Do Trophies = Skill? | How Good Are You? | 15,000 Votes!

Lex - Brawl Stars

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    Today we go over the poll results on how good you are. Find out if you're a noob or a Pro (spoiler alert... if you're watching this... you're not a noob)
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    1. Lex - Brawl Stars

      Download The Walking Dead: Survivors and join me in game! It's a lot of fun!

      1. yok or your friends yok

        @m Benlili I am fine now 😅

      2. m Benlili

        I'm not gonna lie I have know 20k and I wouldn't even see me as a above average

      3. yok or your friends yok

        @sim one but I have rake 26 el primo power 1

      4. Chaitanya A.

        @Robloxplayer. exe yup man.. I'm a f2p too.. can understand

      5. Robloxplayer. exe

        15000 to 34999 puts you way above the average player. Well I don't even have half the brawlers since I am f2p and if you are f2p your trophy's depend more on how lucky you are if you aren't lucky you won't have brawlers that give you 500+ trophy's easily

    2. MooingWolf ___________________________________

      I’m on silver but I have only played 2 matches on power league. Am I good or bad?

    3. Gobind Bakshi

      i am below everage 😓😓

    4. الين الغامدي

      I am noob

      1. الين الغامدي


    5. Kingdom of Romania Ball

      I got to gold 3 in team mode by using look for a team feature

    6. Face 19

      I only have 3800 trophies lol

    7. ahmed4363

      So basically I'm a noob at brawl stars that somehow got to 8k trophies (probably because of map maker trophies)

    8. Ankit Ghildiyal

      *trophy count correction: Below average- 0-15000 Average- 15000-20000 Above average- 20000-35000 Pro- above 35000

    9. Aadhav's Lifestyle

      Do you know I will only 9 in my all max and got 15 wins in my mini 😂😂😂

    10. the_bananašöš160 the_cutebanana

      Thropies doesnt mean you are good. It depends on you skill

    11. 37:Arham Sheikh:Vlll A

      I think power lege dose not mater because many player don't even play it

    12. StarFruitNinja

      Great vid but a few things. I feel like people are trying to take this at face value in deciding how good they are. Although this is a very good refrence, stats are not the only thing you have to look at. For example if a professional player was tired and stressed he will most likely preform worse than someone else around his level. There are too many factors to decide whether your good or not. There things like map compared to brawler, and Brawler compared to brawler. Some brawlers are just better at beating brawlers than other. And some maps are better for other brawlers. There are physical attributes. Like sleep, and stress or distractions. So to all the people saying this isnt accurate. Its not meant to be. Its just the stats compared to every gamemode. Each match has so many variables. If you play the same map, same brawlers, and same people you could win some and lose some. To be better at the game you have to be more prepared by learning strategies and practicing with your favorite brawlers. Looking at the stats helps too. Great video lex

    13. golu yadav

      I opened video and I saw and I can't believe what I saw Other people - what u saw Me - I saw a Poco X3 Pro smart phone

    14. 8 A

      Hear me out tho...a power league for solo & duo showdown

    15. Polipisd YT

      I started gold 1 and kept losing because of randoms and now I’m bronze 2 so I basically quit power league

    16. FM_05

      I got a below average, an average a s an above average. What does this mean?

    17. Akmaral Baigulova

      i ganed 7 thousand trofies in 1 week because on school day im not aoud

    18. roham ebrahimi

      im average player my solo power league rank is gold 1 and my team power league rank is silver 3 and my trophy is 13969 but i play brawl stars every day and i enjoying it and i watch every brawl talks when i dont have anything to do and i get very happy after every updates but i dont know im hardcore or average

    19. TSM- LEGEND

      I watched your guide how to win the psg mike challeng i watched 2 minutes of it in the second day i won the challenge youre amazing man i love u♥

    20. Liam Harman


    21. Anthony Meyers

      hi lex how are you doing today and I like your hat and your shrte

    22. Ten O

      I love how the average player in most competitive games is silver or low gold. But literally everyone in every comment section “I’m a diamond.” And the diamonds make up like 0.1% of the playerbase in most games

      1. Achyut Badri

        @Ten O True

      2. Ten O

        @Achyut Badri well to be fair Diamond 2 on this game is like gold or silver on actual competitive games.

      3. Achyut Badri

        @Ten O It's the truth.

      4. Ten O

        @Achyut Badri haha

      5. Achyut Badri

        I’m diamond 2. But I’m just average.

    23. CosmicGamingPenguin

      I don’t really even play power league, but I am at 22,300 trophies, and I got my first legendary, Spike today.

    24. Oliver Sveholm

      You cant judge by tropjies I have multiple 15 challenge wins got bull rank 29 over 1and jalf year ago and 16k trophies.

    25. George60 Games

      Apparently I'm average but better?

    26. V.S ABHINAV

      I play brawl stars every day 5 hours 😀😀😀

    27. Parker Butterfield

      Looks like I’m well above average at everything. Besides the watching your videos part... 😂

    28. Dante miller

      I'm above average

    29. IXUU Brawl Stars

      I'm in above average in trophy count

    30. Turducken

      You should keep in count if the players play power league daily and/or people who play for quests or for grinding trophies

    31. ameeer3

      bro , you are lagging

    32. The Shiny Diamond Brawl Stars

      Im a pro lol

    33. Marlyn Belleza

      :( my trophy is still on 9400 but im a very big fan of brawl stars i play it 8 hours a day i think

    34. jean goulding

      Yay I’m above average


      Oh I just realized I'm below average in everything And I played for 2 months already :(:(:( LOL

    36. Viljami

      It depends how many brawlers you own! I have 39brawlers and i have 29k

    37. Kirbythekrib

      Nah trophies don’t mean skill it’s way to team based and its so many pro players who got low trophies cause dumb team mates this why I hate team based game where I can’t solo carry

    38. Monique Autar

      Man i feel like present plunder is never coming back

    39. Legendaryオクターブ

      Me:having 30k thinking I am pro. Lex: Whatever bruh ur just above average

    40. Joshua Harris

      6.9k likes... nice

    41. oms_the _bittle

      That moment when you realise that you have more trophies than Lex...

    42. Brick_ Burst

      Holy shoot im a dedicated player

    43. MintieBunniePlayzz

      Can anyone tell me if u reach the 70 aka max at brawl pass free or brawl pass do you only get to get big boxes or still collect the characters at a new season?

    44. Uriel Louzolo

      You can try to carry in solo,but if both your teammates are really bad then u can't do much

    45. arin wwe

      lex it's not dedicated it is addicted

    46. Rising invader

      I am 23429 trophies am i good

      1. rgh Esn

        Yes, Most clubs I join the #1 player is like 22k+

    47. MangoFruit

      I have played 38 matches in solo powerleague, won 31 and I am still in bronze 1. At this point I have given up cause I just mostly get players with low power levels...

    48. ob6d

      Hell me get 100 subs

    49. Flee Gaming

      Tbh most of the players of randoms

    50. KJNTY 1


    51. вσlт вѕ

      Hey not fair I have 31 brawlers and 17.1 k trophies I should be good this sucks and my power league is silver 2 I’m not able to mush more

    52. Jayson Laor

      Trophies most certainly dont represent skill i see a lot of people that are at 20k are better then people above 30k, trophies only represent the amount of time you waste on brawl stars

    53. busro ismail

    54. Pijus

      Do you kill me with bee į was with bibi lante my name was pijus

    55. Syisulis Solease

      Not until they make real stats for players like (K/d, how many gems or bolts you lose or keep, How much damage you do to the safe).Then we will really know who's good in solo because if your 2 team members are trash your not winning jack.

    56. רוני צדיק

      Me Who Got 18k Throphies Yesterday And Didn't Know About The Poll: *Visible Sadness*

    57. CYcraigs SG

      Trophy count doesn't mean you're pro some of my friends have all brawlers and all maxed out and thier profiles are really wacky they have all brawlers and thier brawler ranks are like rank 15 below that what makes them so high up in trophy range and thier championship challenge wins are like 5 below If you are like these people I don't hate you I'm just saying about trophy count

    58. Maria Martinez

      i still dont have a rank 25 but i beat up pple who are above my trophies lol trophy count: 22,250+

    59. Allen Emyr Cerbo

      Lex can you do 1 stu vs 99 max

    60. Aban Benny

      Hey man when is next brawl pass update spoiler video

    61. Safwat Daiyaan


    62. QㄥSツ ᴘɪᴢᴢᴀ Gaming

      I mean I started playing in april 2020 and now I'm at 22070

    63. Jenith P

      Lex if you see this pls let me join your club I am 19.8k and have a rank 26 leon pls hopefully you will grant my request

    64. Riddhesh Bendale

      All thinks that themselves are pro, but the truth is that all are pro you just have to take that pro out of you, and his skills on your fingers, and lala you are a pro now. Don't give up Keep It up. You will be pro someday.

    65. Daniel Benzion

      Can you make more videos with your kids the girls

    66. Arthur Prates

      7:57 looking forward to a Lex ASMR channel!

    67. OneGreenSeaTurtle - Extras

      Trophy pushing would be a lot easier and faster if I didn't face power multiple 10s at rank 8. I'm not even joking or exaggerating, facing over-leveled players is a big problem that's very frustrating to deal with, especially when they're toxic and ruin my experience in Brawl Stars. It's not so bad at lower ranks because after I lose, I get bots, but at rank 15-20 you either need to be really skilled with the brawler, only play solos, have power 10 teammates (which makes the problem worse) or have a power 7 brawler with gadget because you're going to lose over and over and over again to the power 10s. After rank 20, it's not an issue wether they are power 10 or power 1 because that's when season pushing starts. It shouldn't be this unbalanced and unfair to deal with extreme power differences at ranks where you are supposed to see power 4 or 5 brawlers and not power 10s. If you say "get good at the game" then I'd respectfully disagree. If those power 10s were good at the game, they'd use normal power brawlers at rank 8, not power 10s. You don't need power 10s to get to rank 20, but now that all this unfairness is happening, I'm starting to think that that's the way you have to play now. You either have to be more skilled than your opponents or pay to win, and for most players, both aren't sustainable or achievable options. To improve this, Supercell could change matchmaking for above 15K players with under 300 trophy brawlers to pair us against and with players who are around our power level. That way, the power 10s face other over-leveled players and then it would be a test of skill and not just pay to win. Don't let Brawl Stars go the way of Clash Royale. I've been on both ends of this situation. In Clash Royale I was 3 levels higher than my opponents in Frozen Peak, but rather than being the result of paying to win, I spent 2 long years grinding my levels to get to that point as a F2P. It's not fun for the lower level players and it's not challenging for me. I'd rather have an even playing field than make the experience of other players worse. The CR dev team addressed this issue by implementing matchmaking based on levels, just as I suggested the BS team should do for above 15K players with under 300 trophy brawlers. I'm not attacking the BS dev team because they're doing an amazing job and have an amazing game, but this is just a problem that I really wish they would address because it's not fun for me or the other players who lose to those power 10s. I'm not expecting many people to understand or relate to this comment, but I know there are some who have the same view and if you disagree, then you've probably never experienced what I'm talking about

    68. •{golden} shadow•

      Ok now I’m confused, my awnsers:below average, below average and above average (I have played everyday since December

    69. DaringFury_ Playz

      How many of you guys actually found this useful? Is it just me or am I the only one already know what is considered below average, average, above average and pro.

    70. Mert Altıparmak

      We want the real edgar

    71. abc1237398

      I’m average in the first two then above average in the last category

    72. Ignacy

      Why is this graphs so poorly made? Like why is it silver and then mythic and then bronze? I'm not able to read that sorry 😅

    73. Ninjago Special

      Folow me on Instagram please Probrawlking

    74. shlomi m

      power league depends on max level.

    75. Nicholas Orenczak

      I did not like your averaging of trophy counts, if a guy with 15k verses a guy with 30k, the guy with 15k is gonna get smoked, so you really can't put that low and that high of a trophy count into comparison. Even 15k shouldn't be in the same ranking as 25k, it's not an accurate estimate of skill

    76. Soldier-2047

      I am pro brawl stars player because i am a brawl stars player

    77. Soldier-2047

      I dont play powrr league it just gave me gold 2

    78. Soldier-2047

      I am gold 2 soooo

    79. ElmiBoi87

      iim not even good at brawl stars

    80. C. h.i.c.o

      Skill equals skill. The rest depends too much on how long you play.

    81. Max Van Der Wijst

      What this video is: lex saying I am very bad

    82. Aleksandar Georgiev

      Lex do you know the next brawl pass brawler

    83. Filip Gaming YT

      Man he made me feel good

    84. Hey it’s Gary

      Subscribe to let’s

    85. Hey it’s Gary


    86. Rex Lapis

      Fellow Singaporean fan here amazing work Lex!!

    87. Al3N

      I have 13 000 Trophies :(

    88. Darko gamer

      Im above average in every category

    89. darius


    90. Lucas Baldwin

      I'm at 13500 why I I'm are not at 15k is I don't use my low trophy brawlers I just want to play with my favorite

    91. Toby BS

      1000 trophies away from "pro!"

    92. brawler gta

      Adgar voice actor scot villam

    93. Ignat Gamer_YT

      Я русский

    94. Robin Cubeallthetime

      I was almost at gold 3 but then my friend in silver 2 went Mortis in Heist and all my progress was gone

    95. Ultra Boy Samyak

      I don't like power league that much I just only played 25 matches cuz people leave in the middle and always choose the power 1 brawler if this also happens with u reply me

    96. Thunderstorm Gaming

      Tbh i only played power league for penny skin And didn't even bother playing it again

    97. Krimsonite 4444

      "if you are above 35,000 you are light years ahead of the people in above average" The guy at 34,498: Maybe i am only above average

    98. HappyDev Roblox

      omg im a pro :OOOOOO

      1. LemonGaming -Yifan

        Lol nice one

    99. Burgerツ

      im a pro :) lmao

    100. David 538

      I haven't even played 15 matches of team power league and I'm average. Now that's impressive 😎 (jk I started on silver III)