Stu 1v1 Vs EVERY Brawler | The Action Assassin!

Lex - Brawl Stars

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    Today we take a look at the brand new Brawler inside of Brawl Stars Stu. We pit him 1v1 vs every brawler and see how he stacks up. My gut feeling is that he will be a good, but higher skill cap brawler that will do very well in modes where you can capitalize on his speed and mobility.
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    1. Lex - Brawl Stars

      How good do YOU think Stu will be?? Be sure to subscribe for more sneak peeks coming VERY soon! Subscribe Here ► Brawl Stars Creator Code ►

      1. Squeaky_Brawler

        Stu will be insane and good in every mode!

      2. BS - rajmika54

        Better than byron xd

      3. Indor Gamer 2021

        I think he will bo stuper good

      4. Graziella Facco

        The dead of a bibi or frank with supers

      5. Neiky BS

        Hi bro, I opened the whole brawl pass in my new video. Please, see it if you have a couple of minutes. Write your opinion, please, this is important to me^^

    2. SecondBestBS

      you should use code lex

    3. Marcus Macabontoc

      Stu be like this is my time to shine

    4. Tanit Singh

      Stu can easily destroy frank in close range with his super

    5. Barryl Mascotte

      Bibi:Exist Stu:She died :P

    6. Unknown Unknown

      Brawl stars has gone to far. They putted in a crazy op STUpid assasin. They should remove the fire and the knock back of the super and that it will charge with 2 hits. Bcz brawlers like bibi doesn't have a change against the knockback

    7. Andrew - - -

      you can't just use stu without super that's like offensive to stu...


      Trik ne konuştun kıç kokun buraya geldi 😱😱

    9. Lucasxpro001 Playz

      6:06 bruh Lou that’s not Lou

    10. Joe Mattar

      You should USE CODE LEX

    11. c c

      Darryl pumped that man

    12. Enes sahin

      Lex lex lex lex lex

    13. The random

      8:17 beas star power did not work

    14. Simon Hatch

      6:05 hol’ up wait a minute

    15. Hasan Avsar


    16. יאיר ש

      You love okc????

    17. On Twix


    18. dukiduki


    19. Denzel Zachary

      I've done using code lex! :)

    20. Luis Oviedo


    21. Олра Греблив

      Stu is very weak in my opinion.

    22. Alvaro Caal

      Stu and rico looks the same

    23. Haha Lol

      I didnt even realise until i reached that the names say you should use code lex

    24. Sann Aiden

      No way when I was supporting lex code in brawl stats I got bea

    25. Matthew Dib

      Why curnel ruffs is Lou ???

    26. Ken Gusi Harta Gunardi

      4:34 are we gonna just ignore that he failed to score?

    27. Kaelan Bras

      jessy make him

    28. SuperCel kid IL


    29. BennTC

      Ruffs couldkill him if it’s a bounce

    30. Mihnea Felicia Calugaru

      leon ?

    31. Estevam Fraga

      stu vs lou wait sike it cornal ruffs

    32. Seymur Memmedov


    33. surjit nahar

      Darryl is not a assassin

    34. Ron Zolotareov

      I didnt know Lou is Colonel Ruffs tho😂

    35. DarkNinjaGiannis Tafos

      Im not wondering why collete is at the assasins but im wondering for DARRYL

      1. Embers the cat

        Darryl has a roll that auto charges so he can easily roll up on you and assassinate

    36. Maggie Simpson - Brawl Stars

      6:07 There’s a bit of a mistake there 😂😂

    37. Mansu hashi Hashim

      Where is Edgar main character

    38. Kap pei

      Wow, Stu’s reloading speed is very fast.

    39. Kostjan Kovaci

      Well BEA is luck because u can get charged bees

    40. Матвей Вакулич

      Leon pro

    41. Markos Georgiou

      why did it show Lou twice but the second time it was colonel rufs

    42. Kavish yt

      4:35 Fail trickshot +_+

    43. The mixed channel

      I understand Stu can escape spikes super and ambers interesting

    44. Game king

      Stu is kul

    45. Mummy Arising

      I was just watching a vid on Stu for another yter and I started wondering Abt Lex pinning him 1v1 on every brawler and he was right on my recommendation for vids

    46. Me

      Anyone else notice the Lou icon for colonel ruffs?????

    47. Shaun Wheeler

      Stu is not in brawl starts

    48. Electrified Minds!

      6:06 you thought it was lou.. *BUT IT WAS ME, COLONEL RUFFS*

    49. Ruben Garcia

      Can you do new bea interactions? I feel like the new honey comb star power will change the outcome of a lot of interactions.

    50. Indor Gamer 2021

      If i am. Corect he didint. Do stu. Vs loo

    51. ege123

      turkish 😢

    52. воробей воронин

      Stu looks like barrly darryl and rico 🗿

    53. Beatboxing John Gaming

      At 3:37, it says a message: “You Should Use Code Lex”

      1. Nøt_ Ṅaiyarä


      2. softiqee.


    54. grane mario


    55. grane mario

      6:06 *show lou* *Uses rouf*

    56. mark and otto vlogs

      Me be like- I’m so good with mortise but my stupid remembers-ThAt I DoNT EVen HaVE MOrtise REEEEEEEEE

    57. Meduza z mózgiem krowy

      Coronel Lou 6:08

    58. Lxnst Ex_

      its ruff not Lou

    59. Hanad Titoric

      Lou became Ruffs

    60. Hanad Titoric

      Stu is Rico's stepbrother XD

    61. Xd429

      Unles stu is not like byron Who say i will end you and dont do anything

    62. Jeremy Beadle

      I don’t say that. your videos are really nice.

    63. Kana

      When is the update coming

    64. Avijeet Soni

      When we have stu

    65. el mino chino

      6:07 WHAT? Lou or Ruffs?

    66. Gautam Gopal

      Am I the only one who noticed the names as 'you should' and 'use code lex'

      1. Cookies:D


      2. Rishant Singh

        It's 'Lex'

    67. Tag team Twin

      Can you

    68. Zena Nakazato

      Pitting a range brawler against shelly in cqc range is hell

    69. Tag team Twin

      I love stu

    70. Derek Brent

      Gas-heal-ine would’ve been better name.

    71. Jo Afram

      Why does stu sound like Lou

    72. Nikolina Mandic


    73. mr. blue


    74. leon marwani

      new brawler stu kairostime: stu olympics cheif pat: stu is insane orange juice: I am stu

      1. Indor Gamer 2021

        That is true tho lmao🤩🥳😎

    75. Atomi X

      6:06 lou or ruffs??

    76. Rishikesh P Raj

      Can anyone tell me is tommorow is the launch or day after tommorow

    77. Fuzzball the 🐹 hamster

      @abdul abdel go to this link

    78. blood_ killer

      6:06 wtf

    79. K K

      Buddy I'm having low connection lag in my game while having no problem with connection as well as device help!

    80. EZIO Auditore

      6:07 was ruff

    81. LJ

      The STU Jokes are a little bit STUpid

    82. Orca lee

      here lemme help you thats what she said ;)

    83. Amy Pan

      Stu per star lol

    84. Geno Pup

      Mama Pam avenged Jessie 7w7

    85. Jool&乔尔和他的助手 Brawl

      Mortis: I take this character I hehe Lex: This Character Fills Ulti in One Hit. Mortis: OMGG NOOOO !!! Stu: My first job is the mortis mugs COME HERE!

    86. Mirjam Nelisse

      Lex constantly tapping the shoot button actually slows down the reload speed

    87. unspeakable Liu

      Dashing assassin, toxic assassin, stealthy assassin, wonder what assassin next...

    88. Thomas Beavis

      At 6:07 it said lou not ruffs

    89. Vrejt

      Тавьте лайк Русские

    90. Nick Mikuchadze

      1:49 laughed until i passed out lmao (demonetization system is trash)

    91. Shadow Buddy

      Yeah the average brawl star player is stupid af this brawler is not gonna be used well

    92. Mahendra Pal Singh

      byron is also assasin

    93. Khan Lagmajon

      How do u get stu?

    94. Benedek Varga

      Colonel Lou!

    95. JK

    96. Цветелина Николова

      Dude, if we already have 10.000 trophies, will we get STU?

    97. Chan Jia Yi

      4:34 Lex want to trickshot but failed :(

    98. Jackson Wong

      When is the update?

    99. Serpi MARIA AUSILIA

      Minute 6:07 ruffs at the post of Lou

    100. Freddy Fazbear

      6:05 Hmmmmmm........