The Future of Brawl Stars | AMA with Dani | Reddit 500k Special

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    Today we go over a huge list of questions submitted by the Brawl Stars Subreddit. Dani answers a multitude of questions dealing with the past, present and future of Brawl Stars!
    Brawl Stars eSports info:
    Intro: 0:00
    5v5 Game Mode/Mapmaker: 0:45
    Expanding Map Maker: 2:55
    Infected Game Mode: 3:48
    Mapmaker Cheese: 6:15
    Banning Brawlers/Ranked Mode: 8:47
    Club Wars: 10:50
    200 Brawlers?: 12:00
    Keeping Brawl Stars Fresh: 14:00
    Creating New Brawlers: 15:45
    What do Ryan and Dani do?: 16:55
    Getting Ideas From Reddit: 19:07
    Brawl Stars Crossover: 19:50
    How is Brawl Talk Recorded: 20:30
    Brawl Stars Trolled Us/New Brawler Kit: 22:50
    Brawler Advanced Stats: 24:39
    How Are Maps Chosen/Dynamic Maps: 25:21
    Brawler Balance: 27:43
    Third Party eSports: 29:06
    From In Game to Brawl Champion: 32:30
    Brawl Stars and My Little Pony: 33:58
    Dani Piper Skin: 35:12
    Starr Park New Info: 35:33

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    1. Lex - Brawl Stars

      Of all the things Dani talked about what do you think is "coming rather soon"? Support this channel by using code Lex in the Brawl Star Shop! Brawl Stars Creator Code ►

      1. Victor Ionut Calin


      2. Victor Ionut Calin


      3. Secret Agent

        @Sotiris Kasdaglis update is coming man

      4. Sotiris Kasdaglis

        What brawl stars close today for 1 hours?

      5. Secret Agent

        Power league coming soon. That was said in the video

    2. Poybie シ

      My wish is brawl stars will be old box system 😢

    3. brawl stars

      Vorrei trovare gelindo

    4. Divit Brawl Stars -Live


    5. Caden


    6. Amarilis Aquino Aponte

      I don't want another game thats similar to my brawl stars.

    7. Alex Voss

      So this is why Ryan left =/

    8. Harun Bilgel

      If there will be another video like this,pls ask Dani this (also mine) question: When will Dani Piper come?

    9. Krallar ailesi

      Supecell yesss

    10. leon legendary

      I love brawl Stars. I'd like to add a brawler named arrow. To throw arrows, super attack to throw with the arrow that leaves opponents who are touched with 1 HP and the gadget to make Bush and star power to run faster by 25% and be super rare. I hope to get this brawler.I like updates on brawl Stars. 😁😁

      1. 楊卓譽

        Cool idea but I think they can just do that to bo

    11. King of clash


    12. Waisam Tham




    14. güç lazım

      les noob da nı pro

    15. Brawl Stars Alemi


    16. Brawl Stars Alemi

      Dany Im video 10000000 euro

    17. Poker Face

      Why the heck the subtitles are in Vietnamese

    18. The random kids

      Funny how brawl stars has more that lex's likes and replys on there comments.

    19. Paluten Brawlstars


    20. PixelatedFart

      Now I can make 3 lanes arena map

    21. Jacob Hampton

      And also brawl stars used to be my favorite game till I found the evil secret about starr park and supercell

    22. Jacob Hampton

      Brawl stars your so nice but supercell is evil

    23. Tomuş Maria Alexandra

      Me in the first 8 minutes:why did no one asked about Starr park or the wkbrl live? Also me:oh wait- i dont think the video with Starr park and wkbrl live was threre. ;-;

    24. Maliki

      Maybe a buff on shelly seeing how she's useless unless the map is the perfect condition, I can play any map with stu barley poco etc and atleast have a chance to win, shelly 0 percent unless the perfect map

    25. Anand Murmu

      U noticed in last Brawl Talk Frank said Stay Hydrated and in this video Dani is drinking water a lot 🤔 Maybe it will be a water Brawler

      1. Anand Murmu

        @Edvards Veide what what do your mean

      2. Edvards Veide

        Maybe First skins of Amber ,,Water Amber" or new brawler

    26. Zachary Dr

      Dani brought out wild rift XD

    27. lilly may gaziova

      Lex brawl stars :)


      When the 5 vs 5 showdown is coming please tell please tell can’t Waite just tell

    29. Isak Alvar


    30. Sima Hamid


    31. O Ooo

      ابو اشعرات

    32. Leo gamer

      ابو الشعرات 😡

    33. sh4dowsens3i


    34. RudolfDeWolf

      3:49 deze man is een legend, ik ga stuk hahahahah

    35. Arno G

      if ur dutch u know what broekpoeperd means

    36. Eyad Sami


    37. الملك الاسطوري طاطاطاطاطاطا

      ابو الشعرات

    38. Allison Schaus

      Thank you

    39. AMİRAL

      Frank what

    40. hamidah mahdi

      ابو اشعرات عطني اسكن الله ينتقم منك

    41. dalibor kraljić

      Nadam se da razumijete što pišem jedna kaže da radi za vas i da bravl stars je povezan sa start parkom a nije ništa htjela reći za kit

    42. aXer_ Abste

      Where is exp road

    43. Joshua Days

      Guys we need something in the club like club wars or something please take this into consideration and get it out there so they can see it and make it happen

    44. Tenessa Martin

      His tv is on in the background lol brawl talk

    45. Valentina Abaitanci

      Omu dracuuuuuuuu

    46. Valentina Abaitanci

      E cea mai mmmmmmaaaaarrreeee puuullaaa !!!!!!!!?!!!!

    47. Вадим Мрясов

      Дай легу

    48. Niv Shevil


    49. Soluu GaMer

      How many trophies do you guys have? I have around 9000

      1. NightFighter24


    50. Radu Tamas


    51. אושר כהן



      Nu mai merge BRAWL STARS

    53. Vijai Kavin

      Pls give me Leon or crow

      1. NightFighter24

        Bro wtf

    54. YousefGood127

      الله يخرب بييتك يابو الشعرات


      Give me just 169 gems please

    56. مستر تصميم

      اعقب يا ابو الشعارات 😂😂💔

    57. Niels Vandenouden

      Wil you give me gems 170 gems pls

    58. King lastname

      Who else waiting for maintnace to be over

      1. Ghady Mezher


    59. ლაზარე ც


    60. Duh it'sAryan

      here because of maintenance break

    61. TNT

      Unde sunt romanii mei??

    62. david stojanoski

      They should add option to chose bots brawlers

    63. giorgi gogberashvili

      Meverhevedirabrawl stars hi

    64. Bob Sinek

      3:45 broekpoeper is dutch for Pants pooper lmao haha

    65. S.K Mishra

      If you are here during maintainence you are not alone

      1. SG 7104C


    66. Jellyman4 Boom47

      I'm here from maintenance break,keep scrolling.

      1. Jellyman4 Boom47

        @yeswiet XD

      2. yeswiet

        me too

    67. Ghizlane Boutouil

      Plis brow taolk

    68. Milka O_O

      lol i was rolling over the ground at 3:53 its broekpoeperd its dutch and it basicly means pant shitter

    69. ttv- gamer

      Add 4 players in lobby NO 3

      1. Duh it'sAryan

        what about 5?

    70. Ahmad Fahad


    71. Papapro Gamer

      I love you lex

    72. Thats Perfect

      Guys a maintenance break.... ITS HAPPENING

    73. Zalal Ahamed

      can there come something like brawler fusion

    74. boian qndonov

      Mapmaker must give trophies

      1. Duh it'sAryan

        lol so then you'll just have unlimited trophies

    75. Adam Trari


    76. servis za P.P aparati foxergvg


    77. Dyn Pallomah

      Me waiting for the update ¶:

    78. Bixby

      takhle z toho my češi moc nemáme :(

    79. Parupally

      Is it just my subtitles which call him Granny

    80. 8_بت الفايروس اعضم شرير

      ابو الشعرات كيف الحال مرحبا شباب

    81. Omar Aljaberi

      ابوا الشعرات

      1. Omar Aljaberi

        @I am amy OoO gun قصدي انوا عندوا شعر كتير شووو دخللل السب 🙂🙂

      2. Omar Aljaberi

        @I am amy OoO gun شو دخل السب بالموضوع

      3. I am amy OoO gun

        لا تسب حرام

    82. Darkzy

      I have made a map of ship wars for 5v5

    83. I am amy OoO gun

      Wow ur luck u are playing with the guy who is a part of the game :((( ....

    84. Demøn Dark

      How to remove maintenance break???????

      1. Duh it'sAryan

        you can't.

    85. Vision but I’m not dead

      About that ghost idea... how about you can “merge” with any living brawler when defeated and when that brawler dies you bet the body and the other person would become a ghost, and you can maybe have like a limited amount of merges (like 2 or so).this way you can play different brawlers during 1 game and you rely more on other players instead of just killing everybody. This will make the game-mode more strategic and social. Also maybe skin-dependent brawlers like a fire-Shelly with different abilities that ice-shelly or poison-Shelly. This would be another step to personal preferences and customization. This would also make pay2win more attractive to players, but the skins shouldn’t be to expensive so free2play players also have access to them

      1. Wommy

        skins shouldnt have ANY abilities but it would be nice if there is a gamemode in which you can choose between such things

    86. Yung Minn Wong

      Why edger needs a HP nerf BC bull is edger conter

    87. Riaz Ezwanizan

      Hmm Interesting 🤔

    88. Youtube greek βοήθιες

      Ryan or Dany ?

    89. Vision but I’m not dead

      That’s one crazy headset

      1. Duh it'sAryan


    90. BudzDaBeast Gaming

      Pls see this comment I have a lot of ideas of brawlers my insta is boody sherif ( wearing a red tea shirt ) dm me if u want to see it

    91. Lenka


    92. Tìñü Mèrcìlìñè

      Kill eager

    93. Big Potatoe The beast

      Everyone while maintenance break is here everyone watching this: the sweats me I watch this every time it comes out

      1. Vlăduț pastila femeilor

        Same 😂

      2. blade

        Still broken

      3. Bharadwaj Nd

        Lol what is said is right I am her right now

      4. THE COOL BROS


      5. Maniac- Brawl stars


    94. Michelle Mountain

      There’s not enough brawlers keep them coming please

    95. YOUSEF- BS


    96. Abouroud chmait

      Who is the best brawler spike ??

    97. Jayashree Sheri

      I am ekansh the son of Jayashree I am from India I am fan of you games can please send me the link of brawls stars for pc

    98. 🌴SHATHA 🖤

      اهلا ب ابوصلعه وابو الشعرات ولاننسا ريان 😂🌚

    99. Denzel Gaming

      supercell please give me leon please

    100. Silvia Air

      Brawl stars 🌟🤩✨