WORTH 25,000 Star Points? | Buying Smuggler Penny | Solo Showdown

Lex - Brawl Stars

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    Today we unlock the new smuggler Penny Skin and give her a go in Solo Showdown Map of the day.
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    1. david

      My boi play rush royale

    2. Cool Legend

      Me who has 440 STARPOINTS.....

    3. Shaurya Plaz

      i have

    4. Dshyu

      welp i wasnt active so i cant get the skin now rip :/

    5. Pranali Raut

      Can I buy the skin even after the 12 days offer after playing 50 power league games? Is the offer for the no. of star points I need to unlock the skin, meaning I can unlock it anytime later for more than 25000 star points but now it's just cheaper, or the no. of days I have to unlock the skin, meaning I cannot unlock it after the 12 days offer?

    6. Dennis Rak

      yoo what is the music in the background? what song?

    7. Sam X

      Question: I already unlocked the option of buying Smuggler Penny skin. Can I buy it any time later? If so, why there is a time for the skin to buy it? 8d 12h time left

    8. Amixu

      Me suskrajb

    9. Zaynu Zaahidi

      How old are you lex🙃

    10. Кирилл Фёдоров

      Nice 👍👍👍

    11. Victor Lee

      Smuggler penny is great, but remember to use code lex while buying it!

      1. Samanak-bs

        It doesnt help creators when buying with star points

    12. Ahmed Fakhry

      Hey I was in lex in the map who he had 2 place and said who beat me

    13. Xiao Vickers

      I was Tatch in 4:08 i was trying to say hi ;-;

    14. Satender Singh

      Lex I Am Your Biggest Fan please give me your second supercell ID 🙏

      1. Samanak-bs

        He cant

    15. Cloud Striker

      Wait, even after you play 50 games to get smaller penny you still have to buy her? And for that much? Never mind then…

    16. Yngkdnited

      Lex, you wear what you watch. You wear a 🧢 you are a 🧢

    17. p r o k a s

      9:31 you can see how sad he is😂

    18. Owen S

      Thanks for being a great youtuber keep it up

    19. Superior

      Lex i made a goal too day I got my bull rank 23 🤗

    20. LuckyCat Gaming

      My reaction when I got my first legendary: 3:14

    21. ashwani singhal


    22. ashwani singhal

      Hi lex

    23. Prithak Nepal

      11:57 Lex : 0 losses OJ : finally a worthy opponent !

    24. Xavior

      Hell no im saving my 40k power points for gold mecha crow

    25. Adi Soto

      I one plus android?

    26. ElectricZoom

      Lou..... ser

    27. Minidemigod

      i'm gold 1 for both solo and team, does that mean, at the end of the season, i will get all those star points (x2)?

    28. FerShuA

      Lex i met you in brawl stars my name was sith you're and you were wearing Nani in brawl ball

    29. •Spicy Hehehe boi•

      He saying I didn't even lose Did anyone count how many times ?

    30. Denis Trica

      New update coming soo

    31. Ron Nanagad

      Ohhh, OooOoOoH. wOaH WOAH

    32. Duo Brothers

      His videos never disappoint

    33. Tay_Hilfiger19

      No but sally nani is worth 149 today in the shop😩

    34. Sankdom

      I have gotten her but I won’t be able to get enough star point by the end of the season Will I be able to get her after the season because I have gotten the 50 games?

    35. Dipper Pines

      Teaming in showdown is not cool unless you are doing it where it doesn’t matter

    36. Mariana Assad

      invite me dude

    37. Mariana Assad

      lex bro i got it it is amazing i have 40000 troiches

    38. mike larsen


    39. Geri Mecaj

      Brawl stars fake

    40. Edy Khoury

      Lex makes me happy 😊

    41. Tajma Palalija

      go to 7:55 and hear this :O

    42. Pizza Boy


    43. Bjplayer

      hey did u get any news from brawl stars for the new brawler?


      Hey lex love your videos and it will make a lot to me if you can sub to my video it is RIQ KID GAMING. I started only because of u and pls sub to it it will meant lot to me even if your subscribers could do it I will love that and thank u and bye 👋

    45. Ajeya Pandit

      3:25 I swear played that map in random rotation.

    46. Red Queen

      Thumbs down for the wieners in solo map maker

    47. Baby Zombie on a COW.

      hey everyone what's happening Lex back here today is the best.

    48. Adham Gaming YT

      After the banning system in power leage I stopped playing it and I will never play it again

    49. Clantrax BS

      Me when I get a new brawler: 3:14

    50. Ulysse Bouffard

      sponsors are turning into tech videos, i love it

    51. CooCoo- BS

      “Use Code Lex” I used code lex and I got crow!” This NEEDS TO BE A ❤️COMMENT FROM LEX LOL

      1. CooCoo- BS

        @Bhargav Chimanpure maybe you need to play a lot😯

      2. Bhargav Chimanpure

        I use it but don't get a legendary☹️

    52. Red Shadow

      LOL IS 2053

    53. Airnveer Mutar

      Everyone watching this comment please get me to 10 k in a month pls

    54. Rubber Duck

      Small braiiin LEX

    55. zuko the gamer

      I thought you get it for free see 😭

    56. Camila Camila


    57. Camila Camila

      thank you lexxxxxx for the that lexxxxx

    58. ItsFunneh Meme's

      Ugh can it be fre

    59. Parmar Virendrasinh

      👋😄 lex I am at 14000 trophies and i have no legendary brawler ,and i also buy a brawl pass but i cant get any legendary brawler . What i can do?😞😞😔

    60. Ismacrac MARTIN MARTIN

      You are a good men, can you Talk about SPUDE?

    61. Zachary Roemer

      lex I played with you can we do a 1v1 plz

    62. Beanos

      Bro 3:05 has me dead on the floor laughing

    63. Vishwa

      Lex: i am the best solo showdown player in the world Pat: wait, that's illegal

      1. Vishwa

        @Ayush Bhatt super

      2. Ayush Bhatt

        Delhi Capitals fan here too❤️

    64. Cute Yoda

      hello im new to this channel

    65. Saad Ali

      9:28 Proof that Lex is the next world champion. OP PLAYS :)

    66. Jakob Thorsen

      I have the one plus 8. Awsome phone

    67. Surn

      i have a question. So if you bought the battle pass, you would have gotten a free daryl skin. What would happen if you didnt have daryl. would you still get the skin?

    68. Swamy Siram

      Man, OnePlus sponsorships are the only ads that I don't skip

    69. Depressing Happiness

      I know this is weird but I actually liked Power Play a bit more than Power league

    70. nishanth kopella

      hi lex plzcan you do give away plz

    71. Hans

      I think teaming in competition maps are okay

    72. platjan whoopass

      i have the one plus nord n100 it's amaaaaaaziiiing

    73. Eduard Peeter Lemming

      That is a good skin

    74. iJaden

      I like little helper penny and Easter bunny penny more

    75. Quinton Wong

      3:51 reminds me of The Greatest Showman. "To the other side, I wanna see the other side - "

    76. iJaden

      Lex is the best

    77. Tsm Bro Pro - Brawl Stars

      ayy awsome video lex

      1. Tsm Bro Pro - Brawl Stars

        Wao thanks for the heart lex ur actually my favourite yter seconds is rzm but ur my favourite

    78. Fate-RL

      You don’t just get her :/

    79. sunita yadav

      U can just play 50 games and get it

    80. Iker gamer


    81. 4B(02) 陳俊諺 Chan Chun Yin

      Friend pls

    82. dhimas dwi prasetyo


    83. Sunil Malik

      You can rate all star point skins

    84. shoban bond

      Where is ruffs interview

    85. manoj kumar

      Lex try crow r35 once. Pls!!!

    86. Noah Charron

      Me: I want smuggler penny! Me each time I see a box to buy with power points: tap on it 🥲

    87. Squidward Bs

      Some bot in ur club kicked me because I said “ which one of u noobs wants to 1v1 me” in club chat

    88. Turbo Muumi

      I have no fricking idea how you made this video so entertaining. Everytime I play competition entry maps, I get really bored, but you made it super entertaining with all of your comments mid battle and suchs.


        Because he edits the best parts

    89. ak aj

      no toooooooo overpriced

    90. cute_Scarr Games


    91. 21savagechesee

      can't wait

    92. Dude Why

      Wait what?! Wireless chargers are already a thing? Damn

    93. Mr Unknown

      Imagine getting pinned bye lex

    94. Rekha P Krishnan


      1. Rekha P Krishnan

        @Lex - Brawl Stars ummm that was a joke...

      2. Lex - Brawl Stars


    95. Chaitanya A.

      Ya know the video's gonna be good when ya here .. " hey everyone whats happening.. Lex back today FOR another brawlstars video.. and TODAYY"

    96. Lemon Curd

      Idk why but this video just makes me very happy

    97. Acorn 101

      Lex, there is this account called Juliet currently ranked 94th in solo power play global with only 8000 trophies and a few maxed brawlers that’s quite impressive maybe you should check out that player 🧐

    98. BadLuck

      9:41 His tone just resembled Tilly's


      Hi Lex when are you gonna interview with Blythe Merlin aka Colonel Ruffs!!!

    100. JoeFlow

      Didn’t even say if it’s worth it .........