INSANE LUCK! |Gemming Mega Boxes And Buying The Shop

Lex - Brawl Stars

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    Today we have the luckest Gemming I've EVER done. Over 30 unlocks in one video!!! Two Legendary Brawlers, Three Chromatics, 8 Skins, and lots of Gadgets and Star Powers in this massive mega box opening.

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    1. Lex - Brawl Stars

      Submit your clip to mine and KairosTime's GameOn Duo Showdown Challenge for a chance to win $500: Make sure to follow me on GameOn: KairosTime and I will be announcing the winner on Twitter in two weeks!

      1. Aryo Playz

        Hey lex give me luck for my mega boxes even though I have sandy

      2. brandon watson

        @Lemon pie BS .

      3. ريما ال نافع

        @RyZe303 u

      4. David1548

        @radioactivplayzRBLX i do know , someone with 5 million subs friended me on a different game but I never got to play with him and he unfriended me

      5. Dexter Van Ludwig Sembrano

        I cant join the contest because the game on app is not available in my country. I have a great clip to upload in the app, I'm so sad that I can't upload it. Help me

    2. Weiye Weiye

      When lex say 666 and he just *gulp*

    3. Y perm

      i open a big box with star points and got byron...lex didnt get it in a mega box

    4. Yona Daughter


    5. annabell leveiro

      Lex:being lucky me:having 15000 trophies and still no legendary

    6. good boy 2

      0:36you see lex is a brawler

    7. bro fam vlogs

      The demonic era 666 bruh

    8. Monocrone Gaming

      stop taking ojs thing gemming is your thing and eating weird stuff is kairos thing so keep STOP

    9. Horizon Live

      I thought you were kid friendly

    10. Noah Sheeran

      His name 😂

    11. Arjen Metsu

      Lex: buys a Spike skin Also Lex: gets a brawler, and thinks it's spike

    12. Skyhigh_jerry

      777k good job

    13. Endegen YT

      Uhhhhh isn’t game on just reddit+TikTok?

    14. Candy- Bmrp

      I love u ❤️❤️

      1. Candy- Bmrp

        OMG thank u so much lex I really love ur videos and u as well tell ur 7 kids I said hi ❤️

    15. Brawl legends

      I love leon ... my first legendary and my favourite brawler.But others think that he isn't good...

    16. Destroyer 2099

      7:46 I’m on a sugar crush

    17. Onder jack

      I always unlock anything on a mega and I just don't have legendaries my odds are 0.1983

    18. Y Nguyen

      666 oh wait a minute

    19. AliyanPlayGames


    20. Mr. Wolf

      ur bad

    21. niki6990 niki6990

      your at 3

    22. Svetlana Ostojić

      You haved 30 unlocks

    23. Reece Mills

      Imagine if his file corrupted

    24. Tadija pro

      I need leon and amber

    25. Blaze brawl stars

      Wait, Why is he always getting 6? 😈

    26. TwoArrow !

      I got crow and leon in 1 box.

    27. Nicholas woo lego fan

      lol ur brawl stars name!

    28. Apple WOW


    29. Mohammad Wajeeh

      4:28 man you're lucky 6 straight

    30. Thu Tran

      I got spike!!!!!!!!

    31. Thu Tran

      Can you still get Edgar?

    32. switched off gaming

      Eveda nokiyalum malayali

    33. Voldy Moldyvoldy

      11:28 WaS tHaT a JoJo ReFeRaNcE

    34. Giulian Loreti élève

      My legendary chance is 0.0101

      1. Giulian Loreti élève

        And I don’t have one yet and 10,000 trophies

    35. chikoplayzz

      lex your code got me byron on my 5th account :)

    36. Zenaida Hernandez

      Do you have Brock Stars merch cuz I do I only have crows jacket I got Crow and Leon or like the characters I have no I don't have any legendaries and Brock Stars I tried to get one but I only have five whatever they're called the green things are going to have to get more and I know you I'm your famous friend so

    37. Valerie Lee

      My best brawler is a idk

    38. 100%

      I was using code lex and I got a 7 in a mega box

    39. Daniel Benzion

      You spend it all of your gems oh my God

    40. Let'splayvids


    41. Moony_ Sky’s

      Is no-one going to talk about his name...?

    42. Yug Kala

      U are so cool lex 😎

    43. Dylan Wilmer

      I haven't even got a legabary

    44. Candy- Bmrp

      When he said Babe idk where those gems came from That made me laugh so hard lol 😂

    45. Simpafiy

      I used code lex and got 8 thing in a mega bo so USE IT BRO!!!

    46. RadioactiveBeast

      Wow 😳 his name isn't appropriate for kids bruh 😕

    47. Rania Amer


    48. Rania Amer

      7:12 hmm I wonder how

    49. 8-Bit Arcade Brawler Gaming

      That’s the Good Cheese 🧀

    50. SuperCel kid IL


    51. SuperCel kid IL


    52. SuperCel kid IL


    53. Annebelle DuBurton

      hahaahahaha lol 666... THEN THE DEMON HIMSELF: MORTIS


      What is that name come on lex you can do better then that

    55. Navtaj

      Lex that name se)# tyme

    56. Rishant Singh

      I literally got Edgar with just a normal brawl box. That is Insane Luck

    57. Abdus Meah


    58. De gebroeders Brandsma


    59. mike larsen

      Why is he so lucky

    60. Hamed Gaming_YT

      Lex : uses code lex Me : Didn't you say that if Ben did a trickshot you will use his code in the hemming video ? Lex: Don't tell him Me : @ben Lex: NNoooooooooooo

      1. Hamed Gaming_YT

        That's a real argument happened 100% no cap 😂😂uhmm... I mean ik lex didn't even reply to any comment of mine but..... yea believe me this argument happened 😂😂

    61. Yahia Younis


    62. Oscar Chuang

      3:16 why does lex seem so sad that he got lou

    63. Jacob Yu

      He said 666🤣😂👹👹

    64. arad Shahrivari

      I literlly crossed my fingers for all the boxes. Lol 😃😅 Edit: i wish i had that much luck like Lex ..... Poor me .... 😢😢😢😧😧

    65. Mubdi Jaidi

      Sultan rich

    66. George Reda

      Brawl Starts is perfect game, but it's manque a microphone.

    67. Alex Stoner

      Lex getting 6 items everytime...... that's illegal

    68. PhaZaz

      11:57 - 12:05 Hitler: Amen

    69. sandro rachveli

      Pls somebody help me to reach 8000thropis or you lex plssss

    70. Seam The Shadow

      Lex's alt : I have all the flipping legs at 8561 trophies My main acc : I'm at 13k trophies with only all brawlers up to epic rarity and also 2 mythics being Max and trash ( Lou ) Me : I hate his flipping game screw u super cell

    71. Amritpal Dhiman

      New lex brawler😂😂at 0:36

    72. ISmellTacos

      Me: Dislikes video. Lex: Why? Is it cuz i got legendaries and alot of starpowers? Me: It's cuz u didnt open the pin pack.

    73. Creeper Plays

      one question why is ur name like that...

    74. sobhanprobraw


    75. Skymine

      ,, realized that when Lec sed 666 he got mortises starpower🙏🙏🙏 may the good be whit you all amen

    76. London Lee

      Who really crossed their fingers when lex said to

    77. Bing Science TV


    78. Taj Wilson

      Daddy’s MoNey 🤑

    79. A real SANSation

      Did you get good randoms

    80. Chris TheGamer

      LEX said: ...stupid bull... Him saying in his mind:. ...stupid bullsh*t...

    81. 999

      Please shut up kairos

    82. Karam Abighannam

      One day ago I unlocked colette

    83. Ashish Kantheti

      anybody notice his accounts name?

    84. Anneleen Lucas-Remijn

      Im Sad you got Amber I only need amber and sprout 🔥

    85. sudipta Mukherjee

      I don't have a single legendary brawler I am in 16000 trophies I don't have a single one 😭😔

    86. BLARE BEAR

      Me: Opens ten thousand boxes, NOTHING

    87. Muhammad Tarique

      lex"now i cant do it""stupid bull"

    88. That weird kid

      0:36- I do be buying those lex points tho

    89. xX_NRG_Collector_Xx

      11:28 😂 do you guys get it? He had the star power of Dyna jump lmao 🤣

    90. xX_NRG_Collector_Xx

      0:37 When you see that it's NOT even possible to 61 play points and event tickets DON'T even exist in the game anymore.

    91. Ian WONG

      I am really touched by your story of how you became a youtuber, and you are my favourite, I always use code Lex in the shop and I get 360 gems every week, that is if my grades are pretty good, please allow me to have the pleasure of playing a game of duo showdown with you!!!

    92. thanaros999


    93. Cool Legend

      Gemmer lex should be put in prison or our boi lex may go broke.

    94. KEREM CAN

      Abi Türkçe biliyonmu ben ingilizce bilmiyom bişi anlayamıyorum lütfen alt yazıları Türkçe yap

    95. No name

      I am proud of Turkey

    96. Mushy2.0

      i liked and subed im very sad because I have 28 gems only:(

    97. Swin Ders

      7:46 saddest voice from lex i have ever heard

    98. AkuFinland

      Me: Has 1 brawler on 2 and half years. Meanwhile Lex: 5 legendary brawlers on mini account.

    99. Paavan Bajaj

      Lex: Oh I got Lou, but I really wish I got a legendary brawler. Lou: But I legendary probability...

      1. Noob Time

        its mythic

    100. Tina Jariashvili

      lex i love your videos every time i watch i smile and i get happier. make more videos like this one oh and i use code lex