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    Today we take a look at all the new things revealed in the next Brawl Stars Update including Power League, New Brawler Stu, New Skins, Exclusive Rewards, and more!
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    1. Lex - Brawl Stars

      What are you most looking forward to in this update?? I'm HYPED for power league! Be sure to subscribe for ALL the Brawl Stars Update Sneak Peeks! Subscribe Here ► goo.gl/fJqkSn Brawl Stars Creator Code ► bit.ly/CodeLex

      1. smita solunke


      2. Shini Baiju

        I got leo from mega box when after used your code🙂

      3. Harijs Hahelis

        @Aadhin gaming that means stu is coming in this weekend you can get him in this weekends update.

      4. Aadhin gaming

        @Harijs Hahelis but that means tell clearly please

      5. Harijs Hahelis

        @Aadhin gaming well he is from 10k but this weekend update

    2. Saejal Thapa

      Can I be your friend on brawl stars please and get your phone number

    3. Yngkdnited

      Is it just me or did they change Bea. I feel like her default skin looks a bit different

    4. ᴛʜᴜɴᴅᴇʀ ᴡᴏʟғ

      Hello lex i want to ask, is stu already realesed?

    5. Mr.PoZiTiV4iK Богдан

      cool vidos

    6. RoaR Jayden1207

      Did no one realise the bea getting a shield after the shot I remember that honey coat will be like extra life It will be changed into another one and I think getting a shield is the star power after every shot

    7. san zom

      LEX in the end of brawl talk Frank said to stay hydrated. Then I was thinking, we don't have a water brawler.

    8. m

      전 당신을 게임에서 만났습니다

    9. Nicolae Gheorghe

      Stu new brawler tropy road

    10. Cool Legend

      Stay Hydrated

    11. Lord rival Brawl stars

      Dear lex i love you and your videos very much but please can you comment back to my answer please i wanted just to know when is stu gonna come out and the update please lex i really love you and im subscribed to you and i swear i have your code in the shop please tell me

    12. Nga Do

      Lyre Lyre Lyre Lyre

    13. Adant XD

      Like when this update is gone be in brawl stars

    14. Adant XD

      I have a question

    15. Debobroto Paul

      But I have 100,059 trophy how do I get??? Plz tell us

    16. alexpickem

      I vote stu

    17. Anuradha Singh

      If we have already crossed 10000 trophies how will we get stu

    18. Anuradha Singh

      Your dance is epic😂

    19. Anuradha Singh

      Nice editing

    20. Cactus brix

      @lexbrawlstars we need a face like u to act in our new boba fett series, u will be Jabba the hut, no offense

    21. Toto kn

      Lex abi nezaman gelecek❤

    22. xXSeanAtDawnXx

      With the Power League Instead of us getting star points after each season for a reward we should be able to choose from star points to coins. Just a thought. :)

    23. Ilyas Boudofi

      STU pid

    24. David 538

      What are seasonal rewards?

    25. Kai Engels

      Stu reminds me of the skylander bouncer.

    26. Marko Zaric

      When is the update

    27. Yohan Sanchitha

      When is the update coming????? I can't wait😫😬😬 Plz someone tell me!!!

    28. Guido Kraft

      Heen is the update

    29. Jacob Monterrosa

      When is the update 😁

    30. ītåçhî Ūçhįhâ

      When is the update coming out ?

    31. Ptero - Gaming

      Lex =stu Kairos = all club wars updates Combined BRAWL TALK

    32. Aadhin gaming

      I didn't get the brawler stu but I reached 10000 plus trophys and it's not in the brawlers list also please lex commend me lex what is the problem

    33. Robert Rosu

      Stu has a starpawer symbol ounder him

    34. Cam Jack

      Wait did the update drop cause I don’t see stu

    35. Ejak Ja'far



      Lex plz say update release date

    37. Grand Theft Auto VĪ

      😴I dont want play Games because i.m kid Bye My recomendetion...

    38. CÃRRY FÃM'

      Bibilante skin 49 gems not 79 guys so chill

    39. Mark Anthony Ancheta

      make a false prediction of a new brawler and it will come to brawl stars.

    40. Uyen Nguye

      I can’t play brawl stars anymore my mom banned me :(

    41. Hyper gaming

      does anybody know when will be that uptade?

    42. Miguel Alonzo

      I grinded to 10 thousand trophies once I saw brawl talk i was missing 500 hundred trophies.

      1. Lov3ly Edits

        Same i was at 14230 trophies and i have 14160 trophies now

    43. Gamer Lightbender

      When is it coming?

    44. sCope

      When will stu come out?

    45. ilir memishaj

      Where the update is going to come

    46. OneIcieBoi

      1:35 smooth moves my G!

    47. Hafiz Ahmadzai

      New subscriber

      1. Hafiz Ahmadzai

        Hi all 😊😊

    48. [Deleted account]

      2nd day Of no Sneak peeks :(

      1. роман роман


    49. Kaplan_IOS


    50. Kaplan_IOS


    51. Kaplan_IOS


    52. Kaplan_IOS


    53. Kaplan_IOS


    54. Kaplan_IOS


    55. роман роман

      Sneak peek?! 🧐

    56. Angelo

      Please tell me when the update is coming PLEASE

    57. ayah ahmed

      When is the brawler here

    58. Brawl Stars


    59. Aarya Yt

      Lex, sneak peek where? 😂

      1. Fletcher Cox

        @Dubboi3 Yea I am.. why?

      2. Fletcher Cox

        @Aarya Yt 11:30 am

      3. Dubboi3

        @Fletcher Cox are u in uk us ??

      4. Aarya Yt

        @Fletcher Cox where do you live? And 11:30 am or pm

      5. Fletcher Cox

        He usually posts it on about 11:30 my time. Yesterday nothing came so idk if he's gonna post one today

    60. Jun Lei Shan

      Stu new starpower- BREAK WALLS WITH SUPER

    61. Just Nutella¿? #ama100olamayan

      When is the character coming?

    62. Eason Wang

      The update will happen next week. The Power Play league ends in 7-8 days and the update must happen when the league ends. I want more people to know so I will post this on other videos in case you're wondering why you're seeing this comment so much.

      1. Vanshit Kumar

        But that doesnt mean the update will come next week it can come tomorrow and power league will start when power play ends

    63. Eagle

      But when will the update come?

      1. Fletcher Cox

        Prob tmrw cause the update comes 2-3 days after Brawl Talk

    64. Real RazorX

      When will he come out

    65. Akshay Pandey

      When this update is coming

    66. Ryan Gamer

      Lex there is a change about bea's star power

    67. RaCrz

      When this update cime

      1. RaCrz


    68. Aaron Francisco

      I think that one of his star powers will do fire damage for 140 damage with 3 ticks of damage and for gadget I would say he would shoot a big fire ball and stuns other brawlers

    69. Geeta Joshi

      The update will drop out on 14th as it was marked on the brawl stars map

      1. Geeta Joshi

        @Fletcher Cox see I told you

      2. Nokey

        @Geeta Joshi Yea wait nvm. Brawl Stars just posted a tweet saying the update is a week from now. So it actually might be on the 14th!

      3. Geeta Joshi

        @Fletcher Cox Maybe but most pro I think it is comming on 14th

      4. Fletcher Cox

        That's a long time from now... Usually the update drops 2-3 days after Brawl Talk. Maybe something else is coming on the 14th.

    70. Beşiktaş aliege

      Hello me turkish

    71. Liam Copeland

      Another thing changing is Bea's Star Power Honey Coat. I think that the new one is that if you have your supercharged shot for Bea, you get some sort of shield. They showed that in Brawl Talk but didn't touch on it.

    72. art murat

      lex is the update out wet

    73. Zahar

      When the new update will come ?

    74. Trigger Man


    75. Vikingolin29

      Kit is sad

    76. Finka Subatic

      And when is the update coming?

    77. Fos

      Baby shark doo

    78. Mr. Scribble

      Bea is getting a new star power replacing honey coat too. As seen in the clip of bea getting a shield when she had her super charged shot

    79. CapybaraPlayz

      Who else is seeing STFU instead of STU

    80. Ashitha Kumari

      I am having 15000.eee

    81. ououo

      I think star power is the fire that comes after the super

      1. ououo

        @Fletcher Cox ok

      2. Fletcher Cox

        Nah cause they mentioned it in Brawl Talk. They never mention the star power.

    82. Kputoy Kpasav4ik

      Я ничего не понимаю, но мне интересно!😂

    83. Ganesh Nikhil

      It wasn't kit . It was like off rico

    84. Additude World

      Am i the only one seing that stu heels him self ???

    85. Giorgi Korinteli

      When is update?

    86. IceBS gaming

      Guys, STU the new brawler means; S tarr Park T esting U nits

    87. lonsij's brother

      And kainos time bentimm1 too please add me

    88. lonsij's brother

      Lex can you add me in brawl stars please

    89. MilosPro

      I think STU should be the end of the trophy road...

    90. Борис Соломченко

      Я тут один рус Залайкайте чтоби они увидели что тут круто

    91. Goran Mladenovic

      give please i pick map

    92. ZenyX CZ

      Did literally everyone miss Bea's honey coat rework? Seriously, you can clearly see her get a sheild for as long as she has her supercharged bee.

    93. alexandru Iordachescu

      Când se baga stu?

    94. GigiGeo_YT

      When will the update be?

    95. Pooh the Gamer - Brawl Stars


    96. Fatima Hussain

      when will stu be released in brawl sta

    97. Beast gaming FUN ZONE

      Stu stands for Starr park=S, test=T, Unit=U which makes sense I think

    98. WarlancerBS

      nerf edgor

    99. Aggelos Ntafitsas

      11:31 new star power???