I HUSTLED My Friends (and they fell for it...)

Lex - Brawl Stars

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    I hustled my friends with this almost impossible maze with big stakes on the line.
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    Today I challenge OJ, Kairos, BenTimm, Chief Pat and Rey to beat a map I've been working on for months. If they win, they get to post whatever they want on my Instagram account, if they lose, then I get to post something on theirs.
    Be sure to check out the guys Instagram! I'm going to posting pics on their grams throughout the day!
    Chief Pat: chiefpat
    Kairos: kairostime_gaming
    Bentimm: bentimm1
    OJ: ojeveryday
    Rey: brawlstarrey
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    1. Lex - Brawl Stars

      Be sure to go check out all the guys instagrams to see the whacky pics I'll be posting through the day. They are linked below! Chief Pat: instagram.com/chiefpat/ Kairos: instagram.com/kairostime_gaming/ Bentimm: instagram.com/bentimm1/ OJ: instagram.com/ojeveryday/ Rey: instagram.com/brawlstarrey/

      1. Muhammad Shahzad Hanif

        You are a horrible person

      2. Jamie

        so mean lol

      3. midnight shadow

        @Alex Ioja-Yang really bruh we know were not dumb as ur entire family

      4. Uloma adedun

        This was posted on my bday!

      5. 𖤐عبد الرحمان𖤐

        @sprite gameing me ples

    2. ICA STAR

      I cAn't stop laughing in this while video😂😂😂😃😄😅😅

    3. JxcK_M567 - Brawl Stars, Roblox, and more!

      It hurts my eyes when Pat kept aiming and unaiming

    4. nope56

      kairos is CoLOrBLiNd?!!?


      You can cheese with sprout and get the juicy cubes oj!

    6. Damogus


    7. PRO GAMER YT 5M

      Lex 😂

    8. Dylan Johns

      I wouldve looked at whcih spring led to the middle and went backwards to figure out the path...😁

    9. cory aka mikey fan

      This would take me days to find out

    10. Puvindhu EDUSSURIYA


    11. Flamelegend926 _

      Tbh I hate maps like those

    12. Sure?

      So i Saw the trick at 0:38

    13. Eddy Miranda

      hey lex iwatch this in my school or like on a school comperter :0

    14. jhao ch

      Fun fact: if they used gale they can demolish the game with jump pads


      OJ and lex is the BGclipr that I subscribe

    16. Romario David

      My ID is P2COG9V9J add me as a friend lex and maybe give me a skin

    17. Eli M

      It was pretty obvious rly, im sure it was all fake but fun

    18. Kevin Abreu

      Hi lex I am a big fan I have liked all of your videos

    19. abdhulla iPadOS gameplay

      Yes sirrrrrrrrrr nice video you are the best

    20. WWX

      What Are You Doing To me

    21. Max McSwain

      Lmao kairos was singing bushes of love

    22. Albert Zooba

      Righ iLL Can Kick Ray Orange Long Lol

    23. Hana Chen

      Lex I have a question I think I was playing against u two days ago u were called lex was a star power Edgar and killed me rose and I was a Tara also ur teammate was surge

    24. Hana Chen


    25. Hana Chen


    26. ZeGuy Max

      Why are they like each atleast 23 years Old but have the braincells of a 6 year old

    27. Hypo64

      Kairos is colorblind oh

    28. SuperProfi

      I also build a map like this but easier

    29. KSI’S fat forehead 69

      Imagine playing brawl stars on a tiny phone screen

    30. Ismeray Castillo

      Hi lex i am using your name in the brawl shop and i have every brawler😎😎😎

    31. Arcon 27

      Great job! That’s an awesome map and I’ve been trying to recreate it for myself but a lot of the spring traps and all of the teleporters are up against the edge of the map. In map maker it won’t let you place either of those things on the last grid square of a map so can you tell me how you did it? The map won’t work if it’s even one grid square off.

    32. Adam Didouch

      Good job lex!

    33. Connor Wilson

      does it but the crap out of anyone else that pat keeps pulling out his attack cause it is driving me insane throughout this video. i hate it so much. it’s annoying

    34. randomness

      Hey Kairos! I’m colorblind too!! 😃

    35. Mr Lunar Lad - Brawl Stars

      Lex big brain

    36. chitu kumar

      I accidentally bought quickdraw Edgar skin ...😭😭😭😭😭 I was saving gems for brawl pass ...😭😭😭😭 Someone help me plz

    37. Fazebrolol marko

      i have a question I want to create that map i can't because Teleports can't be on wals

    38. Jonathan Goo

      Pat when he missed the trap: hEhE Im In dAngEr When he actually avoided danger :/

    39. Edward Nyongkah

      Easy solution: use dynamike.

    40. Matthew Rutherford

      If I were them I’d go surge and teleport

    41. Runjun Bhagowati

      This deserves to be in map maker

    42. Major

      I Knew from the start

    43. Dark Nine

      Kairos singing bushes of love was great

    44. John McGlynn


    45. King of Brawl stars


    46. F r o g g

      This is like Minotaur in his inescapable labyrinth.

    47. GeneralRF

      how tf did you make a wicked map like that. great job on that map

    48. Oliver Werner

      Every day I worry all day all daaaaaaay bout what’s waiting in the bushes of love somethings waiting in the bushes for us somethings waiting in the bushes of love

    49. La Patrat

      Now I'm sad about kairos

    50. Siddharth Naidu

      Lex I use your code but it will still give you gems if I buy a skin right?

    51. Armqn

      rip green teleporter

    52. Garchompツ

      Bruh they cld use dynamike and cheese

    53. H O CHANNEL

      play roblox pls anime fighting simulator

    54. Hamza Basiouny

      They don’t know the glitch about motors you can Dach Through the walls you have to get really close to it directly hit it and Zen you go through the wall

    55. Adopt Me! Player

      Y'all can use gale to complete 😂🤣😂🤣😂

    56. Deadleon

      I wanna try that map without knowing the answer😢

    57. blade zadefade

      They should have used edgar and jumped over

    58. Duncan Father

      i studied how jumppads work, and i'm pretty sure it's impossible

    59. Reinhardt Van Camarilla

      6:49 im lagging LOL oh and lex, what happened to pat's post? everybody else has your post, but pat hasn't posted anything since last month

    60. Ben Henderson68

      Jesus is king !

    61. Victini Captain

      Tip for everyone : choose dynamike with jump starpower😂

    62. Victini Captain

      Nice video!!!

    63. FLUXPLAY

      I can beat this in one try because my iq is just that high

    64. Saimun Siyam

      Vni vidi vici

    65. Fran Gaming

      If I was doing that map, I would pick edgar or dyna and just jump there LOL

    66. Maple

      13:23 THAT'S RIGHT!!!

    67. Indira K R

      Nice one man , you are the connoisseur of The Map Maker 👍👍🎉🎉😀

    68. Thynette Verwest

      When i posted this comment Lex was at the lucky Number: 777

    69. Chaw Man

      Friend me my id is 8RCJUCRRY plzzzzz iam fan

    70. John hacker

      It's yellow lol

    71. Scully gaming

      love it lex

    72. Deepesh Kumar

      WTF map

    73. Sumedh Ladsaongikar

      It is definitely gonna be map winner

    74. Sumedh Ladsaongikar

      Put this in map maker(if they upvote ur map)

    75. T-gamer

      I already sa the way to the middle

    76. Hazal Karatas

      I can do that

    77. Hazal Karatas

      It is so Easy

    78. TK CHOMY

      Wait is Kairos Colorblind

    79. Mila Lazic

      Scamming opted is bad

    80. Toksi

      Hahahha so god scam 🤣🤣🤣

    81. SGS Clan

      They should have used gale for his gadget

    82. My china Is a virus

      I should hve used colt

    83. Matthew Playz2837

      0:26 kairos is colorblind I never knew that even though I watch his videos a lot

    84. Tatia Tatia


    85. FunnerButter

      “I’ve been waitin in the bushes of love” bad lip reading reference

    86. Ram Maurya

      10:06 i hate you 😂


      Cheese!!!!!!! 🧀🧀🧀🧀🧀🧀 For OJ

    88. Lucianok

      Kairos with blr( bad lip reading) reference

    89. Jerry Sharer's TV

      Now I know that Kairos is colorblind...

    90. Impostor Pro?

      Me : why u not be brock :)

    91. Doomerang Gamer


    92. Doomerang Gamer


    93. zeide ortega

      Lex: cheeses his friends Oj: HOW DARE YOU FOOL US, I AM THE CHEESE MASTER LEX

    94. Titan Spike

      🔴Use Code Lex

    95. Music is World

      12:20 😂😂😂😂

    96. Yaseen Ismail


    97. Simbolon Barita

      I am code lex

    98. Cheazy Monkey

      You should ask Cory to do it

    99. Omar Ahmed

      Let the evil map maker genius

    100. Gorgees Khawlah