Colonel Ruffs Voice Actor Blythe Melin | Brawl Stars Voice Actors In Real Life

Lex - Brawl Stars

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    Today we talk with the voice actor for Colonel Ruffs in Brawl Stars Blythe Melin.
    Be sure to go check out Blythe on his social media here:
    Blythes Discord:
    Twitter: AveriusVO
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    1. Lex - Brawl Stars

      Be sure to go check out Blythe on his social media here: Discord: Twitter:

      1. mikekronenburg

        Ruffs inspiration is Nick Fury (Marvel) and General Pepper (Starr fox)

      2. Reza Khoshgavar

        Voice actor of bibi pls😶😪

      3. Capawesome

        @Rishabh Rahangdale yes my fav brawler since beta

      4. Rishabh Rahangdale

        Voice actor of SPIKE 🙏 please please please

      5. Vadim Karr

        Next to voice Leon:Thomas Hagena

    2. ANDRU-REC

      12:17 lets start a voice

    3. dude _

      he sounds like ranboo

    4. Shanthi Kailas


    5. EvDell

      Michigan gang wya

    6. MikeB9877 _

      That voice tho... love it

    7. WiredTomb

      Military man is the voice actor of colonel ruffs, how ironic 😂

    8. Aaron Alvarado


    9. None O

      Lex :saying that he will saw all of the voice actors And lex: sawing only one voice actor Me:I thought that he will saw all of the voice actors😭😂🤣

    10. Chao Ming

      This is by far my favorite

    11. Efth Kon

      He sound like Andrew from ff his voice line saying "im the law"

    12. Sebastian Gonzalez Hernandez

      We need leon

    13. Rogelio De leon

      Do lou

    14. Crisp Playz

      This is what you came for 12:17

    15. Elena NC

      New crush unlocked 🤩

    16. Bull

      Stop saying KUrNel RufFs

    17. AM ALI ARBAB


      1. Skiptic

        Doesnt work in comments anymore

    18. Eliesandro Narciso

      Bro i loved the FlapJack doctor voice it really sounded like the actual one in the show😂. Honestly good little nostalgia for a second there

    19. PicoPoco


    20. yokaie

      normal people: b l y t h e me, a fire emblem fan: b y l e t h?

    21. Mountain_Gaming


    22. Mountain_Gaming


    23. Sebas Latorre

      un video especial para selena 😂😼

      1. jocrush

        Nxnzj ptmr

    24. Harshit Himanshu

      12:26 really a hoggo Human + doggo

    25. FlynnTime Gaming

      I like the RUFF acronym voiceline: Romeo Uniforms Foxtrot Foxtrot

    26. thewhat is u

      He voice good

    27. Damogus

      That's also my favourite line

    28. Damogus


    29. Evan

      I thought it was a humanoid Doge

    30. Nirav Bhattarai

      Please interview voice actor of spice. Got the chronology!?

    31. meme B with rockabilly mortis icon


    32. Pufing CZ

      lol that voice, so cool

    33. BraunStudio Game Developers

      12:37 start

    34. D유지


    35. D유지


    36. D유지


    37. Zany Skeleton

      The thumbnail pic reminds me of timeskip Ferdinand from fe

    38. Jenn Hart

      Heyyyy he’s from the mitten ❤️hale Michigan 🙌🏻

    39. Fernandez BS

      Now I'm gay 🙏

    40. Baby Bones

      Battle Stattiiioonnss

    41. HlianaGreek & MariaGreek karakousi

      Blythe melin have dog is very cute ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

    42. Elijah Guevara

      He sounds like a radio voiceover!

    43. R O N I

      Now thats a badass voice

    44. Aaron Yu

      This mans voice is pure butter

    45. Gabriel March

      He looks like a member of greta van fleet

    46. Jay Alfonso

      Bruh shock the heck out of your cheeks

    47. Fabian de Vries

      This guy would be insane for announcing movies in movie trailer with his voice

    48. NO OR


    49. Green pup Razor


    50. Shaheen Shahnawaz


    51. Artem Yarygin

      I wonder who’s spikes actor voice actor?

    52. tyical noob ytt


    53. Twisty

      He's voice dosent match his body

    54. Jayden Han

      Sorry for spamming the like button just like you!

    55. squeak king

      Uhhhhh White Obama enters the chat?!?!?!

    56. Rafan brawl stars

      My user name is magma skullyt

    57. Rafan brawl stars

      Can you please give me Leon I use your creator code

    58. shiqichen272


    59. OmarCFC 10

      Do spike voice actor 🤣

    60. Adal AB

      Sit down,roll ower,now play dead!

    61. Octodude

      Lex needs to find the voice actor for Spike 🤣

    62. Dmitri Khoury

      Bro on my birthday i brought the brawlpass

    63. Winehouse Restaurant Ross


    64. Xinthoss

      Future Prediction- Real Belle , Voice Actor ❤️

    65. Thelolanator


    66. Mikesteven Baylon

      Imagine one of the supercell creator gets to be voice actor

    67. Nathan

      I bet this guy could do a kickass Obama impression. 🤣

    68. Marc Balta

      His voice makes me think of a super cool anime hero !!! XD

    69. Tracey McCormack



      do crow voice actor next

    71. Pavlospapado_ツ

      "Watch The Flanks!" This is my favourite line

    72. Nada Ahmed

      I know Belle isn't out yet, But when she's out, Please look for her Voice Actor, She's my favorite brawler after Amber.💰❤️🔥

    73. Random týpek


    74. aj_ze_

      See 4:48 My question was put in the interview 🥳🥳🥳🥳 My comment at the community post b4 the interview got an insane amount of likes Thxx to all those liked my comment

    75. Jeff Banks

      OMG his voice is amazing... 😍😍😍

    76. Ali Goulding

      His voice is so charming, and don’t get me started on how handsome he is. Oh god.

    77. Master

      12:12 lex getting deceived too quickly 🤪🤣😂

    78. Hot Play


    79. Krash so2

      Здарова всем🙃

    80. Amaan Kazi

      He looks like such a nice person🙂🆒😃😁! His knowledge on bs is pretty nice and updated 👍🆒🆒🆒🆒🆒🆒

    81. GabeBS


    82. 『レ乇ム乇刀りcultured』

      The fact that he started doing voice acting in japan means he voiced anime characters. Cultured.

    83. Shxdow

      Lmao, I got lex his stella ad after this video.

      1. Shxdow

        U actually made me download the game

    84. Alduin Unslaad

      His voice sounds so familiar, not just because of Ruffs, I swear I've heard him from something else, although he could just have one of those voices.

    85. TRAKK

      6:48 Wait, this is actually Lou

    86. TRAKK

      Am I just the only that think that this guy has a similar voice to Ranboo?

    87. علیرضا سالکی

    88. oyun yılanı

      the real belle :)

    89. Priyanshumann Singh

      9:29 that's some really good coordination

    90. Wail g

      We need belle vs all

      1. Meme Kong


    91. Asriyan

      Fun fact:everyone waiting el primo voice actor to show his silf

    92. Tejas Jain BrawlStars

      So Good 👍

    93. Yassmine Dalal

      i literally enjoid the video so much that i watched it like a billion times. And btw i love Colonel Ruffs he's my favorite brawler. Also thats why i have him on my highest rank.

    94. Muhammad - Brawl Stars

      Blythe looks like he is gonna kill me

    95. Muhammad - Brawl Stars

      Me seeing the thumbnail.... *tHaTs a mAnLy lOoKinG wOmeN*

    96. sniper boi

      Can we see the real edgar

    97. the hilly leopards _CR

      next voice actor: spike, garunteed (this is a joke. I dont want to see lame people saying "oh spike dosen't have a voice")

    98. Kyriakos Kyriakides

      Me: It's time to read for my upcoming tests Lex: *Uploads a video* Me: Opp, change of plans

    99. chef red crawmate

      Voice lines: 12:15 Thanks me later.

    100. Kim Joann

      12:09 VOICE OVER!! Each ticket=cost 1 like :)