PRO GUIDE FOR 15 WINS | April 2021 Championship Challenge | Brawl Stars Best Brawlers

Lex - Brawl Stars

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    Today I give you the best picks you can play in the April 2021 Championship Challenge in Brawl Stars. SpenLC has once again lent his knowledge to give you the very best picks you can choose as well as strategy for each map. Best of luck to you all in the upcoming challenge!
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    1. SavageChocolate06

      That Phoenix Crow in the thumbnail looks so SICKKKK

      1. ItsMeZahra

        @Lex - Brawl Stars love brawl stars always whach u

      2. ItsMeZahra


      3. Ian Kuzola

        @Razorblade - Mobile Gaming werido

      4. Razorblade - Mobile Gaming

        Agreed! I made the crow my profile pic for school.👌

      5. Ian Kuzola

        @Pretam Mallick no

    2. Wael Hassan

      hey lex i am from egypt you my favoirte youtuber you are the best

    3. Lakshya Kumar

      You are literally naming every brawler I don't have @Lex - Brawl Stars

      1. Lakshya Kumar


    4. Renee Stanley

      Gooooooooooooooooo croooooooooooooooowwwwwwwwwwww

    5. Zuraiah Cabuena


    6. mike13899


    7. yash Payal

      Anyone plzz Subscribe my BGclip channel AllSTARZ Slayer it is my 2nd channel I have very much need of money plzz 😞

    8. Julius Arellano


    9. Nitin Thakur

      Why I didint found that 15 win challenge

    10. ollz

      Direct dislike 👎 ......

    11. Сожида Рузиева

      Хочу ворона

    12. addicted kid

      What if I have only jessie

    13. winston lol

      your eyes are so pretty also this is very accurate

    14. Karthik G Iyer

      i used code lex and got crow from free box

    15. Brawl Stars

      can you make the real belle?

    16. TheBlindHitman 15

      I lost :(

    17. Frizzy -

      I got to the 4th stage with this strat thx

    18. ey bOss

      That thumbnail is too much

    19. Tenzin Jorden

      Lol lex rzm won the championship with mortis 😬😂😎

    20. ammar xp 9990


    21. Sean Seiter

      I found that penny is really good on that siege map. The grass along both sides of the map hide her approach if you are trying to cheese with her mortar on the sides

    22. GoofyGoobr 5


      1. Pranav rai

        Yes me too

    23. FireStorm - Brawl Stars

      I got 15 wins in the challenge thx so much lex and spen!

    24. anime tik tok

      Do you have Snapchat if you do what is your name

    25. Orangedify➊MrtigerBruhX

      I always Lose in The Last 2 Levels 😭

    26. anders bengtsson

      only thing u need to win this, is luck, ive seen non mini acc players at around 2000 tp reach as far as stage 3 in championships

    27. Kittaz

      I never get past stage 2, anyone else?

    28. Laura Zamze

      I dare u to heart this comment

    29. Christian Kim

      In Power League It just disconected me and it didn't let me play for 4 mins even if I didn't disconect on purpose

    30. KHOI DOAN

      Thanks man!!

    31. Rara Edits

      Thanks Lex you are amazing, I’m trying to become big like you, so thank you so much.

    32. TheLyonKing5

      Got 2 losses on the first stage because my look for a team members decided to troll and spin in the corner while I tried to get a win, then left and got a guy who disconnected and then I got to win 5 and had another disconnector, was such a frustrating experience!

      1. Angel Biesack

        Brawl stars needs to add a report button because I only got to win 2 while solo queue. It put me into matches with teammates giving up after 10 seconds.

    33. Joshua Martinez

      Guys i need help, should i get Good Mecha Bo or Salloom 8-bit and Sumggler 8-bit

      1. Johnathan Permutation

        not the gold bo, get the others for sure

      2. Joshua Martinez

        sumggle penny*

    34. Patrick Edwards

      Sub to pewdiepie to defeat cocomelon

    35. Enzo Mon Chou

      Tbh, Brawl Ball is going to be difficult without a brawler that can take out that barrier. Go with something like Colt or Brock. Don't be a noob, be accurate.

    36. Earisill -BS[Crow]

      I hope my friends allow me to be Crow.🤞

    37. Dipper Pines

      I kid you not, my first two battles in the championship challenge has mortises (morti?) on the other team. In heist. Needless to say, those rounds were free

    38. Layas

      Ok i start 0 win 1 defeat 😡

      1. W BB

        @Layas yeah

      2. Layas

        Hi 🙋‍♂️ you followed my incredible adventure

      3. Layas

        Why there are only 3 looses permited this time ?!!

      4. Layas

        4-3 f*ck off this challenge

      5. Layas

        4-2 yes 1/3 of the challenge


      Wolverine Phoenix Crow thumbnail 😉

    40. Hitarth Sharma

      Why am i seeing amber everywhere 🥺

    41. sobiko

      Thanks for the advice! i dintd win, but at least ive won enough for all the mega boxes!

    42. RK

      I'm gonna be honest. I only reached victory 10, even using the search for teammates button AND your guide. The problem was that the other 2 chose brawlers with no match with the map. Now I'm tired of trying it again.

    43. Ante Batina

      I 1 shot wrecked the first map with randoms as edgar

    44. Marya Ibrahim

      Can you do a video with your child tilly

    45. Thijs Duinmeijer

      Did you forget about Emz? Long range control but not mentioning her?

      1. Achyut Badri

        Emz is bad outside of hotzone.

    46. Kenshin Himura

      Most of us don't have friends to play with like me

    47. Animal Kaiser Yt Brawl Stars

      Yo lex thks so much for this I gone 14-3 wif randoms thks to this! :)

    48. Knight Shadow Gamers

      I am excited for the 15 wins gameplay, is it gonna be published?

    49. პაბჯის მხეცი


    50. Emil Campioni

      this was usless

    51. Akief Rayyan

      So boring

    52. InkedVenom

      Smashed the like buton bevausr of the puns. And also because of the vid. Nice one👌

    53. shreya chavan

      I completed stage 3 but sadly lost 2 times.

    54. Gaming with king

      Today's jokes was good Idk about your guide 😂😂 That my joke

    55. Julius K

      Fu with your stupid guide

      1. Bonwo

        Why so mad?

    56. randomperson

      Lost already twice then i had to watch this

    57. tyrahunte

      This was trash

      1. tyrahunte

        Not think i hate u but these champion challenge guides sucks only skin challenges work.

    58. Victorious Kuching

      sorry , but this didn't help that much i won 5 rounds then lost so yea this didn't help that much ;(

    59. Riya Prakash

      Is EMZ a good choice to control our zone in hot zone????

      1. jyoti chawla

        Yes i won all the hot zone with emz

    60. Brave Light

      I waited for this video to come

    61. Sam Roy

      Smashed the like button

    62. zllrr

      I always watch this but win with zero wins

    63. Laguinabichi Michihi


    64. fergita sepang

      Lex,thx for the tips even though i lost but i got some star points and byron is prrtty much good at a lot of 3v3 battles

    65. Mr. noob23

      I did my 1st 3 games and lost all of them and all my rebates where like at 4k trophies and they was like 10k+

    66. Anthony Zavala

      If u follow this do the team I was winning until the randoms ended me

    67. Hello

      Heist - Kaboom Canyon 0:36 Hot Zone - Parallel Plays 2:10 Brawl Ball - Backyard Bowl 3:22 Gem Grab - Ice Fort 4:34 Siege - Bot Drop 5:25

    68. Ricardo Antunes

      I give up, always with random people, just loosing the 3 games in a row. It's frustrating.

      1. Achyut Badri

        You're bad

    69. Sheluv_ Zay

      For the last map I also recommend Lou if you are good with him because I’ve and my team won with him because he can shut down and y bot push no matter how many bolts

    70. Choppy

      I find Pam really good in hot zone. She can hold the zone on your side pretty well

    71. xar

      3:04 i thought he was gonna say: *just like how you smash her va%###*

    72. 100%

      can u play with me im bad

    73. xar

      nice i got Byron today and i think he's going to be really important as he is the first brawler mentionced on the first map xd

    74. Shadøw Vex

      Already lost twice ;-; should have watched before playing

    75. Arjun Sikka

      this made me lose

      1. Arjun Sikka

        @Lex - Brawl Stars ratio

      2. Lex - Brawl Stars

        Yes. I'm sure it was the brawler picks that were chosen by a world champion and professional player and nothing to do with you or your teams playing.

    76. MoisesJay Macaroni


    77. Avraham Radin

      I had lag in my games and could barely play, and my internet connection is good. BS

    78. Austin Slicton

      dare I say it... quietly: "crow is viable"

    79. Happy_Face

      I listened to your tips and I got 10 wins with a friend and an random(looking for a member)(I lost 3 games in a row at gem grab 2)

      1. Lex - Brawl Stars

        Still pretty darn good! That's better than most people do!

    80. Jake Floyd


    81. Artdestroyer

      i lost at 14 wins because i got a crow on my team. why. just why.

    82. Kirbo

      don’t play with randoms cause apparently i got paired with people who had 5k trophies against all 16k trophies cause thats fun and fair

    83. Grizzly and friends playz

      Lex when is lonstar and takedown plz replie

    84. ZA - 04PN 832637 Pte Buckam Singh PS

      What if you do not have the brawlers?

    85. Pat


    86. YounglingNate

      What about Lou’s super in bot drop? Doesn’t it make the bot immobile because of the ice and the wall?

    87. prime gaming

      I lost my matches in gem grab 😭

    88. Slyrpyx

      My team kicked my out before i could even click back to menu button because we lost 1 match

    89. HΛПZӨ

      Man thanks a lot i could do it finally 15-0 Its just like a dream come true for me tysm i could not have done it without you!

    90. ROSSPlay Ross

      Uhuuuu El Primoo

    91. FaZe Loco BS

      I was two wins away of winning the tournament 😭😭

    92. THECRYPTICS 587

      Don’t use Barley he’s actually very trash even with the buff: Yes their might be walls but you can easily dodge his shots and anyway EVERYONE is using Stu to rush and stu hard counters Barley because of his super being able to dodge every hit and it takes one hit to reload his super

    93. nikola sesto

      I dont have a team so i will use search for a team

    94. DarkMaster Gaming

      4:10 Me who was destroyed by about 80 belles yesterday: Uh huh

    95. Nidheesh Shetty

      Thanks so much, I just use penny in Heist as the cannon does continuos damage

    96. Aaron

      love ur humor, these video are so well made i can tell u put a lot of effort into them

    97. Angel Villalobos

      I got crow From a free box by using code lex

    98. Aaron Sales

      1k comment!


      hey lex i think that colt is belle s son and that byron is colt s dad cuz dey all have same hair stayls and belle and byron have gray hair cuz they ara old puting it as a thery i love your vidios by the way

    100. Fehintoluwa Seinde-olaniyi

      Love that outro with the crow running and the city background, also the calming music