10 Brawl Stars Stereotypes

Lex - Brawl Stars

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    We've all played with them. The trickshot Mortis, the Dynamike that refuses to just play normally, and the classic 10 gem Primo... Got any other great Brawl Stars Stereotypes?
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    1. 5uh44n M4h1ndru


    2. Keegan Legge

      great art!

    3. MGamer765

      What about gem grab Gene??When you have 10 gems he uses his magic hand and pulls you near where he ends you and gets all of the gems.

    4. Ádám Prell

      any brawler who think "I can kill you whit 100 healt"

    5. MC’s Gaming lab

      The underestimating crow: The one that jumps on a bull and activates his shield gadget at low hp and dies

    6. Arcticcon

      You forgot : That one Delivery guy who always deliver either Belle's/Jessie's shot

    7. Asher Noor

      Bro please make another video including the teamer who auto aims and kills you by accident

    8. Mutty99

      Me on Dry Season: 6:44

    9. Asp37 - brawl stars

      Lol you trash at mortis

      1. Asp37 - brawl stars

        @Lex - Brawl Stars everyone thinks Mortis is very bad so I can't control anymore dude my best brawler is been tortued by everyone

      2. Lex - Brawl Stars

        That was kinda the point.... I wasn't actually trying. Although I'm not that great with him anyway I was intentionally being bad. Regardless... You're rude. 🙂

    10. Cs017

      nice nintendo music :)


      The artwork is amazinggg!!!!


      Am I the only one tht knows how to dodge spike's curveball or normal spike's spikes?

    13. TJ Maltby

      There's also the MR. P that will hide behind walls, stay away from you, use the porters to lock down a area and engage you 2v1 and follow his porters to track you down and finish you.

    14. TJ Maltby

      I am a extremely new case: I literally never atacc, and I wear the bunny penny skin. So I think I'm a sort of friendly (a group of subclasses in TF2 that will not attack and are actually pacifist people).

    15. Shini

      the arts are purrfect

    16. XDeltaGXXD

      4:08 colette in my team almost always

    17. power man

      That powerful surge , who teleports to escape , run or to kill . Who kills almost all brawlers within 3 to 4 shots . He is the only brawler who have stages . He also can push back the brawlers with his super . His attack splits and damages other brawlers also . That proves that Iron man has a heart , ohhh i mean that proves that surge is the most powerful brawler in the universe

    18. power man

      Nice vidieo , nice edit , nice effects , nice background music , nice vidieo idea and nice music effects ✌

    19. Choo Christopher  Yan Sheng

      I like the art

    20. gio rio

      Its funny... before you meet them

    21. Reynaldo Bontia

      Welp I'm that never-ending penny

    22. Baggio ;-

      The kamikaze Edgar. The heals only Poco. The cyberporter swarm Mr. P. The autoaim Amber. The spammer Stu.

    23. RonzStavo

      Disclaimer: no KairosTimes were harmed during the making of this video

    24. Stardust-Assassin9000 Starloft jet

      How about vault-victory edgar, the edgar who thinks jumping on any brawler and spamming attack always works, regardless of it being a shelly, jacky, bull, or stu,

    25. Nguyen Tran Duc Hung Potter

      you play pokemon you skip the tutoiral you go around the bush "a wild shelly have appear from the bush"

    26. Plushy Gaming

      Wait...what would Lou be, though? I wanna see what Lou is

    27. TCRR

      Ellllll cennnaaaaa

    28. Judtea

      I hate Shelly man she's a b-

    29. Boyan Ganev


    30. Black Star

      Where is the dumb gene who always grab a tank with full hp ?

    31. Adam O.

      The Bibi that knocks a tank into your team's safe.

    32. Blue Bird 202

      11:04 How to beat (ten gem) el primo: *play showdown.*

    33. Blue Bird 202

      10:01 How to count her: *be another piper or long range brawler.*

    34. Blue Bird 202

      8:52 How to beat him: *be barley or dynamike (or give him his own medicine with another tick).*

    35. Blue Bird 202

      8:17 Me who uses tick correctly: =C

    36. Blue Bird 202

      7:58 How to beat 3 iq bull: *watch him defeat himself.*

    37. Blue Bird 202

      6:45 How to beat it: *Destroy penny at all cost.*

    38. Blue Bird 202

      5:40 How to beat (curve ball) spike: *Aim shot.*

    39. Blue Bird 202

      4:35 How to beat darryl (poison gas boi): *dont die.*

    40. Blue Bird 202

      3:30 How to beat (double jumping) dynamike: *let him die to the Enemy.*

    41. Blue Bird 202

      2:13 Barley, dynamike, bryon (w super) and every smart player: *ima end this shelly's whole camping.*

    42. Blue Bird 202

      1:27 How to beat them up: *get the ball urself and shoot da ball to the (red) goal*

    43. Blue Bird 202

      That one guy who actually plays the game correctly. (Me =/)

    44. SG74

      I’m trick shot Mortis but I actually make my shots, and I only do trick shots when there’s a goalie

    45. Dilip Patnana

      I loved the artwork

    46. Djarkoes

      am I the only one who hardly using curve ball on spike... the healing one just way more handy to me

    47. Elson sloth juarez

      Long rang rosa:you think your safe from rosa because you are far away but no rosa manages to kill you

    48. リƲズノ丂んノ尺Ծノ

      That poco who uses the super to damage the opponents instead of healing

    49. Emil Nikolov

      You forgot about Nita's stunning bear...

    50. Mani Nicolas

      El primo is timed so perfectly 😆

    51. Huh?

      I've never laughed so hard from a BGclip vid🤣

    52. Michael Adrian

      Tick is the worse

    53. Beauty and Talent By Michele London

      Or Jessie the auto aim bouncer

    54. XOAI FF

      I hate tick

    55. Jacques Lin

      The poor randoms that were sacraficed for this video to be made

    56. mhmdg 8545

      The healer

    57. RedditzReck

      i am that piper dies at the last second ask my friends they would agree i have THE CURSE OF PIPER

    58. Ethan Yang

      Completely accurate. I totally agree lol. I'm the bush camping shelly type of player

    59. arun joseph

      Omg I've never laughed this much tysm❤😂

    60. Jaeden Dieh Chen Yee Unknown

      I'm a Piper/Bea sniper lol I'm very good at sniping bye lop

    61. Bluey Full Episodes

      The Flaming Amber: she wants everyone to burn in the last second

    62. Yung sxma

      You forgot about the randumbs who picks brawlers who are horrible on certain maps. Like randumbs picking tanks on long range maps and picking long range brawler in grassy close range maps.

    63. G0DS Ducky

      Sorry my olny legendary is spike and i have his star power so I will keep curvballing

    64. Bruh

      toxic edgar

    65. Mustafa Maher

      Hiding edger

    66. VINCE CHEN

      You forgot the offensive poco "the poco that think hes a bull and will charge into any enemy team and waste his super just for that sweet 800 damage" I give you offensive poco!

    67. Chink Ink

      I'm definitely the primo 💀💀💀💀

    68. ColtonNotFound

      the dynamike that stuns you and of course has his super... theres no escape

    69. Аюб Магомадов

      Guys, why was it when Lex talked about Shelley, about Enderman?

    70. The Gentleguy


    71. darksoul493

      You forgot the guy that clumps up to you when he's hit by a belle.

    72. Baha Hasan


    73. Stacey Johnson

      The tic is the truest one on here. They’re annoying cowards😤

    74. Stacey Johnson


    75. David Sanjaya

      5:59 song please 🙏

    76. David Sanjaya

      5:59 song please 🙏

    77. David Sanjaya

      5:59 song please 🙏

    78. Kaden Lau

      i like how the trickshot only mortis is using no hat, *UGH*

    79. Dušan Ilić

      Sorry Lex, but there is also Kamikaze Crow. Same like Edgar, he jumps on tanks and then It's a 'To be continued' for him.

    80. Poͥtaͣtͫo God

      the frank who stuns people everytime

    81. Jordan Ross

      i mean tick is cute

    82. Quincy Wylupek

      You forgot freaken annoying sprout who always seems to land every hit on you until he's on your team.

    83. lisa villalta

      On one hand that's how you play tick let alone a thrower, on the other hand everyone who plays a thrower is some really sweaty guy who has spent hours perfecting the game putting aside his own mental and physical health

    84. Bilguude Chinbat

      Oops gene he he awlays pull a fricken shelly with super or bull i am mean always he always...

    85. Muhammad Zayan Zahid 01C

      The best 3v3 fight would be of barley tick and sprout vs bull Rosa primo

    86. Muhammad Zayan Zahid 01C

      U forgot Poco with gadgets

    87. Mr. Green

      Pls do another stereotypes

    88. Jasiek Krzemiński

      The art is nice tho

    89. Izzy Grinds

      I have him

    90. Izzy Grinds

      Curveball spike is best

    91. Julian Sanado

      1:33 was so unexpected

    92. Victini 214

      No skill Sprout

    93. Vibe XD

      I’m like the Shelly that camps but I only camp when I need one more win for my quest and I don’t camp all game I will get out of my bush when it’s a 1v1 or 1v1v1 but when I’m not doing quest I never camp watching this is pain cus I have a level 8 spike without a gadget

    94. Cowerth Cowerth

      Combo Jessie:uses her gadget and star power combo to literally destroy your whole team instantly

    95. Cowerth Cowerth

      Aimbot colt:that 1 colt that cannot miss. Doesn't matter that your behind 4 walls in a Bush or on the other side of the map he will end you

    96. Cowerth Cowerth

      Jumping Edgar. In the slightest moment that you feel you might win in showdown you get jumped by an Edgar and your dreams are crushed

    97. Teimuraz Grigorashvili

      11:00 And his name is El Primoooo!!!

    98. TheMainzel

      Other meanings of the stereotypes: 1. A Mortis, who mostly fails his trickshots and think he‘s cool. 2. A player with no skill, who can‘t win, wen he‘s not camping. 3. A Dynamike that thinks, a cool jump is more worth then a win... 4. A Darryl, who doesn‘t know, how to play Darryl. 5. Spikes 2nd Starpower. 6. A penny, who loves Mortars. 7. The Player, who thinks, that Bull were good in 3vs3. 8. A tick......who‘s Tick... 9. The Piper thinks piper is a close range Brawler. 10. EL PRIMO

    99. YT_Gamer

      I enjoy the shop music of animal crossing

    100. Nalu Army

      Im a horrible player Im a camper but i watch ppl go in bushes and aim and fire