"Carrying" Pro Players To 15 Wins | Full Gameplay No Editing | Ft. Tom & SpenLC

Lex - Brawl Stars

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    Today Tom and Spen join me trying to get 15 wins in the championship challenge using the Brawlers We suggested in the championship challenge guide.

    #ChampionshipChallenge #15Wins

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    1. Lex - Brawl Stars

      Be sure to check out Tom and Spens channels here: Tom: bgclip.info/vision/-HoXGsf6nxtaZatTmh0XzQ Spen: bgclip.info

      1. Ace Elliott

        I use code lex in the shop and i also just got my first maxed out brawler.

      2. ZkU




      4. Cj Clemente

        Lex do you know anything about the next update???

      5. Derek Mad Dog Mac McCollister

        Petition to have Spen & Tom throw me in their backpacks next time lol... quickest 15 win victory I think I’ve seen.

    2. Yngkdnited

      I hope Lex's back is good. He did a lot of carrying this video

    3. Bus Iness

      Brawl stars ad on brawl stars video.

    4. gachagamer 77

      When you can a video guide challenge psg???(sorry im french and i don’t speak english very well) thx bro you’re the best😀😀

    5. Prakash Ramalingam

      The last championship I played against you and won the match my name was tewtle

    6. Tejas Jain BrawlStars

      This is awesome 🤩

    7. Pratap kumar sahu Class 7 no. 24

      I was one when playing the world champion contest searching this one only I found some so goood team mates and you know how good ruffs is at support he had ruffs and I used Brock and other one used Mr p we were winning like hell you wouldn't get it how good he was we won 8 fricking matches with o loses ooooooo,but at that fricking my mom came and fricking took phone and at that time seriously I lost it I was so sad lose those good randoms they even fricking said I was very good ;( but I did not see them anymore anyway my brawl stars name sjsjjs

    8. Shreyan Poddar

      Should I bye beach Brock or I should save the gems for the next brawl pass

    9. HEX Magma

      Hey Lex, I won the championship challenge and I have the eSports button Could you walk me through on how the championship works?

    10. DrFishStick

      Like every other championship challenge, I lost all my 3 lives on siege :)

    11. DrFishStick

      Spen shouldve gone nani cuz he loves nani

    12. 4B(02) 陳俊諺 Chan Chun Yin

      Can I be your friend?

    13. visitor cracked

      i won 12 games :/

    14. dandi c2020

      did anybody saw that when tom chose his brawler it was rico then when they start he is nani????

      1. dandi c2020

        i mean simple

    15. Zen Ravenstock

      Lex, your my first BGclip membership, I can’t wait to see more content from you

      1. Lex - Brawl Stars

        Appreciate you very much! Welcome to the crow gang!

    16. AQM Xiphodon

      Imagine if Lex "carrying" the pro players faced Rey's troll comp with Pika and Chippys 😆😆

    17. Edward Mann

      Hiya lex

    18. Jay

      Hey i was in your game your were the rosa my name was Energy | Skull you won the heist battle i was the el primo i can’t believe i got in your game could you pls add me my friend code is “8PJYVUL99 it wold be a pleasure to add me

    19. Bot 1 Gaming

      lol why their opponents look so weak while mine are so strong

    20. Kingston

      Hey lex I saw you on a ad.👍 love your vids.

    21. Sarv

      hey lex! i’m supporting you😃

    22. Dz Power


    23. funny brawl stars

      Look at the Rico emote 😂😂 29:35

    24. Marley - Brawl Stars


    25. José Playz Mario Kart Tour

      I used ur code in the shop and I got gene and amber thank you so much lex

    26. Neeraj

      i used code lex to spend gems

    27. Miro

      Wait when thee heckk did Lex get more subs than Kairos 😦😱

    28. Axal Ro

      Cod:lex 🙂🙂🙂🙂

    29. kid orange

      Lets be honest spen and tom actually carrying lex😒

      1. Kavita Jain

        yes everybody knows this lol

    30. Gyan chand Dhariwal

      Lex I have a challenge for you you need to reach gold 3 in solo can you 😜

      1. Kavita Jain

        @Gyan chand Dhariwalyes lex you need to accept this challenge lets go :)

      2. Gyan chand Dhariwal

        Challenge from India can you do it or just ignore my reply

      3. Gyan chand Dhariwal

        Because I have reach diamond 2 today 🤪

    31. Joel Joseph

      OP Vid !

    32. lightning Gamer

      We want torphy and Nick

    33. Cool GuyPlayz Gaming  ツ

      Lex: Who gotz 7 stars here ME! quote on quote (I can't help it I'm that good) Me: And I thought I was good.😓 Edited: Lex Brawl stars (GOD) Tell me ur ways🦸‍♂️ EDITED AGAIN 🤣: Oh yes I forgot I always forget I was gonna say Hiii

    34. Chris Dimovasilis

      What rank are you in power league?

    35. Shaja Shajahan

      Can you do the best skins in brawl stars

    36. Toxyc -Gameplay

      0:14 lol they begged you ah lex. 😂

    37. The Bandit

      How is Spen don't have a code while Tom does? 🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔 Tom must have paid someone.

    38. Joush Hoosted

      It’s it hurts to see him not use the other ruffs star power☹️

    39. Dina Alayli

      9:31 The turret was so annoying he called him tick🤣🤣🤣

    40. Faze Razzy.

      Tom is better as lex

    41. Andreh Asaad

      Lex u have 3 gadget every match u can use them

    42. Mohammad Saadullah Rizwan

      Alternative title : literally the opposite of what lex wrote

    43. 20UME004 Hemal Chowdhury

      Sneaky fields is a very good map not gonna lie 👍👍🎉🎉

    44. Pod čarobnim dežnikom

      i won 9 games

    45. RL - 07CA 757972 Erin Centre MS

      I had 0 loses until siege I suck at siege XD I lost all my games there

    46. VTX Vegito

      Who else thought they were playing and taped the pin button every time lex won😂

    47. Bunbun 304

      Use code lex

    48. Joshua Nathanael

      How can you play 30 minute with stand 😴

    49. Kshitij Rawat

      21:27 hmmmmmmm

    50. Kshitij Rawat

      siege exist* Kairos: first bot have to be yours to get some lead,and let opponent take the 2nd bot so you can take'em by third one lex: yeaahh baby...destroy them first push brrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr.................

    51. Medhaansh_YT

      Me used to watch Lex but after watched Tom, literally forgot Lex.

    52. Kshitij Rawat

      hey a challenge for you win 15 championship games not in team but with randoms and make a video on it :D hope u see this

    53. ZOROx YT

      I got 5 wins😥


      There ya go lex... 30 mins watch time😅

    55. 100% luuk

      Lex When you make video about Phoenix Crow nieuw shooting animation?

    56. Artur Wojciechowski

      Lex could u carry me for the next Champions ships pls

    57. P R I N C E O P

      Hey sirr how r u?

    58. Kenji Musters

      Lex was definitely NOT the one who asked to carry HIM😀

    59. Krishnaveni vijayaraghvan

      Lex you are the v best I used your combo and got 9 wins with 1 lose

    60. Yuvraj singh

      The brawler never matted it was the players who can kill bull with mortis

    61. Im_Adrlan

      Better they carry you 🔥 Good video

    62. the wolf


    63. Zlumpy

      Hi Lex My fave brawl stars player if u can say "Hi Ash" It would be nice Thanks for your content Lex You Inspired me To be confident and believe in yourself

    64. Alastair Ho

      Hi Lex can you give me 170 gems cause I need to buy brawl pass. I always use your code in the shop.

    65. Little Gamer Boy _H1

      I can not believe you got every shot with tick

    66. Ozan Gunay

      field promoton

    67. Remixx Sharkk

      One of the last ones I qualified for I couldn’t do because I was 13 now I’m 14

    68. Red Ann

      Tom is like the killer but honestly lex is the guy😆😆😆😆


      Lex:Playing with world's best playrs Me:Playing random and and get 1 win out of 15 ):

    70. GamingTim

      challenge complete: killing someone with Gale's Super

    71. lol lol

      I got just 13 win😔 because I am bad with rosa

    72. Alexander

      u should vc with them and let us have a feel of how pros communicate as well

    73. Леон Remi ✓

      Дай бог здоровье тем кто читает этот комментарий💙🙏🏻

    74. Toxic Omツ

      13:34 and 15:55 It is the same player 'pro gamer So sad he got matched up with Lex 2 times and lost both times. So sad

    75. Toxic Omツ

      Lex: I am going to carry Tome and SpenLC at the same time Also Lex: Doesn't get star player even once

    76. Me well I eat creaps

      When lex played buntey there were a radam el primo

    77. NariYanTDM

      I want to see what spen is typing 😂

    78. Legendary Banana Gaming and FUN

      17:51 plot twist Tom said that for the shoutout

    79. Saroja Menezes

      I could have won this competition but siege the worst mode I lost there thrice

    80. Toxic Omツ

      Lol Spen's name is SimpLC

    81. Roman -Bs

      "SIMP" lc

    82. Rosalin Shabong

      Lex: I'm "carrying" Tom and Spen Also Lex in a panicked voice: TOM! TOM! SPEN! SAVE ME

    83. Keiji thang

      Lex: Hard carries the whole team Also Lex: Dies so frequently

    84. Gaming with Aadit

      When lex said use code spen, event he Rico emote he was using lagged😂

    85. Any thing 6

      I was 14-3 😭😭😭😭😭 but the best guide ever!!!😁😁😁🥰🥰

    86. GPPSGMP yt

      Thx sir bit I loss all changed in 4 is 😭😭😭 i am very bad luck player

    87. Random Kid

      Lmao it’s all just pro action and then there’s just lex tryna figure out what to do next

    88. Onkar Kepkar

      Lol i laugh everytime lex laughs ! It's too funny.

    89. deep voice nostalgia

      I use cold wax and spent $9 worth gems

    90. Gurshaan Singh

      Who is carrying whom lex

    91. Om Kataria

      Lex you are my brawl star inspiration and because of you i have reached 10 k tropies

    92. Hyper Nitrox

      Lex: "It means its kinda suck if you are the other team and see Lex, not so much Spen and Tom but Lex" Spen and Tom: Let him have this T-T

    93. Toxic_Brawl stars

      Ngl wy did this get 8k views hope ur channel isn't doing so bad

    94. Isaac Chen

      dang those people in the first match is so unlucky facing two champions and lex

    95. celeste webbet

      I always use code lex!!

    96. Suresh Gupta

      Nooo lex please leave don't come in my match I lost because of u and spenlc and Tom in my game , I was,14/15 nooooooo😭😭😭 my name was alexe

    97. Sqirsh

      Me being sad because I only got one win

    98. Lupe Bull

      Hey lex I support you on brawl star can I get brawl pass please I never got brawl pass in my life so can I please have a brawl pass

    99. black sparkle

      did i just see a shiper on the bounty map in the other team?

    100. Rocking Sanchez

      I lost a lot🙃