SIEGE BOT WARS! (I Beat The Map Maker) | Sneak Peek 🧀 with Kairos and OJ

Lex - Brawl Stars

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    I hacked Brawl Stars Map Maker to make Siege Bots Fight! In this sneak peek for the new Brawl Stars Update we take a look at Siege and Hot Zone being added to the Map Maker. I made 6 insane maps and Kairos and Orange Juice Played them with me. I beat Map Maker.
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    1. Lex - Brawl Stars

      Even MORE Sneak Peeks coming!! Be Sure to subscribe and turn on notifications for ALL the juicy Update info! Subscribe Here ► Brawl Stars Creator Code ►

      1. Neiky BS

        Hi bro, I opened the whole brawl pass in my new video. Please, see it if you have a couple of minutes. Write your opinion, please, this is important to me...

      2. Ed Edy

        When is Power League Speek peek

      3. doraemon lovers

        hey lex its a huge request ! pls make me ur friend in brawl star pls a request . i always watch ur video . i am ur big fan

      4. Praneet

        Wow, animated pins for crow, check in 3:23

      5. Allen Devaraj

        @TrimCone Fan all Supercell partners have access to developer build where they get to try out upcoming features but earlier

    2. Jack Lizotte

      9:48 Stu says use code oj

    3. Gamers Ban

      hello lex 😀


      kairos you should have said gale you silly sausage

    5. meow ify

      Now it's in the competition entry maps :)

    6. Dennis Rak

      does anyone know the song?

    7. Agent Double0 Gaming

      Sadly I have the record for longest siege map

    8. Aceplante

      Why do we only still have a limit of 5 maps.

    9. Monique Autar

      Oh poor lex

    10. Alarick Divaio Irawan

      when you know there noobs 0:10

    11. Ahmed Ali

      Language Arabia I need

    12. Konstantinos Mikos

      will we have 20 map maker slots to make?!

    13. Scuair

      4:17 lag SPIKE! Insert funny sfx

    14. Amita Khirani

      Op lex

      1. Amita Khirani

        Thanks for ur❤️

    15. Albert Huang

      Wait how do you get two siege bots?

    16. Cool Legend

      Update when

    17. Crafting shark

      How in the world did you have 2 robots!.

    18. SJH Soh

      The Legendary Trio 🤩🤩🤩

    19. The Faceless87

      Well done sir

    20. The Bandit

      I'm calling it now. Hot Zone maps will be all walls.

    21. Ibrahim Rivaan Nadeem

      I nave used your creator code

    22. Zayd Elkhateeb


    23. Pekka Bs


    24. Shaqe Hambardzumyan

      When is the next sneek peek video?

    25. Tejas Jain BrawlStars

      These are just so awesome 🤩👍🔥

    26. KenLuigi Wheaton

      Hi LEX just asking if I can get your ID number in Brawl Stars?

    27. Mr6 windows games

      I hate your creator code >:(

    28. Das niet Aardig

      Kairos most fake laugh ever

    29. KUTAY YTB

      Ha ha ha ha

    30. Daniel Pruitt

      Pretty sure I just played a game with you Lex. We won!

    31. Parth Sava

      03:02 everybody talking about map maker but i want to know ho kairos got 500 trophies on stu before even its released

    32. Eden Dou

      How do you have Stu right now???.

    33. Lord Bambi Third

      You annoy me. Your weird ads annoy me. your weird middleschool teacher helper vibe annoys me. Just stop.

    34. Chrispy gaming

      Lex could you try to get the voice actor for bibi

      1. Lex - Brawl Stars

        I've talked to her. She does not want to be on video.

    35. tae

      Who wanna play together..

    36. readyfly guy

      Let's all do a protest with these issue brawl stars should bring back tickets and they should bring back gems in boxes and the old box system and keep the brawl pass plzz let's do a protest to get what we have lost in the past

    37. Mike Jason

      I logged in my sister account and she has code lex and I have too

    38. Ed Edy

      When is Power League Speak peek?

      1. IT'S JAY

        Please Do check my yt channel

      2. IT'S JAY

        Maybe Tommorow

      3. IT'S JAY

        Never Lol

    39. Shtornik

      Lex you top

    40. luka gamer

      You know when a new browser will come out

      1. luka gamer


    41. Nikolaos Klontzas

      Lex Kane you give me crow please🙏🙏🙏

    42. S-Rüzgar - Galio, Heybetli Muhafız


    43. Soumya Ranjan Behera

      collab wit CryingMan

    44. R Brawl

      For once i got scared from Kairos laugh

    45. JK

    46. N̷a̷d̷z̷ ̷ F̷X̷ ✅

      What happened to Kairos here? 4:47

    47. LORD ESV4 BS

      Use code lex and you will never lose a match again🤩

    48. Blackman Shalalfeh

      Lex is not using a oneplus you can know from the controls what a big lier

    49. William

      OJ: *looks at the map Also OJ: CaN wE lOoK aT iT? 😂

      1. David1548

        He didn’t tho, it was lex

    50. Arush sharma

      3:05 what is that bibi skin ???

      1. IT'S JAY

        BTW It is the new bibi skin

    51. Lynn Mansour

      Hi lex I just wanna say that I love u so much and I'm ur biggest fan and you're my fav youtuber! I love ur videos so much and hope u see this comment💖

    52. Sangeeta Jain

      This will be crazy

      1. IT'S JAY

        Yeah it will be

    53. Jiayi Sum

      what server i am 10000 plus tropies but no stu...


      You are playing hacked brawl stars (Plz share me the link)

      1. IT'S JAY

        It is just you can say beta version of update provided by supercell to youtubers


      What skin

    56. Dragon Blaze

      What's the name of the editing app that your editor uses?

    57. Diamond Reaper

      Damn now maps like this people gonna make

    58. Rootbeer raider

      I used your code in the shop! To support you because you’re content is pretty awesome and funny! My favorite is the buying the entire shop videos.

    59. Zen WRLD

      it's crazy how you went from a normal dad that does "let's play" videos on BGclip to being a tribe gaming member, and as well as a supercell partner. It's just crazy if you think about it. Anyways, I hope you have a nice day, and I'll be rooting for that 1 million subscribers!

    60. Bloom - Brawl Stars

      when siege is actually fun:

    61. DaKingUganda /Dan beh zad

      How do you have stu

    62. Jackson

      I bought surges 2nd star power from the shop and it doesn't even work

    63. Connoriscool

      Nobody: Litterly nobody: Not a single soul: Kairos: ah a ha ha a ha ha

    64. yeee brodie

      I remmeber watching you when you had like 20k subs and I’m so happy u have grown your channel

    65. Тямчик Влал

      Хочу оусский

    66. Edi Alla

      Lex i have to say YOUR CODE IS SUPER LUCKY today i open a mega box with 7!!and a got bibi and surge this is crazy!!!!🤯⚡

    67. Lemon Juice Gaming

      hey lex, can i play with u the next friday? im starting to upload my videos from that day. So can i play with? just a wish

    68. Pasabrø GaminG

      Not oj O🧀

    69. Anna Szczelkun

      I’m not first, I’m not last but when I see a lex upload I click fast!

    70. Brawl Pablo

      Lex this idea is amazing btw

    71. Brawl Pablo

      I just used code lex to get brawl pass and got spike

    72. Гасан Мисриханов

      Я тут один руский? 🤨

    73. Kaiser Mirza

      How do you guys have stu?

      1. Âlpha Ghøst

        But I am not sure

      2. Âlpha Ghøst

        It’s beta I think

    74. Anabela Neves

      Me: I hate Siege Also me When I watch Lex OJ and Kairos playing Siege: I Love Siege

    75. Tap MobGameplay

      It's so funny

    76. AKA么ARM么

      Lex is my fav youtuber and can someone tell me when is STU coming out

    77. Grace Chia

      That time it was oj map

    78. Grace Chia

      Now I love lex map now❤️

    79. Khan Adil

      Pls make video with Tom also

      1. IT'S JAY

        Yeah please lex

      2. IT'S JAY

        Yeah please lex

    80. Kwong Hee Lucas Ting

      Why you can have more than 6maps?(map maker)

      1. Kwong Hee Lucas Ting


    81. Androniki Theodoropoulou

      how do you have stu

    82. AS Gaming from The Samers

      Lex your not playing on oneplus :( your playing on apple

    83. DragonEX616

      Did anyone not notice what Lex was wearing was supposedly the Razer wireless airpods...


      7:51 - 7:52 did you see , it showed hot zone and removed the jumpad in that place

      1. IT'S JAY


    85. Chuangyee Bock

      That maze was a maze ing

    86. Random things


    87. Random things

      Can send Leon brawler

    88. budgie life

      How u have stu

    89. Rohan’s world of Everything

      7:01 its been lexie boy all along 🎶 🎵

      1. Rohan’s world of Everything

        And I killed oj tooo hahahhahahahah aaa hahahahha

    90. Tr0picalxdayyz

      I’m a big fan lex :) p.s use code lex

    91. pravin jain

      First, lex overtook kairos and become the predicting master. Then he overtook OJ and became the cheese master Soon he will overtake pat and become the thumbnail master Like if you agree

      1. IT'S JAY

        Yeah I agree

    92. Ollie Gillies

      when is stu coming out for us

    93. 18 Manas Pokle

      Stay Hydrated 🌊

    94. Alex Julius Rusnák

      Has anyone noticed how Crow has animated pins at 3:23 in the video ?

    95. josh PG3D

      7:42 tick emote

    96. Kylie Wong

      If i didn't hear it right then i don't know what im hearing because at 6:13 im 100 present sure kairos said nj i don't know if i heard that right tho um

    97. DrawingHooligans

      Это было очень прикольно. It's fun

    98. KingYote Gaming

      This looks like absolute chaos and I love it.

    99. kevin parade

      crow is getting animated pins!!! 3:23

    100. Basel Abandah

      Wait how do oj and kairos have the new brawler its unrealeased hackers hackers hackers hackers