜʏ

      What’s a “D” in left, down there?

    100. Julen Alvarez

      Lex lex lex lex❤️❤️💖❤️💖