New Brawler Coming Soon!? Big Brawl Stars Features Predictions In 2021

Lex - Brawl Stars

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    Today we take a look at what could be the next Brawler Coming to Brawl Stars in 2021. Many people have been predicting Kit, but I'm going outside the box and predicting a crazy stunt man/performer in the next update.

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    1. Discord mod

      So he basically guessed stu as superhero

    2. Gan Wei Khang

      that brawler you predicted is cursed it's a STU+Surge

    3. Potato Haha

      How if I’m probably wrong, Me:how do you know it’s a stuntman who’s a robot who shoots fireworks and moves with wheels?

    4. Captain Calamari

      I wish stu looked like that


      Are you in ace l club

    6. Corona Is Shit

      5:58 lmao his Name

    7. sara h

      Lex honeycoat is a star power not gadget

    8. Muhammad Ammar Khan

      When you realize 90.9l percent of his ideas were right

    9. indo _10

      "oh yeah, lex predicted this A FEW WEEKS BACK..." 8:05

    10. Error

      He predicted stu and power leauge to almost 100% wow

    11. justin NOT FROM THE MEME

      What the frek

    12. RoyaleplayzYT

      When you realize Lex predicted the Brawler and exactly how the Brawler would look.. That's exactly Stu

    13. Little Panda


    14. Selever3886

      This looks like stu and x rlate from Ben 10 lol

    15. Dilek Seyrekbasan

      Update: released 3-4 days ago Lex: ThE nEw BrAwLeR iS gOnNa bE...

    16. PvZ Gaming

      Experience gets you 20 tokens per level up and special offers (like Level 100-Offerj)

    17. HoneyLemonYT

      O yeah Lex predicted it like 1week ago

    18. Nicholas Allen

      Please someone reply to this: what is the background song called during the oneplus sponsor video ad

    19. Naveen

      Ur prediction is correct

    20. Hassan Bilal

      Your Prediction was right, CONGRATSSSSSSSSSSSSS!!!!!!!!!!!

    21. James Ironlight

      Might get a 1+

    22. Kubilay Midik

      Nerden bildi lan?😅🇹🇷😁

      1. Kubilay Midik

        @Emin selam

    23. Росица Пехливанова

      do you get some money went i bay braw pass whit the code becasu i do it

      1. Generic Name

        Yes he does, nobody cares, and learn how to spell

    24. Jonathan martinez

      you were correct

    25. Roni

      You were right for a stunt brawler on a wheel, it’s Stu 😭 and for the power play rework too wtf

    26. SkyPlayzRandomsPH

      He clearly spoiled us bec of the brawler in the thumbnail

    27. Mitchell Bonello

      Lex: Something they have been thinking about, NOT FOR THIS UPDATE is a power play rework Supercell: Really?

    28. ethan dcouto

      Ok how did you know about Stu?

    29. Izzy V

      lex be looking like kairos out here with these predictions

    30. Asier Gangoiti Cosin

      Ehhh pero si el diseño es igual que el brawler original que va a salir!

    31. glazing kid

      He is mind controlled

    32. Under_wolf

      Lex guessed exactly what stuclooked like!

    33. bachigamer8

      lex 5 v 5

    34. Divyansh Chauhan

      Who is here after brawl talk And tbh thry just copied lex's idea like wth it is same as his artwork Or did lex knew something we didn't!!!

    35. Justin NG YH

      Lex's brawler prediction is correct😃😃😃

    36. Shaun Diz

      Am i the only one that thinks it's super sus how lex always gets the new brawlers rightt? feel like he knows ahead of time but isn't allowed to say it til announcement so then he just twists the script a little to give us an idea of what brawler is coming

      1. Danang Saputra


    37. Aarit Playz✅

      I came back you predicted Bannumg System

    38. Moaz Yasser

      Sorry lex I have 476 power play points

    39. The Nerd of The Future

      And you were correct again WOW ... You even predicted colonel ruffs correct

    40. Xinthoss

      Lex Is The Predicters 😂❤️❤️👍🏻❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️👍🏻❤️👍🏻

    41. shrek's remaining braincell

      I thought Lex was crazy. There were no references to any brawler quality he was talking about. The go to guess was kit. Somehow he was right.

    42. Yahir orozco

      How did he get all right

    43. WetWatermelon

      Can we talk about how Lex prediction Stu

    44. Tryverbeast_yt

      lex today a new brawler called stu!he is avalible at 10000 trophies

    45. SJW Destroyer

      Lex predicted this a little too accurately.....

      1. Roots English

        yeah, just came across this video. I call bs.

    46. 『STATIC』

      Lex officially annihilated Kairos when it comes to predictions.

    47. Crusader_gaming

      Lol the dream came true

    48. Khris XD

      Well guess I have to say this. Holy smokes Alex, your brawler prediction was right, and it only took a week


      I am from the future You got it right lol

    50. Spider Man

      Can we agree that supercell tells these guys what the next brawler is going to be. Because what a coincidence that lex guessed Stu before the brawl talk. Also what a coincidence that kairos guessed the powerplay change even before the brawl talk.

    51. Dady Sayed

      You got it 1 million percent right

    52. Pranav's_ Productions

      You got it right Brawler & bea gadget & power play etc 👍🏻🎉

    53. Fabi Kruse

      You were soooo right. You were too smart👍

      1. mirela stoica

        @The 444Allstar NO THATS WRONG

      2. The 444Allstar

        Nah he already knows because they told him

    54. Josh

      You predicted Stu!!

      1. Josh

        @The 444Allstar bruh when did he know

      2. mirela stoica

        @The 444Allstar NO thats wrong

      3. The 444Allstar

        Not really a prediction if he already knew

    55. Giorno Giovanna

      Wait a second...

    56. А.Ю. Хегай

      Brawler in the video: Super Brawler in the live: 💩💩💩


      Wow, Congrats, LEX! You were right about the new brawler!

    58. Mariana L

      Lex was right about the new brawler

    59. Warrior Dan

      with the new brawler stu

    60. Warrior Dan

      omg You were not wrong lol

    61. Mert


    62. Micah Doerksen


    63. Lil Max S

      Lex was right

    64. Betul Olgunman


    65. Stanley Ricky

      Lex!! You finally got it right, congrats.

      1. Stanley Ricky

        @Ho Justin I am talking about it just in the next update lex and a bunch of youtubers where saying that colonel ruffs would come for a long time

      2. Ho Justin

        Well what about Colonel Ruffs he also got that right

    66. Betul Olgunman


    67. BlueFish

      I’m shock. Lex....u did it my friend u r a prediction master like KT now good job

    68. Haseeb uddin

      Who is here when brawl talk is here stu

    69. Ádám Kolláth

      How do you know EVERYTHING?!

      1. Ádám Kolláth

        @The 444Allstar But why would it be good for Supercell if a BGclipr makes a video of the new character in advance? Anyway, Supercell had a soundlog called WKBRL in which they had just threatened Lex because they didn’t want to quell the tension next to the new character. (Sorry if I spelled a few sentences incorrectly)

      2. The 444Allstar

        Brawl stars tells him, he probably tells an artist to make an art similar to the brawler so he doesn’t get in trouble.

    70. CookieChris

      Wait...a robot stuntman? *Stu*???


      boy were you right

    72. Paul Matteo Avrinte


    73. IDont Know

      He gueesed right XD


      You guessed it in the video you shot 6 days ago.

    75. aryan singh

      Lex you got it exactly write about the brawler prediction

    76. Yuno

      You predict the future

      1. The 444Allstar

        No he already knows, every content creator sees brawl talk before it’s released.

    77. Mergim Shaljani

      Jo you are a Predictor

    78. meowscles fluff

      You predicted the brawler and not kairos?!

    79. Huda Omar

      My sister is in love with u😍😍😍😍😍😍☺

    80. PsyCat-Plays

      How did u product the future that's KAIROS'S JOB XD

      1. Michael Zhao

        Kairos predicted power league he predicted the brawler

    81. JamieHasLigma

      Lex is the new kairos

    82. Haslin Mustapha

      Lex was right....

    83. JB Thrills

      The moment you realized that lex’s brawler idea actually came true with Stu...

      1. Dragon

        Yo mom

      2. MerBudd - Brawl Stars

        and power play rework (power league) too

      3. Arham Playz

        @[ Rabudan ] it’s um. Only 50%true😁

      4. Le Duck

        @or bastker bro u don't just say that out of nowhere

    84. Glitch & Piano

      Omg he actually guessed it! The name is Stu!!! Edit: Thanks for some likes

    85. Pig Pig

      He nailed the new brawler

    86. Geno Sans Ms

      Adam kahin gibi skskksks

    87. George Michael Silveira

      Wow. Talk about a good guess... 😒

    88. sioneast 1

      you were right lex

    89. Xp Level Googolplex


    90. Kei

      Lex: However if i am wrong, which i probably will be.... Also Lex predicting a stuntman robot with wheels and shooting from his forearm AND a rework to power play with a league system.

      1. Dboy394

        @ツAcidicAli777 supercell show them the brawl talk one day before we see it, Lex genuinely guessed it

      2. Spiky boi :v

        It's confirmed in the stu real voice actor vid that he just big brained predicted stu and all the other things so yea

      3. TeoTheOne

        Tbh I don't think Supercell tells them

      4. AWAKEN

        @ツAcidicAli777 yeah it kinda disgust me that they play it off as if they "predicted" it, but idk i still really love lex's content

      5. ツAcidicAli777

        Supercell tells these content creators what the update will have. He didn’t predict anything

    91. Anti Waterking

      Bro I love how the new brawler looks exactly like his concept

    92. Noufel Anwar

      I'm from the future and Lex is right. A robotic stuntman on a tyre (Stu) is real. And the league system for competitive Brawl Stars that replaces Power Play is MORE than real.

    93. Woof


    94. sundar

      Omg your prediction has came trueee

    95. Jayhann Teoh


    96. PAPER GAMING 2.0

      I am from future you are right 😁

    97. Garvit Bansal

      Your wheel stuntman came true

    98. Muhammad Hasan

      o my god lex you are so right about almost everything

    99. Anthony

      wow lex was right about the stunt brawler

    100. Fathima Ramzani

      Lex your right new brawler is a stunt man