ALL SKINS And KNOCKOUT Gameplay | Brawl Stars Update Info

Lex - Brawl Stars

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    Brawl Stars Update All New Skins and New Game Mode Knockout Gameplay
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    Today in this sneak peek we go over every skin in the update as well as me and the tribe guys play some intense games of knockout the newest game mode in the Brawl Stars Update.
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    1. Lex - Brawl Stars

      Still More sneak peeks coming! Be sure to subscribe! Which skin is your favorite?? Use Code Lex for the New Skins/Brawl Pass: ► Subscribe for more sneak peeks: ►

      1. Zure Dañito

        Imagine Gold neko bea and Gold bea

      2. Mike Huliselan

        I got the sandy skin :D

      3. Taryn Cohen


      4. Raymond Kwon

        hey lex how to get skins like you did

      5. Daiga Bajare

        The new update changed the size of my phones font again! Just like previous update. All numbers and letters are super small!. And the game is just on half of the screen...doesn't work! Please fix this!

    2. William Auer

      Lantern sandy comes out on my birthday

    3. Mammadli Khalig

      It's Nulls brawl i know guys and it is still good

    4. Yassin Ahmed

      when is lenturen sandy going to come

    5. Jusna Begum

      Also use Code Lex

    6. Jusna Begum

      If anyone wants me to push them in brawl stars sure My ID:P22UQQ2JR

    7. Damogus

      Wait if you can get D.I.Y surge for only 49 gems does that mean surge will be rather cheap to buy with gems along with the skin? (170)

    8. Damogus

      I'm definitely buying Quickdraw Edgar, I don't have Edgar yet and the skin is AWESOME

    9. BaBaBoi

      Nice gameplay brother!

    10. اصيل خالد

      Lex I have a question I have like 15k money and my trophies are 4K why are the silver skins not coming out?

    11. Agahuseyn caniev

      Hello maza f***

    12. bigboi26

      BRUH I got 303 gems cuz I wasn't sure how much it cost and its only 79 🤦‍♂️btw I talking about the edger skin cuz I really want it well I guess ill get the brawl pass

    13. veg- game play

      Oj sneaking with poco 😂😂

    14. rotem tsubery

      4:48 R.I.P lex

    15. Toxic Jobus


    16. Toxic Jobus

      9:16 Colette’s health go bruh

    17. amogus amogus

      when does archvillain bea release?

    18. Lloyd Spence

      what's the total gem price ?

    19. HomemadePatyCrisAylesbury Cristea


    20. Jérôme Goetghebuer

      I just got brawl talk of u ad

    21. Sooraj Gupta

      It is like brawl stars hard core

    22. bloc onetwothree90

      I wish they could make the sheriff ruffs attack be bullets and the power up thing a sheriff badge

    23. Yashu Bhagwagar

      Please give any brawl

    24. Yashu Bhagwagar

      From 2020 has started from i did not get any brawl

    25. Yashu Bhagwagar


    26. Yashu Bhagwagar

      I am so noob

    27. Yashu Bhagwagar

      Please give any brawl

    28. James Rayon Cancino

      show me how to be good


      I want QuickDraw Edgar it looks cool

    30. Yi Guo

      neko bea comes out on my birthday

    31. Aaron Lee

      knock out is op

    32. Omnom1 Candy

      Lex I have a Question how do you do the season of belle Before us and I played knockout 4 days ago

    33. Ultra

      May 28 is my b-day awesome that a skin is coming out on it

    34. Crazy Bombard

      Me: FINALLY I CAN BUY ARCHVILLAIN BEA!! And then I see my gems My gems: 78

    35. Burning Jax

      Isnt there already a knockout? Im playing it!

    36. Evan Jurgen Cahilig

      i dont have them their not realsed in mines :(

    37. goodgamer DK

      5:45 may 18 i have birthday in may 18

    38. Ashwin Kuppala

      7:22 - they just won- why does edgar and stu losing animation come?

    39. Knockout Gamer

      My favourite mode Knockout ❤️

    40. Asma Asma


    41. Savage Wolf

      Me and my friends made a club called code lex and people can only join if they use code lex in the item store. Team crow!

    42. Mr Pro 2169

      Maybe they will add animations they've done that before

    43. Darcy Schroer

      Amber de la Vega comes out on my birthday!

    44. Eraclio Lizarraga

      Am buying the white bea

    45. Zmaymax

      Sandy the best

    46. Dementor

      Those skins look so epic

    47. Mohamed Sary

      What is your favourite skin

    48. Riya Sanotiya

      79 gem for that black n white skin however it is better than existing bea skin 🤔

    49. Smart Boi Plays

      My birthday is on April 29, and that is when Neko beats comes out!

    50. Icer

      edgar veery dramatic

    51. Emely Gomez

      How do you now all thos fact

    52. XRxvenge Xx

      It Kinda sucks that you have to grind for saloon 8-bit

    53. Tejas Jain BrawlStars

      So Good 🤩👍

    54. Chahat

      I was so angry when lex used no hat mortis so toxic

    55. EÇD

      Misfortune Tara's super is chip??? Old brawl stars have chips.

    56. Patrik Kollár

      When you realize your birthday is on april 11th and the sandy skin is on april 10th

    57. wacky zaddy

      Knockout is my best 3v3 game mode

    58. gamer_knight14

      lantern sandy have ramdan Effects ramadan is An important Islamic month and ramdan in april 10th

    59. Σπυρος Τζοβαρας

      11:25 OJ's scarf there was like: HEY DON'T KILL YOUR FRIEND

    60. Idioti 34_tv


    61. Freddy - Brawl Stars

      hey lex will u try fasting in ramadan? please try it out

    62. Barbara

      Dude the DIY surge is 3 days before my birthday so yes that means my birthday is in June 14 and today is my little brothers birthday so say happy birthday to this comment

      1. Sad Blanket

        Happy birthday to your little brother!

    63. Diego Villa

      Apirl 16 is my brithday🥳🥳can u plzz say happy brithday🥺

    64. Raymond Kwon

      frick!! i have school at monday and season 6 is at Monday!!!

    65. RadioactiveBeast

      5:02 if u know valorant Tara looks like Cypher bro

    66. Tim Swing

      ko op

    67. Pedro Matar

      I think the coolest one is QuickDraw Edgar in my opinion.

    68. Uros Jovkovic

      49 gems haaaa

    69. Manolis

      i want amber style i have amber

    70. Kevinjky7555 ツ

      I could get Season 6 BP but... I'm spending my gems on Neko Bea! She's my favourite skin 😂

    71. ramune grigaityte

      Lol my bd iš at june 4

    72. Dragon

      No no no im im poor i i do not have a skin

    73. Jeramiah Villefort

      Hey um my birthday is on may 28 and on may 28 te nieuw amber skin

    74. Alp Zeybek

      Hmm..... MOM GIVE ME YOUR CARD!!

    75. ashwin Sailesh

      Neko Bea is the cutest skin change my mind

    76. XO

      "7:18" Happy to get a lot of *Gems* from *BS4.XYZ**

    77. Erica Holmes-Adams


    78. Erica Holmes-Adams


    79. Erica Holmes-Adams


    80. Riyad Mando

      You are the best

    81. Barath P

      When Will update come

    82. PetrulaDentGame s

      And my birthday is 7 may

    83. Driivl

      The new Tara skin looks like cypher in valorant


      Playing with friends is always fun...not randoms...

    85. Jeremy Lawrence Falzado

      2:39 oh no!!! Sandy learn how to team

    86. Canan Karatay

      2:26 sandy's super attack is like a Special to the Turkish Ramadan feast😂


      All the moving spawns(porters,bruce, tick's head) do use portal they step on it.. activate it... And woosh ..they even use jump pad sometimes


      Who came here after maintenance

    89. MarioXT_64

      me using code lex in shop but no gems to buy edgar skin 🥺🥺

    90. Lee Yen Ai

      Keep up the amazing job supercell, you are unlike Any game I have ever seen. Super amazing skin update!

    91. Brawl Stars Ebrar

      l Love You Squeak :D

    92. Yahya Alwadhi

      Bt1 ranking brawlers for this mode and you just having so much fun lol

      1. Yahya Alwadhi

        Sorry wrong grammar ooooooooooops

      2. Yahya Alwadhi

        Ben:best brawler is Edgar worst is primo range brawlers can be good also healers like pam Lex: I am just trying brawlers that come to my head first Bad having so much happy for the nock out mode and about skins

    93. ᔕᙓᕈTᓰᑕ_ᖙᗝᙢᓰאᘎᔕ

      Is this gonna be permanent? Hope they don’t scrap it like they did lone star and takedown

    94. ᔕᙓᕈTᓰᑕ_ᖙᗝᙢᓰאᘎᔕ

      Brawl stars: kNoCKoUT Me: where’s lone star and takedown

    95. ᔕᙓᕈTᓰᑕ_ᖙᗝᙢᓰאᘎᔕ

      This basically a cod rip-off but 10x better

    96. Nadir Serhan Önder

      The lantern sandy is about ramadan because sandy has a lantern

    97. 1867

      ok this guy tells me that I need to save 380 gems for edgar sandy and amber ?? oops forgot 170 gems for the pass

    98. Robert Robertino

      Awesome !!! I love it!!!!!👍😍😍👍👍👍👍👍😍

    99. Ehsan Barbaar

      I love Edgar and 8-bit new skin soooo much

    100. Peter Saikaly

      I all time u your code and I get Pam and piper When I use code I get surge