BELLE and SQUEAK! 18 Skins! New Game Mode | ALL INFO | Brawl Stars April Update

Lex - Brawl Stars

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    Today we take a crazy journey to tell you all about the next update coming to Brawl Stars. From the two new brawlers Belle and squeek to the new game mode knockout and all 18 skins!
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    1. Lex - Brawl Stars

      Be sure to watch to the end for a tribute to Ryan! Use Code Lex for this season. Even free to play gems count: ► Thank you to you all for everything you've done to support me and my family. I really appreciate you all very much.

      1. Julie Ochoa

        I saw lex in brawl stars

      2. Dylan Obayagbona


      3. erik hagenauw

        Omg u are so rich 🤩

      4. Andrea bilokapić

        When sqeak hits enemies they are slowed until the shot explodes check it out in the video

      5. Any Gamer

        I will put code leX

    2. ooop

      Lex. I love you. But you have 700k + Subs. You've got plenty of money

      1. Lex - Brawl Stars

        Subs do not equal money. Subs don't mean anything when it comes to money. Views mean everything.

    3. Damogus

      Goodbye Ryan :(

    4. Damogus

      It's da money!

    5. oms_the _bittle

      I swear, the way lex unexpectedly plugs in his code gets me every time LOL

    6. x netzy

      Why are yall sad it's just he's not doing brawl talk he didn't die or something he's still on twitter and he's a community lead

    7. Corny Tom - origami tutorials,animations, and more!

      0:38 wait lex is a brawler?!

    8. Harry Hyde

      Any idea what day in May squeak is coming? I've been saving up boxes for a while now. Someone said 22nd May?

    9. Mason

      Anyone else notice that squeak looks kind of like spikes model, maybe they're related somehow

    10. Idle 32

      I love your vids

    11. fps youtuber

      Lex said it's hard to get methiks and I got two of them in one mega box

    12. the wolfgamer231

      Ryan was the best community manager.We always loved him.We are sad because he is leaving.But we are going to remember all of that brawl talks,updates,and more ❤

    13. fxo Playz_roblox

      Lex comin in hot with the bang of fake richessssssssss 😂

    14. Tanjiro Kamado

      If belles shots stack I can just imagine combos like Shelly with 1st star power with belle, emz and belle, and spike and belle witch will make enemies slowed causing them to stay together longer

    15. Sandy William

      Hey lex I’m such a big fan I subscribe and like almost all your vids your the best 🤩🤩🤩

    16. Fresh

      The knockout mode is my fav mode tbh it’s so fun

    17. Fire Jeremy Chan the bolt

      For my chromatic i have lou and surge ( no brawl pass but in boxes)

    18. Fire Jeremy Chan the bolt

      How did you get the brawl pass early???

    19. Tintin Singsit

      I do it And it,s helps me

    20. Pauline Frankenberger

      You are so boring Lex Brawl stars

      1. Lex - Brawl Stars

        Then I suggest not watching my videos. Problem solved! :)

    21. Yakuza Tanaka

      Hey lex have a question man does the code give you money when I buy the gems or when I use them?

      1. Yakuza Tanaka

        @Lex - Brawl Stars Okay thanks for telling me man never knew how it worked much love and support to you and your family you are a great guy and I have began to pray for you all✝️🙏Keep being who you are💯💯💯

      2. Lex - Brawl Stars

        Thanks for asking. The code gives credit to the creator when the gems are SPENT not when they are bought. 🤜🤛

    22. Gabriel Khan

      This was made on my moms birthday

    23. Gabriel Khan

      I am exited for Squeak

    24. Benny Brick

      rite this to be my friend in brawl stars pyocpgy2v

    25. Benny Brick

      say sick6 in one of you'r videos

    26. Benny Brick

      do what is the best skin in brawl stars

    27. Bruno Dornez

      i always suport lex

    28. Vijay Patil

      11 april

      1. Vijay Patil

        of pass

    29. Rafiul's activities

      Fake money?

    30. Shiny_ Froze

      We have an great adventure with ryan in all brawl talks Hope him the best of luck in the new promotion he just got

    31. Squid Zeez

      Lex = flex with fake moneys

    32. Timber Brawlstars

      Hey lex lots of love to you. I got inspired by youtubers and created my own channel it would be helpful if you gave some tips haha

    33. meme. exe gaming

      Great now high trophies will not team any more

    34. Mohd Alhoori

      Lex kids ????????

    35. Siratul Islam

      Nobody : Lex : Money goo barrr


      You brought 18 costumes at least if you made 1 for free

    37. Jasper Chung

      Lex ur a brawler? 0:38 TICKETSSS 61 26 21

    38. Mustafa Musayev

      ryan leave the superselll

    39. Rodrigo Smirnovs

      he reminds me of mr krabs

    40. Sum Inz

      Lex you legend

    41. Haribo 42

      _ _

    42. Cihan Türkten

      Belle and squeak

    43. pooooookçukcu

      Pls belle link

    44. unicorn Unicorn end poni

      Me fevorite brawler is new brawler quik bunny

    45. Cody Adams

      Super fun idea please continue doing things like this

    46. Sqeak me slime

      That start remind me one meme,SHUT UP AND TAKE MY MONEY

    47. stamaths senpaiアルバニア

      12 April

    48. SereZzzha

      Very cool video!

    49. Star Wars Nerds and Geeks

      Neko is japanese for cat btw

    50. Elijah Paul Villaluna

      sana all rich

    51. Just some guy without a nation

      took you long enough

    52. არა-normal

      0:20 after 30 seconds later: grabbing all money that he dropped lmao :) love lex :) (no homo) :)

    53. Galactic -X

      NGL i though it would be a april's fools prank vid but then i saw the brawl talk then it was not Cap so thx LEX BTW USE CODE LEX IN THE SHOP!!!!

    54. uma toranagatti

      Where exactly Ryan is going ?

    55. KarlBenedict Salazar

      Believe it or not I know belle’s gadget and maybe squeaks Belle’s is they lock a target on a nearby enemy their is a target on the Darryl in brawl talk.Squeak maybe like tripwire he can activate his sticky bombs when ever he wants

    56. Promaster gaming

      Ryan will always be missed 😭😭 .for his good deeds and support to brawl stars I salute him

    57. Slothicc

      Lex: What's next? Colonel Ruffs' poop and they're going to go ahead and complete the trio? Supercell: *WRITE THAT DOWN WRITE THAT DOWN!*

    58. BrawlGamerPlayz

      Both of the new brawlers have a machanick (I cannot tipe) in which their shot is hanging around their victims

    59. mhamed 59

      You so rich

    60. Hamza yusuf Gul

      You are

    61. Alan Wilcox

      Make sure to use code Lex in the shop! He has had a hard life and it was not easy one for him. Please consider using code Lex in the shop!

    62. Digna Lai

      It funny in the Start

    63. Nikhil chandra biswas

      😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭for rayan

    64. meme. exe gaming

      The new mr beast 0:05

    65. Bigger Head

      WOW... never new lex wasa magician... 0:08

    66. Starfiification

      Sqeak=spike bo and looks like ruffs

    67. Phu Nguyen Sy

      8:19 Tara's bizzar map Gonna returned

    68. ارمین 26 قاسمی


    69. Coronavirus

      *Squeak:* - Looks Like Spike - Shoots like Spike - Has Bo's Super 24/7 - Barley's Super but with Bo's explosion - Opens the same super as Barley & Bo In Simple Terms, He is literally Spike's Brother

    70. Toad without girlfriend

      Welp looks like lex and his family have to live a year longer now in the damn old house 😂


      But...... Good vid :)



    73. Fire Pole - Brawl Stars

      0:01 what the

    74. Brandonplays702

      Why is he changing location so much?😂

    75. Pannacotta Fugo

      Squeak have kit pin lol

    76. Chris Baker

      8:33 DYI Surge

    77. ImAPlayer _

      Lex is just making a video while doing errands

    78. ImAPlayer _

      Lex is just making a video while doing errands

    79. D B

      In ruffs trio next might be his dog food, so like a bone or he attacks with bones? Just a thought

    80. Jaquan Kirkland

      Me: Leon Also me: doesnt have leon in game😑

    81. Trainer Matt

      me: thinking which bea skin is the best rn? lex: so many skins shut up take my money supercell

    82. Ahmad Mousavi

      Gem skins???


      Money money🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

    84. Grim Reaper

      Belle goldhand looks like blaziken from pokemon from uper view

    85. 4Rfamily !

      Lex not bowing he is doing a house tour lol

    86. Monsurat Bola Campbell

      Lex: take my money brawl Star brawl Star: nah it's fake money lex

    87. Celline Jno

      Lex can we play brawl star

    88. Parth Brawl Stars

      very nice video bro and funny

    89. Ben


    90. Suman Biswas

      Lex is the new brawler ❤️❤️

    91. mopo gamer

      The man got to the filed in a 15 second ad

    92. Javier_;)

      You shouldn't use your phone while driving just making sure your safe

    93. Jaune M

      Spending money you don't have, to buy money to make it look like you have money? What? 💸😅

    94. [GD] phoenix

      How was the couch 👀

    95. SHIELD

      Really nice video .. keep it up!

    96. F1RE_MONKY XxxX

      Yeah i want more Squeak peaks

    97. FABYAN 777


    98. Ryan Rich

      The best update they could have done is remove Edgar from the game. Obnoxious feel good brawler for people that suck at the game.

    99. GhxstGamer

      The new 8 bit skin costs 20,000 star points