Top 10 BEST Skins Brawl Stars Has EVER Made

Lex - Brawl Stars

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    Today we go over what I think are the Top 10 best skins Brawl Stars has ever made. Do you agree or disagree with the list? Let me know if the comments!
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    1. Lex - Brawl Stars

      Sponsored by Ulala. Download Today for free: I honestly really like this game. I'm level 45 now. Plus sponsored content really helps support my family and channel. Go check it out!

      1. Kings Of Power

        Hol up Lex You Play Ulala Too!

      2. Viper4976

        Sobek Nita 100% coming to bs

      3. Brady Watts

        Lex my guy, what about my girl, street ninja Tara?

      4. AmActive gamer

        Guys I have every skins in brawler stars I will make skins review from now Chekc out❤️

      5. tanmay Mohod

        Hey lex were you playing brawl ball with me

    2. AquaAffinity


    3. Sunil Malik

      Evil gene on 9 ?🙄

    4. benyahia adam


    5. Melzz _Gaming


    6. Hazjepicgamer The season 1 bot

      I got loaded rico for 30 gems because i had the original golden ricochet and when it became rico i got that skin as a replacement

    7. Ianou Walter

      95% agree. I only disagree with virus 🦠 8-BIT. (Not a huge fan) I prefer amber’s skin


      1st one this guy ? Really nigga

    9. Sonia Camilleri

      Dark and dragon knight jessie is amazing and you forgot

    10. KSI’S fat forehead 69

      At least get a sponsor from a good game and not that garbage

    11. _ Dread

      what for... dumpling darryl ? ik, ik, it's not as good as every skin in this video but he is so cute! also, if you have him, have you ever noticed the little sakura spike's spike in the back of him ?

    12. Dr.walnut

      Bele rock mortis should of been up there

    13. Dr_Toraniel - Gaming

      My list: 10: Horus Bo 9: Space OX Bull 8: mecha crow 7: Gold mecha Bo&Crow 6: Underworld Bo 5: Robo Spike 4: Robo Mike 3: Evil Gene 2: Dark Lord Spike 1: Virus 8-Bit

    14. zap gaming

      Where is el rey primo

    15. Psyducc

      Hello everyone jdjdhehsiakamsjrhfkgkd brawl stars 😬

    16. Tigrus Brawl-تيعروس براول

      Virus 8-BIT is 4 me the best skin

    17. Drake V

      I like the dark carl on the boat

    18. Marko Master

      Dark lord Spike is my favorite skin too

    19. True Gamer

      Street Ninja Tara : i am a joke to you?

      1. Reviews Now

        New one is wayy better

    20. Cynth

      Honestly Dark Lord Spike is really overrated. It's a great skin and Spike's my favorite brawler so I definitely have bias about it, but I'd rank it about #7 or so.

    21. ꧁Negative Zerø꧂

      New skin idea!!! Amber de la vegan

    22. MAX GAMING

      Mega beetle Bea?

    23. Boldişor Dorin

      Still waiting for a better el primo skin.

    24. Oscar Ivari

      Witch Shelly but not werewolf leon

    25. YA BOOOIII

      Where werewolf leon?

    26. Kris

      Honestly I was waiting the whole time for Werewolf Leon😄

    27. aida5770 aida5770

      What about werewolf LEON

    28. Jakub Jánský

      Ummm can we mention trixie collete?

    29. Andreas

      Ricochet?zombibi? Werewolf leon?

    30. Jack Mac

      Mecha Paladin Surge got snubbed

    31. Star PlaYer

      I Bought Evil Gene when he had premiere

    32. Sebastian Gonzalez Hernandez

      Robo Mike ???

    33. :/

      Where is werewolf leon???

    34. Idle 32

      I like Phoenix crow I like his shot animations and super animation

    35. Idle 32

      I love your content

    36. Damian N

      Lantern sandy is really nice too

    37. MilosPro

      I love rockabilly mortis I'd put it in like honourable mentions Same thing with robo mike

    38. Sebastian Martens


    39. Sebastian Martens



      my favourite skin is Virus 8 bit

    41. Blinko

      I thought Horus Bo was made by the community

    42. CAMEL Gaming

      Underworld bo deserved a place in the top 10

    43. random discord videos

      I'm here just because I started playing brawl stars and got "Amber". Started playing 6 hours ago. Even less... (people went crazy in the discord server)

    44. Crow is chief # {Brawl Stars}.

      Where is Mecha Crow it’s Rank-1.

    45. milos mladenovic

      Heroine Bibi...

    46. TheChimpCheese

      Lex: Dark lord spike is best skin OJ: Actually No Hat Mortis is the best

    47. Bret Hazelwood

      Brooooo not zombibi.... disappointed

    48. Dj Pearcy

      Where’s werewolf Leon

    49. Chicken Nuggets

      my favourite skin is defo shiba nita

    50. VBM gaming

      Crow was his first legandary

    51. Tracy Davies

      I think the best skin is night mecha crow

    52. Wal Nut Playz

      Where is ronin ruffs

    53. Mundrika Singh

      Bro i want dynamike skin

    54. Friendly neighbourhood stoner


    55. ツDigi

      Where is werewolf Leon?!😡

    56. Rishabh Das

      My dream is to buy evil gene....but I am f2p..😭

    57. Blue clashes

      Egg pam💯💯💯💯

    58. Infernape Gaming

      I'd kinda prefer underworld Bo as compared to horus Bo but it's ok, I completely agree with the tier list tho

    59. Elijah Willardson

      Sakura Spike and Phoenix crow are my all time favorite skins


      If I have to buy the dark Lord spike skin I have to sell my kidneys 😂

    61. 100% luuk

      I think phoenix crow is number 1 to

    62. Fus1on

      Where is werewolf Leon

    63. Øyvind Anda

      Dark Lord Spike is good, but VERY overrated... Same with Virus 8-Bit imo. I have both, but they are nowhere near my favorites

    64. Eion Daley

      I'm not sure either of the mecha skins make the top ten...I think royal agent colt, or corsair colt should have had a spot honestly... I a "little" biased bc I'm a Colt main, but like colt in general has that swagger, and those two skins are just so good lol

    65. Teofila Madrigal

      How is space ox better than evil gene

    66. Cristian D'Ambrosio

      7:03 but horus bo is just...MUAHHH

    67. Felipe :P

      virus 8bit is the most complete and the best skin, it has everything and it’s the only skin on the game that have different voice lines

    68. TwoArrow !

      WHERE IS EL RUDO PRIMO???????????

    69. The Good Gamer

      Where Cony Max.

    70. Ansis XD

      Shiba Nita? Oj's disappointed...

    71. Johno Playz

      Agree but dark lord spike I'll not put it on 1 st

    72. Toxic_Bs

      Colt 😎 is best

    73. Thembi Skeffrey

      Lex you are EVIL 🦹‍♂️

    74. Debangshu Garai

      Herobrine bibi is the best skin in the game

    75. LegendᎡimac ლ

      Mega Beetle Bea it's Best Lex

    76. George Reda

      Brawl Starts is perfect game, but it's manque a microphone.

    77. Esat Demirbaş

      Im a BIT biest huh?!? BIT

    78. PlayinHertz Gaming

      Okay buddy...

    79. Godzilla Gm

      Dark lord spike best than 8 bit virus?

    80. Lma All

      Yeah Phoenix crow isnt better than virus 8bit, just nah.

    81. Well yes But actually not

      Street fighter tara

    82. Benjamin Hiester

      10. Mecha Paladin Surge 9. Space Ox Bull 8. Werewolf Leon 7. Challenger Colt 6. Underworld Bo 5. Horus Bo 4. Heroine Bibi 3. Dark Lord Spike 2. Evil Gene 1. Virus 8-Bit

    83. Debayan Mitra

      Dark lord spike walks like wide Putin

    84. Ian Yap

      I've met so many friends on bs with rogue that I've been desensitised to its awesomeness

    85. John Tsamadis

      where is paladin surge????

    86. Zhu Leo

      zombibi and bea new skin is also great

    87. Ignacy Chylinski

      Top 2 absolutly

    88. Annixon

      If only I wasn’t witch Shelly simp and bought her when she realeased

    89. Antoine Noureddine

      I AGREE

    90. Dominic Henderson

      Are we just gonna ignore that epic 8bit dodge at 9:52?

    91. Lorencraft

      Phoenix Crow is not that good now. It needs a remodel.

    92. Joseph Neilan

      The next brawler is Mike's canary 100%

    93. Silas Rosa

      Bruh that egg pam had me dying🤣🤣🤣

    94. A Fat Juicy Snail

      2:30 What does he mean "no custom voice effect and shot animation" did he just say that gold mecha skins have no shot effect

    95. n

      I need an edgar skin.. please 🥺🥺 who else need it?

    96. Adham Gaming YT

      I kinda agree but is see that virus 8 bit is better than phenix crow that's the only thing I can see but I agree with your picks

    97. Tushar Bhatia

      I hateeeeee sponsers 😭

    98. fidlle ofiddle

      I got Byron when I sub you

    99. Вања Трикић

      I have 92 gems and I want Dark Lord Spike because he is my favourite brawler and skin is awesome, but I can't get gems in few days. I guess I need wait for next year.

    100. Ike Depoint

      What the heck lex where is cony max🔳🤬?