FREE SKIN! (If you use these Brawlers) | PSG Challenge Best Brawlers Guide

Lex - Brawl Stars

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    Today we go over the best Brawlers for the PSG Challenge in Brawl Stars, and take a look at the PSG Mike Skin and the insane double jumping abilities he gives you.
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    1. Raaghav Aadithya

      It was the dev build guys, in the real build double jumps are guaranteed

      1. FireFrost

        @Halithor thanks :)

      2. arad sajjadi


      3. PhANi GaMiNG



        @Tsm Bro Pro - Brawl Stars hi

      5. Floppy the best

        The champion ship was so easy

    2. Cool Legend

      Rewatching this for powerplay comps

    3. CHAMP 2 _Brawl stars

      I won

    4. Tejas Jain BrawlStars

      I missed playing this Challenge 😅

    5. onions have layers lots of layers

      I won the challenge on all of my 3 accounts 🥱🥱

    6. ranjith kumar

      I won the PSG challenge

    7. Muhammad Ammar Khan

      When does it come out I. The shop psg mike

    8. j a

      I got 8 out of 9

    9. Ilamaaran Tamizharasan

      Hi Lex, This is 3 days after your video, But I broke the number one rule of playing these challenges, But I won it with only randoms and Bibi with the fast star power. Hope I've made you proud! :D

    10. StarArrow

      And i did’t lost once

      1. Stupid Roach


    11. StarArrow

      I used him

    12. StarArrow

      For the third map the best is tick

    13. StarArrow

      I won it twice

    14. StarArrow

      This challenge was easy

    15. Lol 2live

      I used Darryl the whole time and lost twice and star player most about 5+ times

    16. Gray Foxx

      Who else won

    17. Fred The lizard

      Thanks lex for these amazing tips I lucky won the challenge from your advice.

    18. Sammy 37

      Fun Fact : Only Half the video is a guide

    19. Yousef Ashik

      TYSM lex I won the skin with zero losses

    20. Boonduck God

      Nobody me loses the challenge and I see people have the skin

    21. Cyb3rJac

      I got 9 wins with one friend and one random using this guide, shows how amazing using those brawlers are, you only need 2 to carry! Best ones for all maps IMO Rosa Ruffs Amber

    22. MakThe Bot

      for me the first map i chose byron and i got up to 4 wins before 4 losses

    23. OG_Spvz

      I can’t stand the people who just join to throw games literally went through all of the 2nd chances because of that 😐

    24. Lenna Talman

      man psg chalenges ez

    25. zo_jf B.S

      I won the challenge right now

    26. Alan

      I did not even use his advise I just did it my way

    27. aaron link

      If you bought 1 time extra attempts it isnt free anymore

    28. Daniels R pro

      I won With one arm my brother won for me but in my brother losses in his Account 😹😹😹😹😹😹

    29. AgentDodoLoL -Brawl Stars


    30. Farish Hamizan Zanal

      Bruh I'm just win 1 game and lose streak

    31. Carlos the piggypro

      I use bull and I own

    32. Sumit Creation

      I won the challenge and got PSG mike, I only played with STU 🙂

    33. Game Master

      You lied


      I lost all my tries😭😭,and bought 2extra tries and won the challenge 😎😎.all thanks to lex☺️☺️

    35. Stefi Vasilachi

      Thanks a lot Lex with your help win the challenge 🤗

    36. Dounte Stewart

      I failed to win and I really wanted that skin


      Thank you Lex and Spen LC I won because of your suggestions and randoms🙂🤩

    38. Crow - كرو

      Frank is the play

    39. Yahya ali

      I killed you

    40. Clapped at Fortnite

      Also like this comment👇 if you won it

      1. Stupid Roach

        SUS SUS SUS

    41. Clapped at Fortnite

      I won it 😁

    42. KBTS GAMES

      We Used jessie and stu + random and we won

    43. Lil'Pun BS

      I used edgar for the first 6 games and bull or bib for the last 3 and got the skin

    44. Le Alain

      Yey, I've just won...... it's the first time I've won a tournament in Brawl Stars......:)

    45. BlueKillerPlayz 900

      I forgot to watch this!! So i lost😭 But i have some luck tho i grind for the free stuff on the brawl pass and i was waiting for my epic on 0.4% and mythic 0.2% and i got sandy a legendary but my chances were legendary 0.0426% on a mega box

    46. Hunter Gaming


    47. Saurabh Chatterjee

      I won the challange with 1 loss 🎉 Just use Mr. P , & amber Burn the grass with Amber's special so that Rosa's gadget becomes use less use gadget of Mr. P to find out the enemy don't rush try dominating the field, control the field and if you are playing solo with randoms it's best to go with Mr. P with his gadget porter reinforcement and try getting control over ball and field

    48. Artem Yarygin

      I used gale in all and had one more challenge but I lost at the last one when I used bibi

    49. Alpha Wolf _Star

      This is really helps but I have no friends to play the challenge with. 😪

    50. ITz GARUDA

      I won in both of my accounts 🥰

    51. something

      lol i just used sprout for all of em and won haha

    52. Pikachu_xdd

      Wow a free skin. I lost 4 games in a row at a final stage

    53. Mundrika Singh

      Bro i am mayank king bro i need a help from u can you please give me 5 gems i saw your this video and i win 8 matches but i can't win last match i want 5 gems, i have 24 gems i want psg mike i have wrote your name lex in content creator 🥺🥺🥺🥺 ( from your biggest fan)

      1. Stupid Roach


      2. Mundrika Singh


    54. The Teen Guyz

      Thx a lot LEX me and my friends won the psg challenge cuz of you. We won with two losses . We love you LEX🎉🎉😎❤️.

    55. SUPER ZAYN

      I already won


      I won the challenge (in my 4 account😂), Used Primo in 1st Stage | Used Rosa in 2nd and 3rd stage... 😁....

    57. ooh! hacker

      Felicidades.. Eres hispanohablante :/

    58. arief rahman

      l win the challenge yey🎉

    59. H Qiu

      I lost because people were auto aiming with Jessie Colt and Brock

    60. Cool Pug

      Thanks to you Lex, I won the challenge in my two accounts

    61. Ong Wei Shyan

      I needed one more min

      1. Ong Wei Shyan


    62. sm0ll petr1ck

      Just lose 4 times gg

    63. Zander Hinojosa

      me watches it after winning it and won all games with jacky

      1. isaac cacho

        I won all of them with tara

    64. HH's Studio

      Got it with 9 victory and 2 losses

    65. pro akshar

      Bro I won with mortis whole psg

    66. mike13899

      Lex💯 ❤️ those guaranteed wins every time!

    67. devil is my name

      Not to be mean but skins don't matter brawlers do and I've your vids lex your aswome u always make my day

    68. MaxUniverse

      I'm on the finals with only 2 tries left wish me luck

    69. Jeremy Hasham

      I won all because of you God bless you Nice okc thunder hat in the other video by the way.

    70. TY_ OP

      I got 8 wins and 4 loses i can't buy a chance its 29 gems but i have only 2 gems i was so close to dynamike skin :(

    71. TheHylian

      The “main point of the video:” how to win the PSG Mike skin What the video actually ended up being: D O U B L E J U M P

    72. AccordingToAllKnownLawsOfAviation,TheBee No

      I won him with randoms ✊

    73. Power Electricity

      always SANDY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!(i can 1 vs 3 using SANDY)


      It’s guaranteed triple jumps if you use the psg mike, dyna jump, fidget spinner combo

    75. Sibbles

      Thanks lex I won the PSG challenge thanks to you. 🙏🏻

    76. J Mr Brawler

      I Lost, i was at 1 goal to win, ,udkdidkfjfjfjfjfjrielsppq, sadness :'(

    77. Robert Ionut

      Thanks, Lex, i made 9-0 at PSG Challenge

    78. lol

      THANK YOU LEX! I finished the Championship with no losses 😎

    79. Greenape

      It's been long since I watched lex videos. His videos on brawl stars are fun and entertaining.his videos makes me want to be better at brawl stars. Love your videos.

    80. altajorey gaming

      من طرف توم العراقي

    81. Roberto González Pérez

      I won!! Nice

    82. Anthony Vaquero

      I won but I’m broke on gems

    83. Κωνσταντίνος Μιλκουδης

      Easy peasy challenge

    84. Joseph

      I won the entire psg with amber...

    85. OWEE Iron Man

      And now I won on my main!! Thank you so much lex

    86. Greeny Kat


    87. Alex Sanchez Comino

      I have just won the skin thanka, but for the last map I recommend Jessie

    88. Izet Osmani

      I just used bibi and no other brawlers and won

    89. Chervonne Magaoa

      I lost😞😞😞😞😥😥

    90. Mr Pekka

      Lol I use Frank-Edgar-Darryl 9 in a row..without a team! Just random

    91. G.M S.

      Guys i broke the rule i won with randoms it felt rly good

    92. Beastgaming_107

      Cuz of u I won thx lex and I even got amber today

    93. Ai Ohto

      Brawl star suck i have spend a long time to get a gold box to get brawler i have 1 gold box and i buy 2 gold box at shop..after i open i just get**

    94. So much taxes

      I didn't watch this video beforehand, but I won with look for team yet I watched this video afterwards because I'm that smart

    95. Goodlandchugs

      My and my friend got 9-0 by using shelly mortis and shelly tara the whole 9 games

    96. Morris Kenzie

      Omg I actually won it I’m so happy 😅

    97. David1548

      I won! Thank you very much lex🙏

    98. Daniel Czerczon

      YESSS! Thanks LEX

    99. Emiliana Pelaez

      Amber should never get recommended. Her range is so dumb. If you don’t have her, or have her as a teammate, it’s impossible to win the final match 😒😒

      1. Garbonzo Beanz

        I hate amber 🙄

    100. Mintfn

      I won for the first time tytytyty ❤️❤️❤️