Global #1 Player Shares Best Brawlers For 15 Wins | Championship Challenge

Lex - Brawl Stars

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    Best of luck getting 15 Wins in the championship challenge!
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    1. Lex - Brawl Stars

      Best of luck to you all! If you like this content be sure to like the video and subscribe for more!

      1. J T


      2. 9B Jezaniah Angel .R

        Can a indian paticipate in this championship

      3. BINAYAK Mdhr

        No one caress

      4. BuNgEr

        Bruh I made it to stage 4 only using tick but WITH STUPID RANDOMS But yea I didn't even though u would make that far with tick

      5. Ela Nipič

        I had 14 wins 😭😭😭😭

    2. J T

      I big fan

    3. the ninja gamer


    4. the ninja gamer


    5. XD Z

      I have 20000 cups. every time I play this chanlenge, my teammate are all beginners. it's impossible to win. I don't understand the matching system.

    6. Cool Legend

      Put this video on a pedestal

    7. Cool Legend

      Spen LC OP

    8. ElmiBoi87

      i havent been getting any brawler latley so i have to go through all the troph road brawlers rip me

    9. AEDL Bousskine

      it is ki time consuming 5PM for me

    10. Yusuf.

      Best ofluck

    11. ege brawl



      Türk varmı

    13. KidTroll

      Your name is from one brawl stars edit.Amber,Colt and Gene edit.

    14. Tejas Jain BrawlStars

      Great 👍

    15. 6C16呂誠信

      Thank you

    16. Joel Joseph

      OP 🔥

    17. little skeleton

      why am watching this after loosing the challange lel

    18. Аня Гула

      Чого мені ніхто не падає. 😭😭😭😭😭😭

    19. Soma Nagy

      Give me the drink

    20. Nikhil Ramdharne

      A idiot player ruin it for we were at seige but this idiot was choosing tick 😕😕😕😕😑😑😑

    21. brawl stars abisi


    22. hasan kayak


    23. hasan kayak



      I got 15 wins , 1 loss ,used tick all thorugh and played with randoms and i won. Im just like wow

    25. Nik Kutnjak

      Wth 2 days ago

    26. Nik Kutnjak

      I was waching you 2 years ago now i was like this il just watch lex and now im 7 years old

    27. Retartman12

      Ur suggestions works thx lex

    28. Spence 4 3

      The goof ball is in fact a thing, speed and dope mixed together. What the hell lex 😅

    29. netsu

      i messed up playing w randoms...

    30. Whyamihere

      I have 1 more freaking attempt if I lose the next match I will break my phone I really am

    31. Kyirenoob

      I accidentally lost once before watching this :(

    32. UwU EdgarBoi

      Hi your The one who create Brawl ball

    33. Spicyrice

      I played stu all the way and won lmao

    34. Brawl koçak Stars

      Türkler beyensin bu gavurlara inat


      İstanbullu lex

    36. Jakub Mleczko

      Worst brawlers on a map: exist Spen: Im gonna pretend i didnt see that.

    37. Deathbeast K

      Uh, anyone notice that there are two i's in the thumbnail?


      you are the most but best youtuber in the world !!!

    39. Mayur Agarwal

      Man I can't believe I went all the way to 13 wins with just 1 lose😭😭 Its all because of this video my team was able to go that far. Ever since today my maximum wins were just 5 with all loses but with your help I was able to penetrate this championship.. Thanks a lot lex

    40. ralsei !

      lost in the first 3 rounds, i don 't have friends.

    41. Atomic Dragon

      My brother used your advice and he lost on the last one and he can’t buy any more tries

    42. Alejandro Cardenas

      NOOO I LOST 13-4!!!

    43. Lucky Sula

      Lex and chief pat are the best tribe people

    44. IMThean

      Use gender neutral terms for the brawlers you don't know the genders of. Gender neutral terms are they/them

    45. Peter Saikaly

      Anything good

    46. Peter Saikaly

      I support u can u give me gems?

    47. ꧁Negative Zerø꧂

      I played with randoms on my second acc. I am on 6 wins now i have 1 life left. I came here coz i dont now what to play in siege.

    48. Obelix-BS

      Soooooo good! We’re 9-0 rn!

    49. Brawl_Stars_Gamer_ Code:lex


    50. Deadly

      Ayoo, its ma guy lex back with another cool video!!

    51. Germo Lipp

      Lex pls join my club its glub for lex

    52. Scorpio

      :/ just lost on map number 3😔 what number of the map did you guys lose on or did you win?

    53. simran simran

      thanx lex

    54. nolan knight

      Won the Challenge thanks

    55. Kevin Rodriguez

      Lex pls pls pls add me pls my user coolboy

    56. Victorious Kuching

      I lost to a team of byron , 8 bit and colonel ruffs and they banned stu so they almost one shot our whole team

    57. Anime

      "Beg your best brawl stars friends" 😆

    58. abdul basit

      I didn't even get one win and i lost all

    59. Nail Yassin

      I tried it i lost😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😢😢😢😢😢😢😥😰😢😰😢😱😥😭😰

    60. Shadow_ Wolf

      I lost championships but I used code lex yesterday right? Then the next day ( my b-day) I got amber. Code lex is literally good luck I'm not lying

    61. Avereinos

      I wish i saw this vid earlier

    62. Perlo Happy

      I don't have brawl stars friends :( 😥

    63. Up Set

      so i did the best brawlers for challenge 1. i lost so hard 3 times in a row. i had a good team and still lost. this knowledge did not help me. but ill just play brawl instead.

    64. Brave Light

      This message is for people Those people who are in depression I know losing in this challenge made you mad but believe me millions of other people have felt your pain too

    65. Surge

      I swear ima just go in a coffin I played with out your help and I lost because of trash team mates literally one of them stood in fire! I hope may just maybe supercell gives me back my try’s because random literally killed me

    66. Zane ツ

      this is really helpful thank you Lex - Brawl Stars ❤

    67. Jakob Thorsen

      I feel like Nita is pretty good on the hot zone map

    68. Rick MS

      My teammates played gold mecha crow and still lost if lex sad that he would been so angry only the legendary lex can play gold mecha crow good

    69. suga __JIMIN 8560

      Hint of the case and I think the b and it was not the case and I

    70. Armqn

      Bruh there is always someone better than me! They gem the whole brawl pass and then max out ruffs, and then win everything. I have 2 loses and 0 wins because of Ruffs.

    71. bailey the bear

      Hi lex please am a member can you please teach me how to put a crow in my name oh never mind I already have one so like in 24 months I will get the blue crow and BTW crow is my FAVORITE BRAWLER HE IS THE BESTT

    72. Orangedify➊MrtigerBruhX

      I Lost In 5th Tier :(

    73. Ritu Singh

      Thanks for your advice because of you I got enough star points to buy a mega box and got Amber my first legandary after playing for 2 years almost

    74. Zana Is super cool


    75. Leone

      I may not be the Worlds Best Player but I know that another very good strategy in shooting stars is Bip Spam with Sprout because sprout and bo reduce much the health of other players and the Nani finish them off, in addition if you are WINNING nani should have all the stars so sprout and bo can risk it and die. Plus sprout blocks lane which will mean the enemies have to squash together so if it's a Biron maybe he hits his buddies instead of you and if all squashed Bip can easily kill them all with the Damage Star Power, trust me. Me an my Team always win in the POWER LEAGUE though this doesn't means you don't need to listen to Lex.

    76. Rantaro Love

      I already finished the challenge without even needing this.

      1. Rantaro Love

        @Gypsy10Fps i never asked u to comment.

      2. Gypsy10Fps

        No one asked

    77. Kipras Stasiulis


    78. Talha Aytan

      TÜRK BASKINI🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷


        oh sonunda bir türk :'((

    79. Withered Soul

      Me who just watched Spen's vid be like........

    80. Санек Оgonёк

      Lex 1 top

    81. Beverly Aranas

      Mortis if you want to argo😂

    82. Maciek Św

      I won on the Minecart Madness using Rank 1 Tara with randoms 😅

    83. Manjeet Mann

      Ur explaining is better than kairos i unsubscribed him and subscribed you

    84. monke 01

      I wish randoms would watch this video

    85. Partha S.Ghosh imagine if a frank is present on the right bush..along with his super....then what we gonna do with conrol ruffs..🙄🤔🤔

    86. Krishnaveni vijayaraghvan

      9:00 penny?

    87. SVS Gaming And IELTS classes

      Gem grab = tick , 8bit , stu Bounty = nani , tick , Mr p Siege= barley , stu , amber Hot zone = tick , stu , colonel ruff Brawl ball = amber , rosa, jessie

    88. Galaxy’s gaming - brawl stars

      Code lex don’t forget.😄😄😁😁😆😆

    89. Kadek Kenneth L Hogue

      "And then her new gadget, autofocus"

    90. Dina Alayli

      It's possible to play 8bit,byron and colonel ruff in gem grab......just imagine byron's heals

    91. Goldey 3

      u showed me how hard it is now i lost all my confidence

      1. Goldey 3

        for a moment i thought i will get an exclusive dynamike skin but now i dont think i will pass bounty

    92. Brawlstars Gaming

      For people who are lazy: Minecart Maddnes: stu Byron ruffs Byron bc it's kinda dangerous to go sprout. Shooting star: Nani tick byron Split: tick ruffs stu Nuts and bolts stu ruffs barley Sneaky fields: sandy max rosa Np 😅

    93. locky

      What if i play as a solo what brawlers can i use

    94. Gran Colombia animated

      When your account is banned so you have to do it in your mini till next month 😞

    95. Ariciatul 13

      Tom and Spen are my favorite Brawl Stars players I learned a lot from them 🥰

    96. Taylor Rickert

      Personally, I’ve found that colt is kinda good on split as a thrower counter. You use silver bullet to destroy most/all of the middle walls, which hurts the throwers (namely tick). :)

    97. Hell Blade

      Lou freeze is best in siege

    98. cookie

      Me and the bois ready for challenge me use spurt

    99. Jairus Rojo

      Rey will deny Lex's choices because he will use dynamike

    100. Intan Nur Hidayah

      nany is a female?